Clothing ⚡GLITCH – Purchase all of the 🎲Casino🎲 DLC Clothes with CASH (NO CHIPS) in GTA Online!!!

Clothing ⚡GLITCH – Purchase all of the 🎲Casino🎲 DLC Clothes with CASH (NO CHIPS) in GTA Online!!!

hey what is going on guys welcome back to the channel in this video and GTA online we're gonna actually show you how you can purchase all the clothing and the casino update with money in-game instead of using the chips I know most people are gonna have way more money with specially the glitches that have been out there than actual chips so we're gonna actually just show you how you can use cash to do that so as you know there's a store inside the casino now the only drawback with this is you're not to buy any of the actual penthouse decorations you can only get clothing so as you see this clothing right here the same clothing is actually gonna be available in the regular stores on the game so this glitch is really easy to do all you need to do is haul a job from Jerrold now if you haven't ranked up enough or you haven't actually got a call from him to get jobs we put a link in the description it'll be the pin comment of the job offered by him so for some reason if you go to a request a job from him and it's locked do a couple of his jobs and it'll actually unlock where you can request a job so what you need to do is head over here to the casino front desk it's this black desk right here where it says diamond casino and resort in the background and if you turn to your left while looking at the desk you need to go over to this elevator now when you're in this area go ahead and just request a job from Gerald so now go ahead and pull it the job that you requested from Gerald and while it's pulled up in your phone go ahead and walk over here to the elevator doors and go ahead and hold down on the pause menu which is options on ps4 and then hold it for a few seconds and release it as soon as you do press X and you'll go into this menu here now this is not what you want it to look like I've shown you what you don't want it will look like you actually want to animation if you're walking into the elevator so we're gonna back out of this real quick I just wanted to show you just so you didn't have to guess whether you're doing it right or not now I'm gonna pull up the job from Gerald again I want to walk back over to the other leader doors hold down on the pause button and released and press X and then from here go ahead and keep spamming X and go ahead and hit pause and you'll see this little animation of you walking into the elevator now from here you'll see where the job starts to load after a few seconds the background will go black now go ahead and back out of the job and you'll start falling outside of the map now you'll be outside of the casino and be off radar now the game is actually going to think that you're inside of the casinos still but you're not going to be so go ahead and just head over to any clothing store so once you're inside the clothing store just go to any of the different areas you can go to accessories jackets pants whatever and go ahead and just pick through the different items you want now if you might not know what you want maybe before you leave the casino kind of get an idea so you know what category to search out now all these categories work for me every once in a while and have a category that kind of glitched out if it did just go to another shop and you'll have no problem doing that I had a bomber jacket I was trying to get and I had to go to another shop but other than that you have no problem whatsoever getting any of these items so yeah it's really easy once you get down to timing you might try to take you about two or three times until you get timing down right but after that it's really easy so I hope this video helped you guys out if it did appreciate if you like you share this video with your friends also to subscribe click that notification bell so any time I have videos come out and get notified right away as always guys I'll catch you next time in the next video

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  1. Follow this link to find all of Gerald's missions:

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