1. I'm so happy have found your channel. Finally, a woman that dresses for a true work environment! Not all of us wear casual clothes daily. Thank you!

  2. Hi Ladies I must tell you. Even being a stay at home Mother to three awesome autistic teenaged sons. Nothing like it. I get much respect because of it.👗🌹

  3. I have been hunting for a navy dress that has a simple neckline so I can wear it with my blazers. It's a challenge.

  4. Rachel, I love these fashion ensembles! Question are you wearing black or navy tights/hosiery with that Navy dress?

  5. Can you do a video for women who are petite and/or curvy body types. I cant wear most of the “classy” looks without looking frumpy 🙁

  6. Hi I'm Italian, in this moment I am working in a muneum and in the meanwhile attending university. I always wear classy everywhere, but sometimes at university I fell out of place, may you give some advice for wearing classy but not seeming old/in the wrong place?
    Thank you so much

  7. You are so utterly fantastic. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here, finally I have found my (style) way back! Your style is gorgeous and so inspirational and so very needed in todays society. I will watch you with so much interest from now on. Thank you again x

  8. Love everything for except that Ralph Lauren rugby top. Alone, it is out of style with the cap sleeves. Looks great with a blazer though! Camel and anything looks awesome. I went to mongolia (known for cashmere, go to Gobi cashmere) for vacation and stocked up on cashmere sweaters $55 each!

  9. I love your videos. I agree with you on the classic and very feminine style. I’m not in shape as I once was. I’m doing a holistic lifestyle makeover. Mind body and spirit are in sync. I believe in investing in style with quality. You my dear shine from within. How can I find things in a bigger size? As I reach each weight and tone goals, I will need to tailor my outfits as my body changes. I’m tall and thick. Problem areas are waist hips and thighs. I want comfort style and shape pleasers. I love belts and form fitting clothes. Right now I need camouflage for my middle. I won’t feel confident wearing the pants you show in this video. I love them but I feel that wearing choices for slim people and your not slim is degrading. It takes away from class. Can you suggest anything? Thank you.

  10. I have a hard time wearing black tights and shoes with navy outfits. Any thoughts? I just think it looks odd.

  11. Hello dear. This is the 3rd video of yours which I am watching. Back to back while travelling to office. The 2 about classy styling and I have been dyyying to put up a comment right from the first video. I just loved your personality its so chick and funny and just so pleasant. I normally play youtube videos in faster play speed to save time and they sound you know bit weird like rushed up sentences. I don't know if anyone has noticed this already, but I was watching 12 style secrets video in 1.5x speed and it sounded perfectly perfect. It looks so bubbly and funny 😍 You just beat my travel blues right off the bat. I am heavily challenged when it comes to my wardrobe just yesterday I took to YouTube to find some help. Your videos are helping a lot in figuring out my style. In my office we follow business casual dress code and I am not really a dress and skirt kind of girl. I loved the white button down with olive pants look. So I wanted to request if you could please do a video with looks focusing on jeans ? Sorry for the big post but like I said I talk seriously lot . Much love to you. Blessed be. 😍 Have a great day ahead

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