Cloth Diaper Inserts

Cloth Diaper Inserts

something else I want to touch on or just some different types of inserts you can use these with pretty much any type of diaper you can add some extra inserts to all-in-ones just lay it in the diaper you can use them with your pocket diaper stuff as many as you need for the absorbency that you need for your baby the first two I have here are a couple of by machines microfiber inserts again than the one or the one size that the bigger one here can kind of snap down to make it smaller or larger I've got a pre fold here this is just a preemie size but preemie size and need one side size pre folds are a really affordable option for inserts there natural fibers you can just stuff them right in the diaper I am on the diaper whatever this is an artsy fartsy fufu these are a bit of a different design they come this really long design but they're fantastic typically for most diapers and only put them into thirds and that'll fit a lot of different diapers I actually use these in my bum genius elementals I put it under that name Soaker layer I quarter it up and just put it right under it and it makes my diapers so I can use them at night without any making problems they're fantastic and there's also several different lengths work at home moms that make no sense of different extra inserts they're all great options and just more ways to customize your diapers for your anything

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  1. I've never tried wool but would like to. Thanks for the information.i didn't know there was different types of wool covers

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