Choti Sarrdaarni – 19th September 2019 – छोटी सरदारनी – Full Episode

Choti Sarrdaarni – 19th September 2019 – छोटी सरदारनी – Full Episode

Mom, dad… …I want you two
to promise me… …that you will
always stay together… …and that too, just like this. You won’t destroy my dream… …by getting separated. Promise me. ‘Divorce papers!
I’ve already signed them.’ ‘I need your signature on them.’ ‘Mom, dad… …I want you two
to promise me… …that you will
always stay together.’ Good improvement. He doesn’t have any fever and
the chicken pox is also… …almost cured. Doctor uncle… …my super mom… …was responsible for… …my quick recovery. Dad, where is mom? Your mom, Meher,
is making breakfast… …for your grandma, Dolly. Okay, Mr. Gill.
I’ll take your leave now. Doctor… …any dietary advice? No! No more restrictions. Your son is absolutely fine. He can eat whatever he wants now.
– Thank you so much, doctor. Don’t thank me, Mr. Gill. Thank his super mom. Right, Param? No, it’s okay. Don’t worry.
I’ll find my way out. Okay?
– Thank you! My dear son! This is great. Now Param can attend
his best friend… …Neha’s birthday. Won’t you?
– Aunt, when is Neha’s birthday? Today! And there’s
a party in the evening. Sarab, do one thing. Take Meher along and
go buy a gift for Neha. No, Harleen. I’ll manage. On my way to office, I’ll…
– No! Take Meher with you. But, Harleen…
– No ifs and buts You will take Meher
along with you. You know what happened
last time, Preeti? Sarab had gone to buy
a gift for Neha. And what did he bring back?
‘How to meditate?’ Sarab, do you remember
Surbhi’s birthday? What did you get for her? Bed sheet and pillow covers!
Can you imagine? Sarabjit, Harleen is right. You should take Meher
along with you. And as it is,
when it comes to kids… …she has a great choice. Param… …what are you counting? After Neha cuts
her birthday cake… …and I go to sleep
that night… …I wake up to my birthday
the next morning, right? Isn’t it, dad? Absolutely right! That’s why we are telling
your dad to go to the mall… …and shop for your birthday… …which is tomorrow. And also take your
mom along with him. Yay! Tomorrow is my birthday! Dad, should I tell mom about it? Answer me, dad! Come on, Param. We’ll go tell your mom
about it together. Yay! I will tell my mom
about my birthday! Param…
– Mom! Mom! Param!
– My birthday is tomorrow! Param! Wait! Param! Where do you think your going? Let’s go. Oh, wait! Hold on! There’s a problem.
– Problem? Do you know… …that really good moms… …who love their
children a lot… …always remember
their birthdays? They never forget about it. But, I think that… …your mom doesn’t know
when your birthday is. Who knows? Mom might… …know when my birthday is. Mom…
– Oh, no! Wait! Okay. Do one thing… …why don’t you test your mom? If she really loves you… …then she’d definitely
remember your birthday. And she will definitely
wish you as well. And what if mom… …doesn’t remember my birthday? Then, it’s simple. That means… …she doesn’t love you. Param… …you have to promise
me something. You won’t break
this promise, okay? No matter what… …you won’t tell mom
or anyone else… …that tomorrow
is your birthday. Okay? Okay. Do you promise? Yes, it’s a promise. Now it’s time to test my mom! If she’s a good mom
or a bad mom! You’re a bad woman.
I don’t want to talk to you. You hit me! And I won’t ever talk to you. You always hit me.
– You can’t do that. If I hit you a little… …then I’d love you even more. No! You don’t love me. How can I not love you? I only did all this to make you… …understand something. And I love you a lot, my dear. I really do. Listen… …sometimes mom’s hit
their children… …for their own good… …and because they
care about them. Just like how your mom
hit you yesterday. Aunt Meher is calling. I’ll tell aunt Meher… …that you hit me! Yuvi, give me that phone! ‘No! Yuvi won’t go
to Param’s school.’ Why did you disconnect the call?
I wanted to complain about you. Wonderful! That’s wonderful! Yuvi… …your mom hit you… …because of your aunt, Meher. From now on… …don’t ever talk
to aunt Meher. Amrita! Let’s go the Sun Moon Mall!
That should really make… …Yuvi very happy. Sun Moon Mall? Yay, dad! Yes, mom! Sun Moon Mall! We have to buy a birthday
gift for my friend, Neha. Param, sit down. Why are you taking me with you? I mean… …how can I make him… …hate me by doing this? We’ll go shopping… …and roam around the mall. That will only bring
