CLOTHING HAUL Spring 2017 | Forever21 & Missguided & MORE

CLOTHING HAUL Spring 2017 | Forever21 & Missguided & MORE

hey everyone um I've been doing a lot of spring shopping recently it's been pretty hard to do you know just basing my selections off the Ohio weather when I'm going to be spending like all of summer the next few years in Florida weather so that's why things that I hope I haven't really aligned with what I'm doing really but um I've ordered a lot from misguided forever 21 and I've shopped in Nordstrom Rack and gotten really good deals you know all across the board so I've been waiting to get everything so I could do a nice big clothing haul for you all uh so start with my shoes I just got these bad boys at DSW they're Charles Matthews they're open toe clocks there are about four inches with a 2 inch platform and I these will go with like everything and I'm gonna be wearing them with about everything in the video so yeah thanks for tuning in and I'm gonna go ahead and get started they might end up pulling my hair up because I got so hot trying stuff on I start with these jeans that I got from forever 21 and if you can see the hem that raw hem is really big for spring and I really like the color the wash you know they're really stretchy jeans um my weight has been fluctuating a lot since um I decided to take the semester off and I'm not walking that like three miles to and from class everyday so those are size small and I think they'll fit me um when I gain and lose a few pounds I'm 5'4 and I'm probably like 120 pounds right now next I got these boyfriend jeans from forever 21 they're like loose-fitting total baggy they're completely destroyed um I got these because I do not like jean shorts on me like whatsoever they're pretty good material they your size 27 and these are on clearance for like $13 now these jeans I got at Nordstrom Rack their brand Melrose Mart I think there's a nice 27 as well and these also have that raw him that I was talking about and they're just nice like loose fitting jeans and I haven't really been into the tight skinny jeans recently so this is one of my favorite outfits from the entire clothing haul it's a burnout they call it like jumpsuit from misguided I ordered a size four if you can see us this ribbed like real stretchy material it's really cute really comfortable this will be fabulous for just like shopping in Florida you know maybe the movies one day kind of revealing it's pretty like love a kite and it has the side boob going but I really love it so this is another jumpsuit from misguided the other one was a size two I think I said four but that nude one is definitely a size two and this one is a size four and it fits way tighter it's a different material if you guys can see it's like not ribbed it fits really tight like it I have a really really short torso and it almost didn't come from crotch – boob so if you're taller this one probably won't fit you well but once again I mean chilling around the house going shopping going to the movies this will be fabulous and I also got this from H&M and it's just like a long duster sat in um jacket almost this will be for like colder days not even cold just like a little chillier and you can wear it open and it also comes with a strap so you can wear it closed if you want and I mean seriously this can go from day to night so simply or like something if you have to do something nice nice dinner I like wear cute dress underneath it you know just take it off in the if you're done with dinner and you're ready to go out and you are set this is fabulous and this is an extra small but I did get it on clearance at hmm and it was only $20 so they might not have it anymore sorry if they don't but it's just like two days after I bought this Beyonce when I'm gonna Gucci one very similar so I know this is a mesh center banjo drum suit it gives me a really nice like hourglass figure which I don't really need help with put some big birthing hips but this is also a size fuller and it's pretty tight this one is like a nicer materials jacket actually has maroon notes in it so I could wear this with the jacket probably out to a nice dinner with my clogs I'm not a conservative person in the slightest I think it's because I was raised to be really conservative and I always wanted to be like sexy like cute since I was like 13 I'm really young and my mom always made me feel awful for it so when I got older and I could make decisions for myself I realized you know it's not the end of the world if you want to be sexy like doesn't give mint or the right to objectify you nor does it give them the right to stare at you I'm a really big believer firm believer and doing exactly what makes you happy and being unapologetic about it next I'm gonna do dresses this one's exciting so stay tuned alright next I have this dress it's Free People and it's got this little detailing with metal knots House the same exact on the back and what I love about this dress is the tie down the side if you can see it's lace up and it has like a really high thigh split it's just a shift dress like this will be good for going out and just you know I could even wear this to the beach this is actually like a pretty thick muslin material you can hear it it's super soft super flattering great dress I got this at Nordstrom Rack it is a size small and it was originally 128 and I got it for 60 so it was a pretty good deal more than half off this one is gorgeous this is a silk LBD little black dress I got from H&M has slit up both thighs and it's got some incredible cleavage action it's a little tight on my butt and I want to loose on my waist but I can always have it altered if I want it gets a really nice thick silk and it was on sale for $10 I mean it's originally 15 so it's not bad at all and I am obsessed with this dress I don't have enough little black dresses in the slightest and this is just like so gorgeous it's actually about tea-length this one is a maxi from forever 21 it's silk – it's just a really pretty like mauve color this one I actually got to UM I got it to wear to the beach over a bathing suit so that I can just like those straights and lunch afterwards no more dinner or whatever but this is really pretty this was on sale for 15 originally like 24 this is size medium the other dress was a size 6 the black one from H&M this one is like gorgeous the most meetings for this and it has this great like flower detailing it's a really thick dress and it's about tea-length as well it has great shoulders like I love the off-the-shoulder look and this one is just like so romantic so pretty for a date I actually I love thrift shopping and I got this at Goodwill so I can't like share it with you but it's originally from the gap and it's a size 6 this one is by far my favorite going your outlook this is real deep the high slit white satin crisscross look looks great with this necklace um has this nice collar this one's from misguided as well um sighs or let me check yeah size 4 and this one is just so frickin gorgeous like I'll definitely wear this on date nights it's perfect for the beach nice sexy you know revealing slinky look got talking with love this dress this is about MIDI length as well this looks pretty revealing you know this is pretty revealing but love your body I got this bad boy on Etsy I'll tan you need to get a tan so bad so I'm not sure if that just recorded but yeah this is the new bathing suit I got from Etsy I'll link it below the seller was super quick super cute cheeky bikini whoo this is a size medium this one is a suit from beauty and the beach it's just a crochet monokini has like the bikini ties strap on the back this one's really cute super flattering again I love the crochet it's actually the first monokini that I've owned and usually like they say monokini zip the cutouts are for girls that aren't very curvy but I think this looks really good it makes my boobies look good once again looks good with this necklace I just got I don't get my back hurts from honestly but yeah I love this one this is another I'll probably like live in when I'm in Florida that's my clothing haul once again this is all from Nordstrom Rack misguided forever 21 and that white dress from Goodwill that's still so I hope you guys really enjoyed um let me know if you guys want to see any more of like the clothes that I get when I got stuff for summer you know I love doing this for you I'm really out of breath I'm sweaty I probably just ruined like half those clothes getting my sweat on them because they're all like brand new but yeah thanks for watching I really appreciate your support let me know if you guys have any questions you know hit the comment box make sure if you like this video you subscribe and click the thumbs up thanks guys love ya

