Claw Clip Hair Inspo!! – How To Wear them in 2018!

Claw Clip Hair Inspo!! – How To Wear them in 2018!

– Hey everyone! Kayley, your friendly
neighborhood hairstylist here, and today I’m going to show you how to do some claw clip hairstyles. (upbeat music) Basically, as soon as I
mentioned this claw clip on my channel, a lot of
people started asking for claw clip hair
tutorials, so here we are. If you missed the past couple videos, this is part of the kit
that I have on with the shower cap that
I designed with them. It’s beautiful, it’s wonderful, if you missed any about
that, linked above. I do have an update for you guys. First off, they do have
a Black Friday sale going on until the 27th, and it is worth 25% off the entire site, including my cap, and the kit. You know, just in case you guys love a discount as much as I do. Announcement number two,
you guys came so hard in the first three days
that we actually sold out of the blush microfiber towel. So to continue offering you guys the kit of the hair towel, the
shower cap, and the clip, we decided to sub in another towel. This is the same make and
texture of the pink one, it’s just a different print. This is their palm print. This is really beautiful, I own it in addition to my pink one which is why I had it on hand today. So I think you guys will
like it just as much. I just wanted to update you guys so you know what’s up when
you go on the website. That being said, let’s get
into some claw clip hairstyles. I’m going to do as many as I can to give you guys max amount of inspo. – I’m going start with some half-updos and this one is a nice, simple one. Pick up all the hair that
you want in your half-updo, and then twist it in one
direction, then clip it in place. There you go, first hairstyle,
quick, easy, and done. (upbeat music) – As a somewhat obvious addendum, you could also move the
clip higher so that it holds the twist instead of being under it. – And now for this next
hairstyle, I’m also going to use a little clear elastic to help
everything come together. I feel like sometimes the claw clip can just be an accessory,
it doesn’t have to be like the thing that holds the
entire hairstyle together. So we’re gonna take that same
section we’ve been taking. Now I’m going to secure
it with a clear elastic, and I’m going to leave it
looped on the last rotation. And I’m going to put the
claw clip in above that, so I’m going to loosen up the hair, over this little chignon we
made, and then clip it in. And there you go, a way to wear
a chignon with a claw clip. (upbeat music) Okay, now let’s change it
up a little bit, shall we? I’m going to grab a large section
from each side of my head, and then I’m going to cross
one over the other in the back. (upbeat music) – And secure in place with the clip. (upbeat music) – Now this clip is actually metal, which makes it a little
on the heavier side, especially if you have fine or thin hair. If you have thick hair, probably
not going to be a problem. But if you need help with
that, here is my first tip. When you open and put
it against your head, just go in little
circles before you close. That helps to net the hair
around each of the teeth so that when you close,
it has more to hold onto. Another tip I’ve been using
for all the previous hairstyles is just use large sections of hair. If you have a lot of hair
for the clip to stick into, then the weight isn’t a problem either. Now I want to go back to
our same giant section, and I’m gonna try doing a bun. I actually haven’t tried
this one off camera yet, but I think it could be cute. So I’m just gonna take this and twist it and wrap it in a bun. (upbeat music) – It’s kinda up to you, you
could leave some down or not, just kinda depends on what you like. Let’s try leaving some down. And just clipping this into the side. I’m gonna do a little
circles on this side, and then close it. Yeah she cute, okay I’m into it. (upbeat music) – Now that we’ve done it with
part of the hair hanging down, let’s try it with the whole bun. I like doing this on kind of an angle, so that it’s not straight at the top or straight at the side. Oh hey, that’s cute too! (upbeat music) – And then I have one more half-updo idea. And that would be a
braided option, obviously. I’m going to start at the crown of my head and take a couple big sections until I have that half-updo together. – Then braid a couple inches normally, and then secure it with the claw. And now we pull the
braid apart at the top. And there you go, braided
hair in a claw clip. And I think this is a wonderful time to transition into the updos,
because I think this one can make a fantastic updo as well. Okay let’s say you did the braid, but you didn’t put the claw clip in. You could then pick up
the rest of your hair, twist it slightly, and wrap it into a bun. And it looks like my
