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  1. There is so much misinformation in this video. Excellent resource you should bring are Cloth Diaper Podcast , Jess Is Blessed or Jay's Nest

  2. Cloth diapers are disgusting! Just use a disposable diaper and dump the poop 💩 in the toilet 🚽!

  3. I really think that you should get someone who is a professional to talk about this because there was a lot of information where that was misleading or which was based on opinion. It was great to hear a mum talking about it but it wasn't clear enough or enough info.

  4. Awesome! Could you do a video talking about elimination communication? I think it'd be so useful to learn about!

  5. There is so much incorrect information as far as cloth diapering goes on this video I feel so bad for whoever watched this video and then left feeling badly about cloth diapers from this miss information. To learn actual facts and more about cloth diapers watch my channel I have some excellent videos on actual facts and on actual washing cloth diapers.

  6. I’ve saved soooo much cloth diapering and we’re doing it with baby #2! However it’s a boy so we’re investing in not bright pink diapers and our first is still in diapers so we need the extra

  7. This video is at most laughable. Wow the misinformation is shocking. No wonder people get turned off my cloth diapers.

  8. Our sweet baby chihuahua has been the worlds biggest poop head and refuses to stop peeing everywhere. I’ve been washing his diapers his whole life, and I guess adding a few more diapers wouldn’t be too bad 😉

  9. I love that you guys made this video, but with a good wash routine you should not have to strip your diapers every few months. We are going on 13 months and I have never had to strip. Also, the poop is only water soluble if the baby is EBF.

  10. As a cloth diapering Mom I feel like this is not very informative at all. She only uses pockets and she didn’t inform them about all in ones or fitteds and prefolds and flats and covers and all that. It’s such a huge world that really nobody knows about and it seemed like she was unprepared or nervous so I hope they get another woman on the show or at least another video that is better for people who don’t know anything about this

  11. This lady isn't the best person to ask about cloth diapers. You shouldn't have to strip every couple months, or even every year. And the liners she has are microfiber and can't be placed against baby's skin because it will cause irritation from absorbing all the moisture from the bum.

  12. This scared me because this was not a good explanation of cloth diapering at all. You don't have to strip the diapers if you have a good wash routine. Also that wasn't a "liner" that was a microfiber insert that is hardly absorbent. Flats are more absorbent than a microfiber insert.
    Also, beware of China cheapies they look cute and you think they are the same but they aren't. The quality is way different than grovia, bum genius, softbums, smart bottoms and many other reputable diaper companies.
    I started to cringe when she started talking about stripping so I had to stop watching. This was bad real bad.
    Also pockets are real close to disposals but so are all in ones they don't require stufffing you just put them on baby and go.

  13. Cloth diapering can be pretty expensive upfront, but is a moneysaver in the long run for sure! Luckily we've been gifted some of our stash and I've also gotten about 5 diapers for free in the past couple months from the Very Dice app. If anyone wants to check it out, my friend code is 2828045. It isn't just diapers, you can also get a lot of other items like makeup, keychains, electronics, etc but I mainly play for the diapers and mommy accessories, lol

  14. I was hoping this video was more comprehensive! I would have liked to know what goes in the pail and how you wash them! Also do you need to scrape pop off- it wasn’t really covered.

  15. Cloth is so easy to do.
    We love doing flats and covers.
    Diapering my child for 150$ for the entire time I am doing cloth.

  16. It’s great that you have a video about cloth diapering, but I’m only 2min and 56 seconds into de video and two very essential mistakes have been said; that’s NOT a liner, because it’s microfiber and MF Can never go against baby’s skin AND that’s not a “All in One”; an All in one or AIO has built in INSERT(S) aka the absorbing part and some have the option of a pocket to add extra absorbency or you can just use a NATURAL FIBER INSERT against baby’s skin. That kind of diaper shown in the video is a ONE SIZE diaper, or OS. Most OS diapers advertise they fit a baby from 8-35lbs, not all do do it’s always recommended to get different brands and styles of diapers to see what works best for your baby’s built.
    I cloth diaper my 2yo son, my 11mo triplets and my NB twins ☺️

  17. I'd love to see this video redone. I feel there is not enough said and some information that may not necessarily be true about cloth diapering! So many people watch your channel and it be amazing to get more people using cloth! Unfortunately this video didnt do it justice!

  18. I feel like this was a lot of information I thought was true when I first started cloth diapering. Now that between my two kids I feel like it's easier than this video made it seem. I also feel like it missed a lot of important points. Maybe having a couple cloth diapering mom's on who use different kinds of cloth diapers, and different levels of experience

  19. I also remove the liner before putting them on the pile. I do spray the poo but also I rub edge with edge trying to remove as muvh as I can of stain and i dont need to rub more than 5 times and.they are white but this has to be done right after the baby poo then you put them in a pile. Thats my granda secret that helped me a lot

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