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  1. You ate beautiful girl i love baby AND congratulation for you Chanel good luck and i am tour friend 👍

  2. Ohhhh… it's "been hard shopping"? Wow… the troubles you have… the adversity you must have to endure. I feel so bad for you.

  3. 87% of the viewers: Men
    12% of the viewers: Lesbians
    1% of the viewers: Women who actually care about the outfits

  4. Seriously, I keep getting these recommendations. Why? Looking at the comments, I already suspected the reason of this channel.

    A girl being overconfident, using Youtube as a channel to show herself wearing almost transparent clothes and 'forgets' to wear any bra. Also seeing her wear clothes nobody actually wears. I have never seen girls dressed like that. Also, the fact she is constantly putting on tight clothes, and pulls down her top is done on purpose.

    I bet she loves the attention she gets and knows she doesn't do this for those who are genuinly interested in clothing. She knows she is getting to the guys and she loves it.
    Easy way to get some money, without actually doing porn, trying to bend the laws of Youtube and censorship. I wouldn't even be suprised if it is done on purpose to make people think or say the things I do, so those 'female activists' can join the group and start about women rights. Just to prevent that, she has all the rights to do so, just like I have all the rights to think so.

    Sorry, just my opinion, but you are nothing but an attentionwh…. I really hate such overconfident girls. If you have a girlfriend like this, she will probably only talk about herself the entire time.
    I rather have a down to earth girl ( and glad I already have ) who doesn't need attention of the mass… Is it overconfident, or self esteem issues? Who knows. Also, if you want to prevent people from staring at you, stop asking for attention. You know it, stop pretending you don't. There are so much beatiful 'feminine' clothing that is sexy, but not 'flashy'.

    If I walk on the streets wearing nothing but a G-string, I KNOW that people stare at me. So, in order to wear a G-string I have to like attention…

    Now, Youtube, stop fucking recommend me these videos.

  5. You're unapologetic for dressing sexy. I'm unapologetic for staring. There's no other reason to dress sexy other than to be noticed.

  6. All this would look even better on my bedroom floor an if you didn’t get them on sale they are all 100% off at my house

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