ends are going to end up in the top left diagonal of
the bun, which is perfect, ’cause I can put the clip there. If your ends don’t end in a place where you’d like to put the clip, you can always kind of
twist the bun around to make it work for you. – And there you go, a braided
updo with just a claw clip. (upbeat music) – And now, for the bun. Basically, you just
bring your hair together, twist it, and wrap it into a bun. But you know, just to start, let’s just wrap half of it into a bun and leave the tail down–
clip that in place. Not gonna lie, I’m into this. I think it’s a cute way to get kind of like a ponytail/twist look. And then of course you
can always finish the bun and make sure wherever the ends are is where you put the clip. – And there’s the bun. This is actually one of my
go-to’s with the claw clip. I think it’s just very simple
and beautiful and effortless. – Oh man, it sounds like crazy
o’clock came early today. (dogs growling) – Pippin’s kind of a drama king, so whenever he plays, he gets very loud. Yeah, I’m talking about you. Robin that’s my– that’s my camisole. Thanks. What am I gonna have to do so I can finish filming my video, hold you the whole time? Aww, I love you too. All right, go play! In a different room, so
I can finish filming. Now for the next one, we’re going classic. Gonna twist the hair, and
after twisting a few times I’m going to pick it up,
and you see that the hair is starting to kind of
wrap around right there, what you do is you keep twisting, kinda slide the hair out the twist, and then you just take the
twisted end over and around. You can decide whether you
want a duck tail or not, I’m gonna go with not, I’m
just gonna bend it over and tuck it under the twist, and now we clip everything in place. (upbeat music) – And, for my final one I’m
just going to do a braid. I also realized I forgot to
intersperse my cute little tips for using a heavier clip
throughout the video as much as I meant to, whoops. So here they are. First of all, clip into
a lot of hair, did that. Do the little circles, did that. Use a ponytail holder to help you out, also did that with the chignon. Basically whenever you put
the hair together already, then it’s already kind of got a foundation for the clip to grab into. Five is to make the hair
tight in a tight twist, a tight bun, or even a tight ponytail ’cause that gives the
clip a lot to hold onto. And finally, number six is to tease, because that also creates
a base to clip into. Which is what I’m gonna do for this one. I’m just gonna pick up the
top of my hair and back-comb, and then I’m gonna grab
the section underneath here and really go in at the root. So now for this one I wanna
piece-ier look on the side, so I’m going to take my
fingers like bear claws, rake my hair back, and
then in the back here just kind of hold it all together and pin it as it naturally fell. And that teasing is
holding it super securely. And hey, this is an extra
little half up, half down style. And now we’re going to create a braid. You can do a fishtail if you want, I’m just gonna do a normal one. And finish it off with an
elastic, and then pull it apart. (upbeat music) – And there you go, a braid with a clip, and bonus points, this
whole pulling the hair back into a clip thing pulls your hair back like a french braid would,
but it’s a lot easier. And with that, I think I’m done. I don’t know how many
hairstyles I did at this point, but I feel like we got a lot
of inspo out there (laughs). Hopefully you guys enjoyed it because it was very, very requested, and I hope I gave you guys the
inspo you were looking for. Just as a reminder, my shower cap and kit are available on my, and you can get them for 25%
off with code gratitude25. I would go ahead and
tell you guys to get one if you want one because
we’ve been selling through really fast and this is
like a one time release, so once it sells out,
it’s gone, and– yeah. And on that note, thank you guys so much for making this a really
successful launch, it warms my heart quite a bit, and it makes me really
excited for future projects. If you have gotten your item
or you get it very soon, don’t forget to post it on social media and tag me so I can see. I cannot wait to see all your
faces in the shower caps, it’s going to be so exciting (laughs). So I will be on the lookout for that, and I might repost you
if you do, just saying. So that’s it for today,
I’ll be back next week with another video, and I’ll see you then! Muah, bye! – Do you ever– this is
probably unique to me, but do you ever do a
hairstyle and you’re like it looks really good from this angle, can everyone please approach me from this angle for the
entirety of the day? Well yes, hello Julie,
how are you doing today? Yeah, I’m doing well too.

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