Classical Musicians React: Taeyang ‘Wedding Dress’

Classical Musicians React: Taeyang ‘Wedding Dress’

Peyton: Oh no, it’s K.Will all over again!! OOHHHH *slowly dying* OOHHHH Melissa: So is it like he like– oh “you should be my lady” oooh, so he likes her but she doesn’t like him- oh that’s relatable as heck. [Rossini’s Semiramide] Umu: So we will be reacting to Taeyang next ,he is a member actually from BIGBANG if you remember them they did fxxk it, and yeah
Lindsey: TOP Fiona: That’s a bad word! L: They actually did FXXK
Umu: FXXK it. F: There you go. Umu: So Taeyang was able to participate in producing and writing this song and this song came out in 2008 so this is the second-oldest k-pop song we’ve ever reacted to on this channel
Stephan: Oohhh Umu: Actually a fan told me that this became a popular proposal song so Hugo: Rachel there’s something I have to say. Rachel: What? No. Sit your butt down. Umu: Keep your ear out for this quotes a classical piece. Rachel: Oh shoot, I’m gonna miss it. Hugo: I’m so gonna miss it. Khanh: Five fi fi fi fi, four, three, two.
Kevin: Alrighty… Ok. Khanh: Oh, wait are we… *abuses space bar*
Umu: Well just try to see if you can recognize the classical-
Kevin: I probably know this one… Kevin: Geez Khanh: Uuuhhh John Cage 4:33. Kevin: That’s a good– yeahhhh Melissa: He’s already crying at the piano so like, you know, I’ve done that a few times this week. Peyton: *laughs because it’s too real* Naoki: Oh nice, nice, nice! Stephen: Those are nice effects.
Naoki: yeah Jarod: Trying to find inspiration.
Katie: Me trying to write my sonata. Kevin: Oh man after seeing so much k-pop.
Khanh: He looks so sad. Kevin: It all makes sense Stephan: And it quotes a classical piece right?
Naoki: Wow that piano is so bright and tinny. Stephan: THAT’S a really cool contrast.
Naoki: yeah, that was pretty cool.
S: I like electronic music with acoustic piano. Katie: *Boppin*
Jarod: Ooo It has like an R&B feel. Katie: This reminds me of… fuck… who is he? Uh… Rachel: This is– This is J.T. in his blue hair stage.
Hugo: I know Katie: JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE.
Jarod: YES, this is very Justin Timberlake-esque. YES. Melissa: Oh I like his voice. Oh ma gaahhdd. Peyton: ye he’s got the perfect amount of air in it.
Melissa: Yeah, it’s just so like… clear. Lindsey: His clothes, even, like his style is just so 2000’s. Fiona: What a nice 2008 ballad you know? I just feel it in my soul. Jarod: Ooo the echo effect.
Katie: This is different. Jarod: Now, you got like something like techno.
Katie: Okay, I appreciate this… Eh Jarod: That seemed a little forced…
Katie: Yeahhh
Jarod: … Just a little bit. J: That was really cool, but they should have like… gone to a new-
Katie: I was expecting it to go somewhere else yeah.
J: mmmhhhmmm Katie: They had it set up perfectly Stephan: Man, this is like really really cool. (Naoki: Yeah) S: They’ve got like a lot of different patches and beats and… Instruments playing that like–
Naoki: And I feel like he’s been able to pull off as well. S: Yeah, like you wouldn’t normally do that it’s risky, but it sounds good.
Naoki: Yeah. Naoki: He’s able to pull off that like kinda like west-coast S: Yeah…YEAH N: Yeah Jarod: Ohhhhhhh, the bestfriennd Hey, how you doing guy, I want to marry the girl that you want to marry instead of me (Jarod that was not proper English but okay dude) Katie: And this is a popular wedding song??? Peyton: Oh they dropped the synth out… so you could feel more emotion.
Melissa: Ohh yeah they did. M: Oh yeah, that’s a good point. P: Now it’s just piano ballad, just like: Uhhheehhh *Random tongue pop* Melissa: There’s like a small bit of bass though, how you know it’s intense. M: Percussion added back in gradually. Khanh: I don’t know man, for some reason this like… … Feels so bland to me…. … Just cause like, I guess– I guess it’s older? K: And I’ve been experience– exposed, to so much of like… Newer kpop that they put a lot of different things. You know it just feels very Repetitive also I’ve been studying music since-
Kevin: The nostalgia speaks man. Jarod: It’s the steal yo girl wedding song you know what I’m saying? Katie: It’s the hi you think you’re marrying her, but I am… actually. Rachel: This is a very… repetitive, standard, chord progression. Khanh: I mean it would feel probably pretty fresh in 2008 like that 8-bits and the dududududududllloooo Kevin: Yeah.
Khanh: That was pretty fresh when I was in high school.
