hey guys welcome back to my channel it's Vedas and yo-oh today as you can tell by the title I want to be doing a back-to-school clothing haul kind of thing featuring shot dhanoa I honestly don't know how to say the company's name but yeah um before I just start this video alone I just wanna tell y'all okay so my school has a dress code right some schools don't have a dress code so this is kind of for the schools that don't have a dress code because yeah I couldn't wear half at least to school so I was going to let y'all know I don't want y'all I think this you want a school bag like you can't even do that maybe I could dress code this is a try on haul also so I'm going to be showing you on and then it's gonna be a clip of me like trying it on y'all probably tired of me showing y'all clothes but I mean I love clothes you don't have seen anything here like background noise I'm sorry like sometimes you got to do what you got to do okay risk is 30 okay so the first thing is this green this green tank top corrupt top kind of thing it's really cute there's something you needed that it can go away and it comes away by this buckle on the side and it comes off but I mean why would you take it off you know my honest opinion on this shirt I love it like it's so cute it fits perfectly and it goes with this skirt Oh another way I don't know how much these are I'm just gonna leave the link to everything in the description so y'all can find everything next is this black miniskirt it has buckles like it's so dark I mean I've got the tail but y'all see when I try it on it's like fading it's like a miniskirt I mean it has these little babies I don't know but yeah it has a zipper I didn't think this was gonna fit me because I'm like okay wait how am I gonna get this on I mean I did get a little next we have a two-piece I like two pieces obviously I remember like actually on I like how they look on people is just pink and it has this light reflective my gosh in person it's like way darker but on camera it looks white but it's like great I don't know okay comes with biker shorts these are so cute these fit me so well you're all learning in the trial part but like I don't know why I'm just really sad I can't wear this to school I mean right okay some things I could wear to school all right so the next thing shot do another two peas okay I'm gonna show you how these two so this is a shirt it's like kind of a square neck you know and then what is super cute super cute name it's a skirt that goes with it and it's super stretchy super comfortable like girl and it hugs you in the right places like this is stuff to wear on the weekend or something sorry it's really hot in here this ring light makes me off mix we got a t-shirt t-shirt and this is what it looks like he says I just I rolled so hard I think I hurt myself he's kind of corny but it's like cute you know like I can make this look you I can make this into out I don't know where this with maybe like ripped jeans and some white beans oh yes sure all right the next thing like a vase you know how like them guys that you could just buy could this is what it reminds me of then it has like this I don't know what this is is this like it's like two babies angels okay let's talk about something aren't we I am so bad at describing stuff oh my gosh so cute like you should totally get it Who am I well there's that okay next we got another crop top okay so this one is kind of cool he says sure on it oh this is cute this is cute right this is me this is cute this next is a dress yeah this dress looks so complicated like okay we're doing to try it on we're gonna see it looks like a off the shoulder dress yeah I think it's off to the shoulder and they're just buttons down so I did end up like injures if it's really nice I like how it fits on me however the buttons take literally forever to put on but you know it's okay because I really like necks okay the last thing that I have is this one piece let's talk about this so I tried this on this was like the only thing that I really tried on before like I did this video and I show my friends I won't FaceTime with my friend Gabby right and I tried it on and we discovered that I look like a Power Ranger like literally a Power Ranger a pink Power Ranger pink it's cute look at the melt but let me just show you what this looks like it's really cute though like I wouldn't wear with the bail like I can really make these into a cute house in like the thumb holes should put your thumb in and like it has a zipper or you could you know you could show some cleavage I don't have cleavage so we're not gonna show that so I think I should just call this a clothing haul because back to school oh that title is not working that's everything okay so that is everything that concludes the home thank y'all so much for watching I really do recommend you guys to go shop at shop you know what somewhere I actually really do like this stuff and I know you guys will too and I'm not gonna put you on with something that I don't like yeah so yeah thank y'all for watching make sure you like comment share and subscribe turn to my post notifications to get notified every time I post a video bye I totally forgot to tell y'all to use code Veda for money off get you some clothes


  1. can you do a high school advice video or a girl talk including , boys , drama , friends etc. 🙃❤️

  2. Never clicked so fast..I needed this💖 I'm definitely not tired of u trying on clothes😊… and girl I have a dress code too it sucks🙄

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