Choosing Motorcycle Protective Gear : Buying a Textile Motorcycle Jacket

Choosing Motorcycle Protective Gear : Buying a Textile Motorcycle Jacket

And talking about safety equipment, we’re
doing our introduction to jackets which is the second most important safety component
in your gear. Today I brought you some textile jackets. And we have so many different colors
and sizes and fits to these jackets. But mostly you have your mesh composite blend jackets.
It’s a textile. You have even a denim and a regular textile. All of these include your
body armor designed for places and points of impact when you fall. The mesh jacket is
a little bit more lighter in weight and it has kevlar for anti skid and it is very adjustable.
Great in the Texas heat, it keeps you cool in traffic. You have your regular textile
jacket which doesn’t have as you can see the large holes. It’s quite not as breathable
but it is a very intermediate option to the other jackets. It has a liner and its fully
removable which will also keep you cool, full body armor. And at this point with your textiles,
they’re all very durable and tough and flexible and they’re a lot more comfortable than the
leather jackets is the fit. They fit great. The only thing I would really want you to
consider again is the weather. Does not get cold here frequently, but they are not very
good cool winter jackets. But man they great and I would love to see everybody in one.

13 Replies to “Choosing Motorcycle Protective Gear : Buying a Textile Motorcycle Jacket”

  1. that's fair enough, but why?

    what is particularly negative about the properties of the textile jackets that prevents you from recommending them?

    i, personally, just bought a half-textile half-leather bike jacket, because it seemed to combine the best abrasion protection with the best temperature regulation, and of course contains all the important armour pads.

    i'm not so sure leather is superior. it doesn't work well in wet weather and doesn't handle the cold so well. what's your reasoning?

  2. They don't have the same abrasion resistance and will wear through while sliding faster than leather will. I wear my leather jacket in the rain all the time and it keeps me dry. and of course those mesh motorcycle jackets just come apart. those are mainly for the padding to help reduce the initial impact but won't do much for abrasion. A leather textile mix is ok. But look at racers… how many of them wear textile? none. and they wear only the best safety equipment.

  3. a little bit more lighter….she said that…around 40-50 seconds….a little bit more lighter….say it out loud….im sure she was just nervous but for fucks sake come ON you can go over your lines a few times before you say them.

  4. like umm ya we have a jacket umm is made of mesh umm it's made of textiles umm it's breathable umm like you know umm full body armor umm

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