Clash of Clans Goblin Costume Makeup Clash Royale

Clash of Clans Goblin Costume Makeup Clash Royale

I’m here today with Jackson and in our world
Halloween is just around the corner so we have been talking about what we are going
to be for Halloween. And Jackson’s decided to be a goblin inspired by Clash of Clans
and I’m going to show you guys how I’ve found everything to put this costume together. A couple of tricks to show you and very scary. I’m using a waterbased green face paint. This
one comes in a crayon form and you just add water to it. I find on kids it’s better than
that grease makeup. Now we’re going to put a prosthetic nose on
Jackson, a goblin nose, but all i could find was like a witch’s nose, so i found these
glasses with the eyebrows and the silicon nose which is much more like a goblin nose
so all i will do is take these glasses apart, they were not expensive, i got them at a dollar
store, and i am going to cut the nose right off of it. So for the prosthetic nose it will
need skin adhesive which you can get at any costume store and I am putting it on all the
edges of the nose. And then what we will do is just hold
it in place. Now the edges of that are almost dry and we
will start on the tip of the nose and we are going to paint it and bring it all together. Now we will make Jackson bald, we will put
this latex cap on him and paint over it. We will give it a trim. So
now we are just doing a second coat on the
skull cap Now we are going to put some ears on. I found
these at a costume store and i got lucky because they are green and they are like pointed elf
ears. I will put the glue on the edge of this. So the king goblin in clash of clans has a
red stripe and we will add that here. This is a water-based color that i will rim
Jackson’s eyes with. Now i will touch up on everything. Final touch here is the perfect necklace for
this goblin. It has a skull and teeth in it. I will not
be a goblin for halloween. What will you be for halloween? A clash of clans wizard. We will be doing
a clash of clans wizard costume. Happy Halloween everybody. Hope you guys are
figuring out what costume you are going to have and give us a comment and let us know
what would be good this year for Halloween.

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  1. Can I suggest painting Jackson's face with a "dry" paint such as TAG or Snazaroo face and body paint. Also applying the paint with a sponge (a bit of trial and error to find one your comfortable with) makes the job easier for both you and the child your painting. Also the paint goes on more evenly.

  2. I'm going to be for Halloween haha your kitty but I cant breeze on the whole Katie how's it going to did Jackie Laura and which is a monster high thank you I love her video please make that video to video you just said make another one

  3. I have a big dress that's whit and the dress gloss up and a veil for Halloween 😈 because I am a ghost 😈😈😈

  4. in kindergarten 2015 Ellis skellita Calavera from Monster High and then first grade 2015 I was a zombie Graveyard Bride and this year 2016 in first grade I'm going to be I think a prom zombie with the knife in their head I think that's what it is well anyways yeah buy

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