CLC is back with Black Dress … don’t know why I said it like that, to be honest, I don’t know why. I don’t know all of the members of CLC but I know my bias. My true bias of CLC is Sorn, it’s always been Sorn. Since this: (LOWKEY ORCHESTRAL SEXY MUSIC) Ah, Sorn. Yo! Quick fact, I might do this in another video when I explain more of my trip in Korea I was at Cube Entertainment, filming over there. Obviously sometimes we had to be quiet on set, so me and my friend went into a different room, Where some of the trainees and members have studies. One of the teachers came in. Looked at us like, “What are you doing here?” So we got out. I put my IG and my Twitter handle, and the teacher was looking at the board. Like, “What is this? “Let me just erase this?” All I remember is that there was a trainee that went into that room as well, and I didn’t get a good look at her, and my friend was like, “Yo, you don’t know who that was?” And I was like, “No, I didn’t get a good look.” “That’s Sorn!” I was like “Why didn’t you tell me?” And when I looked back, I was like, “Yo, that was Sorn!” I just remember, if I close my eyes I can see it right now. She was just walking in to go into that room, and she saw the crew and me, And she just said hi and everything, and — (SIGHS LONGINGLY) I was like this close, like that close from her. She was beautiful by the way, even though I didn’t get a good look. (LAUGHS) But her and that black lipstick, oh my god. Anyways, enough of my fanboying, CLC. Black Dress. Let’s go. Let’s begin. And Sorn, if you’re watching this, Hi. (GIGGLES) What’s up Jre? It’s Jade from Canada. I absolutely love your videos. I am part of so many fandoms, but my ultimate bias is Jin from BTS. Play my intro. If you guys want more stories on my Korea trip, my time in Cube Entertainment, working with Amber, so-and-so, I will definitely make a video. I think I actually filmed it, I just never edited it. But just putting it out there that that’s probably going to be a video soon. Black Dress. Let’s go. Let’s begin. Black Dress. Oh no. # Yeah, can you see me now, huh? I can see you. Okay. Oh, they sleep. Oh wait, hold up, you got scissors? Oh, girl, she be! I’m just trying to follow the dances, yo, I love- I think it’s sexy, hold up. I personally think it’s sexy when they’re wearing, like, suits. I don’t know why, I don’t know if it’s just me, but I just wanna put that out there. Anyways, you saw what I– I just tried to stop it, it just spaced down. Does that happen to you, too? It’s so annoying. I mean, anyways, let’s go. I mean, I’m not saying that, like, them in skirts is not sexy or cute. They’re — ooh, girl! What’s up? You saw her? Ay, what’s up, girl? It’s a banger. Just from the beat and the drum. For me, it’s a banger. I don’t know about you. Ooh girl, you see that fan and the hair? Wind? Hair? Okay … okay girl, ayy! You see ’em slaying. That ish, okay — I don’t know, I’m attracted to, like, the colours black, white, and gold. And red as well. So their whole fit, like right there? Oh, that’s my girl, Sorn. How you doin’, girl? Oh, she coming in like? LEGS. (MOUTHS) Black dress. This beat does get you, like, pumped up and dancin’, though, I’m not gonna lie. Oh yeah, from the teaser! Wait, waitwaitwait, go back. I thought…oh, wait, hold up. Oh, wassup? Wassup? How you doin’? You got my attention, girl. Wait wait, I need to go back. Where is that? Yooooooo. Remember…imma bring up, like, when After School, I think it was called First Love? When they started doing, like, yo. That takes skill to be on a pole. Shoo. Okay, daaaaaamn. Wait, wait, lemme see you spin. Oh hold on, hold on, hold on. All them lookin’, like dang. Okay. I’m done. Okay, girl? Wassup, girl! Oh, you gon’ cut your hair, girl. Wait, hold up. Oh, what the hell? Did that (unknown term) just come out of nowhere? Black feathers? (unknown term) I mean, you got my attention. It’s a dope beat. How you doin’, girl? Oh, I love her. Black Dress. I can’t really relate, I’ve never really been in a black dress. Okay, that’s a really old video of mine. I take that back. But CLC. I need to learn the member’s names. Seungyeon. She started in the beginning. Not the beginning, but she started singing right? In the beginning? Yeah. She does. Right? Mm, yeah. Oh, they’re so pretty, though! Hold up, I need to check out something. So cute. And the way how the beat comes in like that, oof! That makes it even more of a banger. And by banger, it’s a jam, it’s a bop. It’s bumpin’. What’s up, Sorn? (MOUTHS “Black dress”) And the way they walk is so fierce and everything, CLC, I see you. Put in the comments down below, are you feeling it, do you think it’s a banger? I think it’s a banger. I like it. I mean…ay, respect to the poledancers. You don’t have to be a stripper to… you know, dance on the pole. But I know it takes physicality. You need to be physically fit in order to do those kind of tricks on a pole, you know what I’m sayin’? I have no knowledge, because my abs are weak. Nah, I’m working on them. Slowly. New video’s out, how I listen to BTS. Now I’m gonna make this a series, where, uh, how I listen to other songs. There’s another coming up soon, so be on the look out for that. And, yeah, go check it out. Link in the description down below. Or check it out on the channel. Subscribe to the channel. Like, this video, share this video, and subscribe. Keep on dreamin’, dreamers, Dream, believe, do repeat. If you have a dream out there, put some hard work into it, it might just come true. For real, I really do believe that. Shout out to Sorn. How you doin’? I know I’m like, super biased to Sorn. Sorry. I know some people are gonna be like, “Oh my god, you’re just like, biased to Sorn, like get outta here.” Listen, let me express myself. Alright, y’all. Thank you guys for watching. Have a blessed day. Bye. (VOICE-OVER) HEY! You better subscribe. Subtitles by the community

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  1. Here is eunbin pole dance to hands to myself jre because you seem to like that part of the pole dance 😂

  2. well if you love the pole dancing that much, you should definitely watch the video of Eunbin doing pole dancing cover of the song Hands to myself by Selena Gomez. It's amazing!

  3. black dress just ended everything ! i became a huge fan to these girls ! the pole scene the cut hair scene everything is perfect !

  4. I thought I was the only one but they look with suits on the most,in my opinion, I feel like grabbing them from the tie,and un dress them lol 😅js but still Sorn is mine❤

  5. You should use the K key to pause, it's easier than using space to pause cause you don't have to click in on the video first

  6. 3:24 someone burned the image of Monsta X's Minhyuk almost fucking… Idek what during his recent V-Live with Kihyun and now I can look at the dance break the same ever again

  7. Why are you keep looking that the part were JRE iS dancing that the pole. But love you by the way😘😘 hugs and kiss

  8. it's so annoying cuz in this video it seems like you only love sorn. i know she's your ult bias but you're too over reacted to her

  9. It's really funny when 3:51 he was talking about the colors he is attracted to..And the line in that song says " Who u r attracted to..??😂😂

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