him closer… …to me. Don’t worry about that. You just go get ready. I can’t break the promise… …I made to my dad just now. I can’t tell mom… …that tomorrow is my birthday. Mom! Get ready quickly! We are going to
have a lot of fun! You two can wait outside.
Thank you. Let’s go. Mom… …we’ll come back
to this same mall… …on dad’s birthday, okay? When is dad’s birthday? ‘Let’s see if mom remembers… …my birthday or not!’ Oh God, mom! You should remember
everyones birthday. Birthdays of dad,
aunt Harleen… …Khushi… …and mine!
– Hi, handsome! Purva? ‘Mom didn’t get the opportunity
to talk about… …my birthday
because of this… …this bad aunt.’ Thank God,
at least you recognized. Of course. Family?
– Yeah. That’s my son, Param. So cute! And she is Meher. Wife? Hi, Meher! Purva. Hi! Meher, I want to
tell you something. You’re the luckiest
girl on earth… …to find a husband like Sarab. He’s handsome, really
good-looking, loyal… …and quite hot as well. Right? Oh my God! That same million dollar smile. You haven’t changed at all. Just a little more handsome now. And look at me?
I’ve put on so much weight. That’s not true, Purva. You still look pretty. Thank you so much! Sarab, by the way… …you still owe me a coffee,
if you remember? Coffee?
– You forgot about it? Meher, you know,
when we were in college… …I had dared him to climb
on the hood of a car… …and dance on a song… …or he’d owe me a coffee. Do you remember? And he still owe’s
me for that coffee. He hasn’t fulfilled
his promise till now. Well, you’re married now. So, no chance of that happening. Purva, actually I…
– Purva… …I don’t mind it. In fact, I think Sarab… …should fulfill
his promise today. You two can catch up
over a coffee. Param and I will be done
with our shopping till then. ‘She’s purposely
making me do this.’ Bye.
– Bye. ‘Hey, what are you
looking at, sweetheart?’ ‘I will make you wear
a lavender colored dressed… …and take you out
to a great restaurant… …for dinner.’ Manav… Mom! Let’s go! Come on!
– Okay. Mom, do you like this dress? No. Mom, when is your birthday? My… You’ll never do that again. What did I do? Meher, don’t pretend
to be so naive. I was setting you up, but you…
– Excuse me? Why not? Purva is very beautiful. She likes you, too. She isn’t married. Once I’ll leave, both of you…
– Meher, listen. What I do or don’t
after you leave… …is none of your business. Listen, you don’t
need to get upset. We are in a public place. And we are public. Okay then!
You can keep shouting. Actually, you’ve made a mistake. You should have brought
a mic from home. What do you think of yourself? At least… …I don’t consider
myself over-smart. Who? Me? Over-smart? You! What is it? – A guilty
conscience needs no accuser. Meher, listen…
– Let’s do what we’re here to do? Thank you.
– You are welcome. Param? Param. Param! Param! Param! Param, where were you going? Mom, the toys. Param, why did you do this? I have told you not to go
anywhere alone, right? Let’s go. Meher, what’s this? It’s… Maybe it got caught in
the trolley while I was running. Please don’t say that
I should learn to run. Come with me. – Where to? To have some pizza!
Please do as I say. Come.
– Param, let’s go. Mom, let’s go. Why did we come here? Didn’t I tell you, Meher?
We’re here to eat pizza! Why does anyone come
to a garment store? Excuse me. – Welcome, sir. Please show us
the lavender dress worn by… …the mannequin.
– Sure, sir. I don’t want it. Neither am I interested
in shopping with you. We’re only buying it
because we need to. Come, Param. Sir, here’s the dress. How much is it for?
– Only 45,000. Okay.
– Only? One can get its first copy
for 5000 at the Shani market. I don’t want such
an expensive dress. Meher! Listen… You can consider this a favor.
Don’t create a scene in public. Mom, please take it. Dad, please ask mom… …to take this dress. He’s such a cute kid!
Is he yours? No. I don’t know why he’s
addressing us as his parents. Mom, if you don’t
buy the dress… …then even I won’t
shop anything. But, why this dress? Actually, I… I don’t like women
who wear western dresses. Oh! That is why you were
running away from Purva. If that is the case..
– Excuse me! Where is the trial room? Do you want to try
out this dress? No. I want to eat
a pizza in the trial room. Pizza? In the trial room? Come. Dad, what will mom… …gift me? Nothing. Because she doesn’t
remember your birthday. Dear God… …please remind mom… …of my birthday. Please! Mom is back!

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