Cloth in VRChat + quick howto

Cloth in VRChat + quick howto

[Applause] cloth and VR chat turns out it is possible if you've ever tried to use the cloth component in VR chat before you've probably run into the issue where using any sort of Collider will cause your avatar to just get thrown into the air randomly usually when there's some kind of movement on the y-axis but anyway we figured out how to fix that basically the TLDR is that for any clutter you use you set it to be a trigger Collider which will prevent it from actually colliding with other colliders the cloth component will still work fine though because it ignores the Unity physics system and just directly uses the colliders so we'll just walk through quickly how to set up an avatar that has some sort of cloth on it for the unity cloth component to work you need to have whatever you want to be in the cloth to be in a separate mesh so right now this model is separated by material and what we'll do is take all these vertices that are part of the cloth here and save them into a vertex group so that after we joined the vertices we can get them back out so let's sit here join meshes and now we have just all one big mesh but what we can do is select this and then separate that to a new mesh one thing that some people aren't familiar with in blender is that there's this convenient space bar menu that allows you to search for some kind of actions so here we want to separate and then you don't have to remember all the hotkeys so that's we've got our separate mesh here I've already gone and exported this to unity so let's just jump over there right now so there's the same mesh we've got our main body and then the cloth here so we can start by adding a cloth component and I'll set some values on here that I think will probably work all right you should take a look at the documentation and just experiment with the values to see what works these velocity scale things behave a little differently in unity than they do in the game so it'll take a bit of fine-tuning to get exactly the behavior you want that's it we've setup the cloth and if we run this will see that the cloth just Falls so that's because we don't have any constraints set up yet kind of similar to weight painting constraints basically takes some of the virtual particles that are used to deform the mesh and prevent them from moving a certain amount probably the most convenient thing to do is just settle these top ones to not move at all one thing that's important to keep in mind is there's this convenient manipulate back faces option which lets you select these particles that are on the other side without having to manually do it all so that's probably good for this one sometimes you'll need to set a max distance for some of the other particles that is not just zero that can be really helpful if it's glitching and you want very specific ranges for parts of the mesh so let's run that again and we'll see that okay doesn't fall but it does clip through the leg it's a little more obvious probably if we let's say rotate this there's no collision there so we can set that up by adding some capsules so I like to usually add them in a separate game object that just makes a little easier to manipulate so we'll call that left leg capsule and then we can go add our capsule component and just set the size on that so let's see point oh oh oh finish that you do and as I mentioned before the important thing for the cloth component to work in PR chat is to set this as a trigger and that will prevent it from colliding with anything else so let's just move that into place generally you want to have a little bit of extra capsule that's outside of the object that you want it just prevents any sort of clipping artifacts so let's add one more to the hips and same thing trigger that smaller I should do so now we can go back into the cloth component set up the colliders and run it again so it looks like there's no clipping let's try rotating the leg and you can see that the cloth now moves

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  1. My particles are huge, and when I use the collision to keep the cloth from falling it just holds the one piece I highlighted. Can anyone help? :/

  2. I liked to touch on this, but with the new update to dynamic bone restriction, cloth passes as 0 Dynamic bones πŸ™‚

  3. I save the object/cape to my vertex groups and when I do join. BTW, do you really have to mesh all the meshes together?

  4. Hey, it would be great if you could make a tutorial where you show it on a skirt or something, because this piece of cloth is small and easier to do while a skirt would be trickier, I just cant do it.

  5. Seems the bounds of my mesh is miscalculated as you said, even re-made the mesh at a lower poly but still won't work

  6. I have a problem. For some reason, the cloth that i separated from the rest have a broken texture. It renders some parts and some are just invisible.

    EDIT: I fixed it. I just messed it up a bit in Blender. Now there's another problem. It keeps shaking even when there is no movement.

  7. Thanks for the great tutorial. It looks really good and you can fine tune it. Do not use it it crowded areas tho, its hardware-expensive.

  8. Is there a way i can do this without going back into blender? As in i have a finished model already and would like to do this

  9. My problem is me being super new to blender. My avatar has a solid dress like the one in the beginning of your video. I cant select the skirt part to separate it. How do I do that?

  10. I need help, I see you hvae the dress one… I applied a skirt to mine and soemtimes the skirt will flip over… I need help, Iv put caps on my hips and even spine.

    Hi! Just followed your tutorial and it worked perfectly. thanks for sharing this! After toying with it a little, I even added a giant sphere collider to the root of my avatar so it would work like a ground collider. After testing it, turns out that the colliders also can interact with VRC even if they're set as triggers. That makes some worlds like murderer/slender/hide and seek/CTF/Battlediscs not work well since you now have even more hitboxes. but I also discovered that you can disable the capsule/sphere collider component of the object, abd it will still affect the cloth simulation! so you can add as many colliders as you want and disable them ater you've assigned them to the simulation and they will still work and won't affect your VRC experience at all. Oh! I also found out that if you have an alternate version of the avatar and want to disable the cloth object, you first need to disable the cloth component it has before disabling the object at all, otherwise it will crash VRC when equiping that avatar. Hope it helps. Once again, thank you for uploading this

  12. I'm having a problem where when I try to rotate the leg, it will rotate from the center point of the collider. The rotation point of the leg and collider seem to be stuck together.

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