Kevin: Yeah right? Katie: I’m trying to figure out where the classical reference is… was… are?? Umu: It’s coming up Katie: Oh he kissed her *shook* Katie: *Sudden realization* OOOOHHH Okay. Dun Dun Da Dun *trying ton say Mendelssohn* Menda… Men… I-I-I Don’t I don’t know who– it’s– it’s like the wedding march, But I don’t know who’s-who’s it by. Lindsey: Oh. He’s like watching their wedding. He’s playing piano for the wedding of the girl that he loves. L: Thats… so sad…
Fiona: Ooohhhh Stephan: But the bass drum sounds really cool. With the- with the patch that they got going Naoki: Yeah, with the piano. S: MAN! Dude, agh man. Friendzone! Fiona: He’s at the piano right now and thats what he’s dreaming. Lindsey: Six outta ten: Not gay enough! (possibly the most ICONIC line ever spoken on this show) Payton: OH NO ITS K.WILL ALL OVER AGAIN! OOOOHHHAAHHH (someone save his poor soul) Melissa: So, is it like he- OH “you should be my lady.” OOOOOH, so he likes her?
*meanwhile Payton continues dying* but she doesn’t like him- oh that’s relatable as HECK. Jarod: Ooohhh… wait why is he putting the ring on her in the street. Katie: This was a flashback. J: Oh, like notice how the music stops once he puts the ring on her hand. Hugo: He proposed to her right as he was about to tell her how he felt… *the agony* *sudden realization has got them shookith* Rachel: HE HAS-
Hugo: HE WAS ABOUT TO PURPOSE TO HER OOOOOOH SHIT!!!! Hugo: He got fucked… He got–
Rachel: He should return that cause that’s a lot of money! Jarod: That’s tough,
Katie: That’s my heart breaking. (me too) Rachel: Awwww
Hugo: Oh that was a waste Rachel: Rings don’t make that sound.
*Umu laughs in the distance* Hugo: Ha, that was- You could have gotten a lot of money for that. Jarod: We got like a comment on like why people like the use of silence. It’s like to emphasize moments like that. You’re just like: *shock by music* Jarod: Just moment of–
Katie: Hitchcock does it all the time it is films. Khanh: Le-lemme me go back.
Kevin: All right, here we go.
Khanh: Here we go. Khanh: *Scoffs* Really?! *Unimpressed* Khanh: REALLY? YOU BROUGHT ME HERE TO SHOW ME THAT!
Kevin: Yup! Khanh: Oh my god. *shakes head in disbelief* NO. Kevin: Eeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Khanh: NO! NO! Khanh: YOU FUCKERS! WOW! Kevin: Hey, Yunyi and I, man, we have fond memories of that Kevin: That is–
Khanh: Oh my god. Kevin: That was the musical revelation of that year… that was the plot twist; even though it’s so mediocrely mixed in. But like, back in the day man. Khanh: I’m done.
Umu: Okay before you leave (Khnah: Bye) before you leave… Umu: What do you think of the song overall musically, and how like, pop music has developed since then? Kevin: That’s a very good question. It’s good way to ask the questions! Khanh: Yeah! I mean instrumentation, obviously. Like all the dubstep, I think… Khanh: Became popular in… No, no.
Kevin: ’11. Definitely, I was in high school. Kevin: So it’s like ’11. Or ’10 yeah, yeah.
Khanh: No, ’10 or yeah. Khanh: That was like a revolution in itself because like… Dubstep was so popular, and the introduction of, you know, triple over duple rhythms and-and like wahby bass… Kevin: I mean look at the rapping and kpop all the dippadibabdiada dipadiba Khanh: the triple rap, I mean well, of course, Dubstep, you know (Kevin: Fantastic baby) The rhythmic roots of dubstep found it’s way into… Popular music, during that time, and also you know the thing surrounding big drops, you know, became popular, in post 2010.
Kevin: THATS TRUE! That’s such a good point! Kevin: yeah.
Umu: Right, so all this is just before then.
Khanh: So, yeah, so it’s very… flatline you know music. Kevin: Okay, wait! Wait, one thing I did… Find very interesting, that I never noticed before, was when the Wogner reference happened Khanh: Yes,
Kevin: It sounded like- and everything in the back and was being played in reverse… like shompveeblahahdaahaha. There was a lot of that. Kevin: I appreciated that. That was like that’s like one moment where I’m like, wow, this is cool!
Khanh: Yeah that was… Kevin: but then it’s just… *plays music* the nostalgia talks, right. Kevin: Yeah… Kevin: I think it’s a piano being reversed. Kevin: Yeah
Khanh: Yeah everything’s reversed. Like the, the claps. Kevin: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Khnah: They’re reverse claps and then the snare… Khnah: Yeah the snare. the poppy snares.
Kevin: Yeah, yeah. Khanh: reverse snare *Shhaak*
Kevin: Yeah. Khanh: Yeah, that kind of thing. That’s really interesting.
Umu: Right.
