Cinema 4D Tutorial – Create Balloons Using Cloth Dynamics

Cinema 4D Tutorial – Create Balloons Using Cloth Dynamics

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  1. Hey there! This tutorial is giving me so much understanding!! How exactly do i go about getting the presets for the HDRI and lighting setups? thank you in advance 🙂

  2. hey EJ your tutorials are amazing! thank you so much for your help.
    at ~21ish minute you said "beveled edge is actually selected" but in my case it's not. i'm going away to dig out what's wrong but if you see this comment with no solution, can you help? 🙂

  3. thank you so much for this tutorial! subscribed:)
    btw, my ballon edges have pixels all around i dont know why do you know how to fix it ? thank you XD

  4. Thank you very much for the aweresome tutorials. If I don´t have the HDRI GCGorila plugin how can I see in the render the reflections? what do I have to do? thank you.

  5. I am making letter balloons, but somehow my balloon tuns out all shriveled up after I use o-matic. Any tips on how to make it fully blown up?

  6. Love the tutorial, big question I am using the demo cinema 4D and was wondering if there was another way to do the HDRI rig without having to buy it since I am a broke college student?

  7. Hi there is there any chance you can create these balloons but use a deflate to inflate animation on it? May sound like a stupid question but just need to know if it’s possible to create this animation on these style of balloons

  8. Hello eyedesyn! I just wanted to know if this effect can be created using ncloth/dynamics in maya?

  9. This is fabulous! I love how you explain in depth what each tag/editor or effector does. Thank you so much

  10. But whenever I click on DressOmatic, just that polygon selection shrinks, nothing else. I've must be doing something wrong here.

  11. hi thanks for tutorial..i got a question: i dont understand what happened with the conect function… please help me!!! thanks

  12. Thanks for the great tutorial! Is it possible to do this in Octane? I'm stuck in Vertex Map part. The layers not work so I tried to use MixTexture in Node Editor but the Vertex Map give some glitches on surface in bump chanel, like small tiles.

  13. Well It's hard to guess whether it would be okay to use it in a Soft body with my skills, it's incredibly cool anyway. Thank you so madly!

  14. How did you make the heart spline?
    im struggling every time i have the perfect shape i need to close my spline and ruins my spline

  15. I don't have the simulation tag. I only have CINEMA 4D, Character, and Scripting Tags. How do I get the simulation tag?

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