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  1. 1,000 th sub! wat to go man this song embodies everything that we should try to work on as people. We can start from wherever you are in life. Thanks for the song . Good luck my friend

  2. I started highschool in 99… I lived in NYC once and left before I got hard and I lived in northern California once, but moved to LA just as I was getting soft…. 💕 #truestory

  3. Just like high heels are causing evolution to create smaller and smaller emails

    and makeup creates a ugly or an ugly or humans male or female

    and perfume create stinkier and smelling her humans male or female

    in the long-term it's not advisable to put on sunscreen but in the short-term it prevents skin cancer

    So again, to hell with ecology

  4. the problem is that if evolution hasn't taken care of it yet we are actually doing more damage to our species by wearing sunscreen and preventing evolution to take a natural course

    But hey no one likes to be uncomfortable so the hell with the ecology

  5. It's awesome listening to this again in 2019! I remember the line about 'don't waste your time on jealousy' the best… so true!

  6. forgot a verse: "your life is nothing more than the grand sum of other peoples decisions". If you failed, you had help…

  7. Wear Sunscreen (em português Use filtro solar) é o nome comum de uma obra chamada "Advice, like youth, probably just wasted on the young" escrita por Mary Schmich e publicada no Chicago Tribune como uma coluna em 1997.
    A forma mais conhecida da obra é uma música gravada em 1999, "Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)", produzida pelo cineasta australiano Baz Luhrmann. Narrado pelo dublador australiano Lee Perry, e usando um sample de "Everybody's Free", da cantora africana Rozalla (com o refrão cantado por Quindon Tarver) – canção que Luhrmann usou em seu filme Romeo + Juliet – a canção foi sucesso internacional, chegando ao primeiro lugar no Reino Unido e Irlanda. No mesmo ano a agência de publicidade DDB produziu um vídeo com o single. Uma versão em português narrada por Pedro Bial, "Filtro Solar", foi lançada em 2003, com um vídeo produzido pela DM9DDB.

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  9. I have always followed that first advice; tiny anecdote:
    I'm a pale Nord and I went to Indonesia (mostly Bali) for three weeks, came back with no suntan.
    Kids sun screen SPF 50+ ftw 😀

  10. I remember hearing this when I was 10. now I'm 29 and realize how true all of this is. makes me kind of sad in a way realizing how much time has passed. remembering being a kid thinking the whole time how much better 14 year Olds had it when I was 10. and how much better 19 year Olds had it when I was 15.

  11. Feeling like I’m on the right path! Following all the things this song says! 🙂 good good good happy to be turning 28 tmmo!!!

  12. I graduated in 99 and I remember the first time I heard this song. I thought it was really cool and I could even relate to it then. Here I am 20 years later listening to this song and relating to it now more than ever. I still love this song as much as I did 20 years ago, but truly understand it now. I am now 37 years old and I have twins who will be graduating this year. I play this song for them and tell them that one day they will truly understand the words… gosh I feel old!!

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