Kevin: Yeah, just a little moment. Umu: Yeah. So what do you think of that song overall musically Fiona: it was very much the same. At the beginning, like, I thought it was gonna… There was like a break and like everything dispersed, and then the sound in the background gotta like, kind of scary mechanical I thought it’s gonna go like faster, or like sound angrier, but it went back to the same smooth ballad feel. Naoki: Oh, man it so sad!
Stephan: Well, yeah… Naomi: when you found out… it added a different color to the music, like before it seemed really… bright!
Stephan: The twist, like a plot twist! Yeeaahhh! Naomi: But like even though it’s in like, major…. It seems really sad and tender. Cause sometimes you can get really… You can get songs to major that are really sad, like Chopin Opus 10, Number 3. It’s like- it’s called tristesse, but it’s E major. Naoki: So, yeah. It’s like one of those things where it’s like really sad, but it’s in major which is like really weird. Stephen: Yeah. Stephan: I mean musically, I loved all the different patches and all the different… Uh, sounds. Not just in the synthesizers and like the pairing of that with like acoustic piano for example, but um… Stephen: I loved how… Something that you can do is if, you have like an acoustic drum set, you can run through that sound… With- and like altar it, to like, make the bass drum sound different. So like… Stephen: I think it was like in the bridge or whatever. It was just the bass drum… They had slightly altered that sound. Stephen: So, I really, really enjoyed that. Rachel: I-I just don’t know. It sounded like… Like many other songs from that era
Hugo: it did Rachel: but it’s… people love it. Umu: Right. Yeah, what, what specific musical things made it feel so 2008. Rachel: A lot of the instrumentation. The drum pad, the synth.
Hugo: The drum pad Rachel: The like, Kind of like singing through like a sheet thing. Burzzzhhwawazwa. That like-
Hugo: *beatboxing casually* Rachel: Thank you
*Hugo Stops* Rachel: That kind of vocal edit. Just like, the way that kind of, like the lyrics are so like rhythmic with like dat de dat de dat Hugo: All though, the hemiola in the beginning was super cool, that was super cool.
Rachel: Yeah, that was. I mean… I liked it. He has a good voice. Hugo: Yeah no, it has a great voice and I thought it was cool. Hugo: It was just like…
Rachel: It was meh. Hugo: It was, uh, it felt like a lot like ummm… I know we’re coming back to Bruno Mars a lot, but…
Rachel: I felt bad for him. Hugo: *sings* “I think I wanna marry you.”
Rachel: That’s what I was thinking about, yeah. Katie: Pretty standard four chords. Um… Katie: That one drop, we were like oh, oh is it gonna go somewhere new, but then it just went back… I mean, it was it was a cool groove. Reminded me a lot of apologize. You mentioned R&B, but just very like… Jarod: It was like, something that definitely like, accompanies the video. It accompanies the story
Katie: yeah Jarod: Versus like, being like, a standalone song you’d like listen to you well
Katie: That’s a good way to put it. Jarod: Well, I mean– you might– you’d probably listen to this like without the video… But like, I think, the pairing, like needs to be there for the full experience. Peyton: That’s a plot one. Melissa: Yeah, yeah! Melissa: I feel like the song, was very like, repetitive like in a nice way, like I would listen to that, I like it… But, it was very like, it was more about the plot. Peyton: As were most early 2000’s music videos Umu: How do you feel the actual song supported that plot though? Melissa: I thought it was good cause like, it was like, really like, sad. It felt like, the tone color matched the color of the Instagram filter… of the video. Peyton: Th-the way the piano was working, kind of gave a really good backdrop to what was happening. Melissa: Yeah
Payton: Because, I think it fit the mold so well, in terms of the way that it was like bo do duh do duh ge du ge. Peyton: Even the chord progression was super like early 2000… You know that like- I mean, I’m sure I’m gonna think of a song in the next like, hour so that like… Has a very, very similar like oh, it was like, almost like, “it’s too late to apologize” *sings the song* Peyton: It was like, you know, it’s got that same vibe you know where, it’s just like I’m super sad, but I’m really hot I’m gonna sing it dancing, UUHH! Melissa: Also, I feel like the fact that it was just like just piano and like a little bit of like, percussion-ish stuff and bass was-like It was very piano focused, so like, you know sometimes like, they’ll bring in the whole string section and like the awkward midi trumpet solo… Peyton: Yup.
Melissa: And like, it just gets a little heavy-handed, but this was like understated with just the piano, so it was like, like tasteful sad. Umu: Hello, everyone welcome to our channel. If you’re new I’m the channel runner and producer of the series. Thanks for watching this video. If you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to subscribe Also, If you’re curious to see what else we’re going to react to in the future go ahead and check the description, for a bunch of links that I have to playlists and schedules. Also, please check our patreon if you want to support us. Patrons get access to unedited, full-length reaction videos… access to exclusive content… As well as early access to all the videos posted on here and more. So thank you so much And I hope you have a wonderful day!

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