CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO/Procreate(Sketch) White Uniform #2 [Digital Painting]

CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO/Procreate(Sketch) White Uniform #2 [Digital Painting]

My dream is to work outside the room. Need small devices suitable for working outdoors. This Piece I use app Procreate of sketch. Then Export PSD to file and moving all to computer next.

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  1. เจ้าของช่องคนไทยนิหว่าาา

  2. I think you're getting used to Clip Studio Paint amazingly. The coloring and anatomy are back to their usual quality!

  3. It is a beautiful dream. Drawing outdoors is comforting and peaceful, I would like an amateur with lots of windows to let in lots of light. By the way it is very beautiful

  4. It's so great seeing you still putting out work! Been subscribed to you for a couple years now, you have been a big inspiration to my art, and most definitely my digital art. Can't wait to see your next piece!

  5. ใช้เวลา ไป นาน มั้ย คะ?


  6. I wish i could see the step by step more slowly, because i missed many steps for the speed… i´m trying Clip Studio Paint as well and there are many things i should learn…
    Anyway a great job as always! i love it.

  7. I'm a comic book lover, specifically anime and manga.

    Initially I thought of a comic book course but I wondered if it was as complete as one of illustration or animation.

    Is the figure of the cartoonist equivalent or different in abilities compared to an illustrator (perhaps in coloring, in drawing and digital painting, in perspectives, in poses …)?

    Can a cartoonist use colors, paintings, illustrate, animate or make concept art / character design for video games?

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    But which one to choose? Which course gives the most solid base so that you can then range in other fields with practice? Is it better to start with a traditional or digital course?

  8. Just curious, why don't you use clip studio paint for iPad? I'm thinking about getting one and clip studio is my primary program that I will most likely use

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