Choti Sarrdaarni – 9th August 2019 – छोटी सरदारनी – Full Episode

Choti Sarrdaarni – 9th August 2019 – छोटी सरदारनी – Full Episode

Congratulations, Sarabjit! Debolina! Good to see you! Thank you. Thank you. Boys and girls.
Ladies and gentleman. We are about to play a game. This game has… …song and dance.
– Yeah! Amrita. Aunt Kulwant Kaur. And my lovely friend, Harleen. Wow! Hey, Amrita. Today’s not the time… …to be shy at all. Dance with me. Come on. Let’s go. Yay! Come on, play the music. Dad, you had promised me that… …you will get a selfie… …with Param’s mom. Excuse me, Mr. Jagga. Yes, I’m coming. Yes.
– Jagga. I need a small favor. I was barely able
to convince him. Please take him to Meher and tell
her to click a selfie with him. Sure. Why not? Just gives me 10
minutes, okay Param? After that, I’ll get you as many
selfies with Meher as you want. Okay, Param? Okay? – Okay? I’ll be back in 10 minutes. Thank you.
– Thank you. Rana! Did you see
Meher anywhere? I don’t understand
what we can do? Let’s look for her. Bittu, Rana! What’s wrong, boys? Why do you three
look so nervous? What do you mean by three? You two and Veer. What’s wrong?
Is everything alright? Everything is fine.
We just can’t find Meher. What do you mean by that? I… He means that… …we didn’t realize… …when Meher grew up. You continue enjoying.
We will just be back. Let’s go, Rana. Yuvi, I’m really sorry. I won’t ever scold you. Please give the
phone to your mom. I won’t give the phone to her!
I won’t! You’re bad. You scolded me in
front of everyone. I won’t scold you anymore.
Especially in front of someone. Please give the phone to mom!
Please! Param, you wanted to take a
selfie with your new mom, right? Did you take it? Dad! Dad! I want a selfie with my mom. I guess, it will be fun today. I have a breaking news. Meher is missing. Has she ran away with someone? Stop getting boozed up. Fool! I told you to keep
an eye on her. Mom, but we… You, fools!
If we won’t find Meher today… …then I’ll set
the Marquee on fire. And I’ll burn both of you alive. Meher! Meher! Aunt! Please come fast. The boy’s family is calling you. What to do now?
– Mom, let’s do this. Let’s escape from the back door. Yes. Good idea. True? Fools! What should I do? – Kulwant! How long will you take?
Sarabjit… …and everyone are
waiting for you downstairs. I’m coming in a moment. You go. I told you, right? Dad! Hold mom’s hand.
Then she’ll come to us fast. ‘Mom, dad’s call.’ ‘Hello.’
– ‘Amrita, I found Meher.’ ‘What do you mean?’ –
‘She ran away from house.’ ‘Oh my God! Where are you now?’ ‘I’m coming home.
Come out immediately.’ ‘I’m coming.’
– ‘Fast.’ Dad, selfie. Sit, my dear.
– Yes. Thank you! May I? She had taken part in… …a play in her college. What was the play titled as? Yes! It was Heer Ranjha. Since that time this
ring has been… …stuck on her finger. My mom is in pain. Dad, please tell aunt… …not to give mom… …any more pain. Mother, please. Mother, it’s okay if the
ring is not coming off. Param’s dad is a bad man! He is after my aunt. What should I do? It’s okay, Meher. My ring… …will get adjusted
along with yours. Did you see? Meher is just like me. When we are overcome with joy… …we have tears in our eyes. Both of you look
so good together. Like a pair of swans. I hope no one casts an
evil eye on the two of you. Meher, my dear. Insert the ring… …on Sarabjit’s finger. Insert the ring on his finger. Go ahead, my dear. Please applaud. Meher is inserting
a ring on Sarabjit’s thumb. Take this. I won’t let this
marriage take place! Meher, have you lost your mind? How could you
marry someone else? Have you forgotten everything?
Do you not remember anything? Does it make no
difference to you? I won’t let this
marriage take place.

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  1. Goppy kha se agai🤔
    Mjy lgta ha agy iski story bdlny lgy Han ..
    New main role b agya ha ..
    Mehar ki maan sari pndal ma aag lga Dy gi but saram mehar ko bchae ga

  2. Please don't like me but just pray for kashmir, s people that God give them justice😢😢😢😔😅😌😢🏇

  3. Yar ap agr episode ki sound ki problem solve nhi kr skty tu ap ko episode uplode krny ki koi zrort b nhi ha

    wasy jb episode ky end py logon,like,Twitter ka kahty Hain tb sound problem nhi hoti?.

  4. Yaar yeh Kia hai Saab aik aik Karke Mehr ki Zindagi barbad karnay par tulay Hain pehle kushi Kay papa aur ab Mehr ki dost

  5. I wish go pi to replace Maher in this drama gopi very pretty more than Maher n she's looking young more than Maher who a grey this?Maher whatever she's wearing she's not looking nice

  6. Ghr se nikli thi tyar hui thi logoon ko mili tyar ni thi dress change tha uor se pregnent aurt ka pait kon ese dabata

  7. 😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡👺👺👺👺kiss laia apna or humara time wast karata ho g nice story ha but ap log awaz he band kar data jo

  8. The party starts. Jagga looks for Meher everywhere. Harleen dances with Amrita on nachde ne saray.
    Rana and Bitu are worried too. Harleen’s husband asks them you look worried, Rana says no nothing. Jagga keeps calling Meher. Jagga calls yuvi and says please give phone to your mummy. Sarab dances with the family. Param dances too. Rana and Bitu take Kulwant on a side. Harleen’s husband says to Harleen Meher is missing. they are all worried.

    Kulwant comes to Meher’s room. sHe says what should I do. Women come and ask Kulwant everyone is waiting downstairs. Kulwant comes downstairs. She is worried.
    Amrita and Jagga come in with meher. she dressed. Kulwant heaves a sigh of relief. Harleen smiles. Param holds her hand and gives it in Sarab’s hand. He says Param’s mummy came. Meher comes on stage and sits with Sarab. Meher is in tears.
    Meher recalls Jagga found her in the river. He gave her first aid. They took Meher to room and helped her get dressed. Jagga called AMrita and asked her to open the back door.

    Param says papa selfie, he takes a selfie with Meher. Sarab asks for Meher’s hand. Kulwant says Meher give your hand. There is already a ring in her finger. Kulwant says she was doing this drama in college, this ring is from there. she tries taking off her ring. It doesn’t come off. Sarab says its okay. I can make her wear one above it. Sarab makes her wear the ring above Manav’s ring. Kulwant says Meher is so emotional. Those are her happy tears.

    Kulwant says Meher make him wear the ring. Meher is silent. Kulwant says come on. She gives her the ring. Bubly comes and says Meher please how can you marry him. How can you forget everything? I won’t let this wedding happen. Everyone is shocked.

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