Clothing Haul with my Sister!

Clothing Haul with my Sister!

no let me clap you then hello yes max I see you too you know you're not supposed to be in the coach quick ones coming good morning guys today is Saturday July the 20th excuse my appearance I have this spot which has been here for like a week in its massive veneer so sore bye I'm gonna do my makeup today because today is one of those days were feeling super self-conscious I also have warm hair I did wash it yesterday but I don't really watch her every single day but today I just can be water so just in the bottom so just excuse my appearance and but I am currently about to do my makeup I'm gonna paint my record Claire wasn't even makeup I hate it so boring so I did some music she got me through it but I haven't blogged in like the last three days just because I literally never slept for three whole nights like maximum I had a one or two hour sleep each night but it was just so bad I don't know why I couldn't sleep like I just couldn't shut my brain off and it was literally overthinking everything and last night I actually got some sleep and I'm so happy because I literally felt sick yesterday because I was like three nights without any sleep and I know lots of people have it worse but I'm just saying like that's the longest I hunt slap four and I just didn't know what to do like I just tried everything and I could not sleep so I didn't vlog because I was literally just like sick all those days I mean I still like edited and I managed to film like main Channel videos because like you just sit down and film them it's not a lot of like moving around there's stuff that you have to do when you vlog so I just didn't blog but what we you guys understand that but yeah anyways as long as you know Ashley's like but I'm so happy I just hope that my brain just never over things like that again which we all know it's gonna so you know you can hope but still we all know if anyways I this morning and today's my makeup done I went for quite a natural look just something quick and easy so yes that's it done for the day and I'm feeling a lot more like just fresh and awake after having a good night sleep and my makeups done so I feel a bit more confident look at no.1 hey you have been in the blog in a while you chillin so I know had a note with my mum and my sisters me mother Laura are gonna go pick up Natasha think of the word that she was looking for and then I was trying to help her find the word and we just like it was on the tip of our tongue but we just couldn't think but she just got there she was just shouting to me but yeah um today's Saturday like I said and Laura actually has a day off work which never happens like when you work in retail if you ever got sorry or Sunday off is like gold because it never happens and customer has Saturday off we thought that we would all go into time on a Saturday and what it's like it must have been like two years ago because when me and Laura both started working in retail we never did it and it was something that we always excited just going to time do bit shopping well actually I don't have any money well I do but not very much and I need to try and save it but anyways it'll be nice you stumble around shops and also will probably go to cross but well we'll definitely but it's so funny when we go into town we don't even like have to say all that's good cost or just all I feel like there yeah that's why I like going to culture but she likes to have big meals I like kervins which cost you like 15 bound for lunch just like yeah it's nice but can't afford it anyway where are you going Laura oh so we just parked our car we went through the yeah much more even telling by the time that you lost your car and you're on the wrong floor [Laughter] remember where you parked this day antosha serious thought to say so we actually ended up with two Bourbons just actually suggested that like we've got and I got a cheese onion and mushroom toast salad laura's all the exact same hitch ball time and cheese toastie on Park super easy to use nautical I come from it oh it's a anymore I just need to tell the views that you have your lap tank so you've got one enough juice yeah so we've just got back from town I know it really didn't film anything there by really hate filming in public especially in town one like so many people are there and there's just someone everywhere but yeah I mean there wasn't much to fill many ways because we were just shopping so I was just looking around like clothes and stuff I actually didn't buy anything in time but then afterwards we went to like the retail park and I actually bought like two things so I'll show you those but Laurel a couple things so I'll see if he wants to show you guys what she bought and then we can do like a little hole in this vlog but yeah we just dropped the tire off at home and OH shopping is so tiring like I haven't had a shopping day in awhile and it's really exhausting but I'm gonna put my pizza in the oven and my dinner which I'm so excited about because you know when you've been shopping and you just need to refuel you need food I know this vlogs literally I'm just being food and looks like I just ate all day but I swear I happen so we're gonna show you what we bought show me go first okay so the first thing I got was from tactical and it's actually this men's t-shirt which so I got this massive t-shirt which is men's I got an extra larges peaky blinders but I'm gonna use it as a night shirt because I'm like yeah it was only I really wanted a cycle extra-large and it says by order of the peaky blinders it's cool statical if you want it I don't want it but it looks like a I want you can say I got it and then the only other thing I got was from Matlin I got some jeans because I actually really do need jeans and it's very rare that I find ones I actually like so these are mom jeans and they're like slightly cropped and I'd Wow and they're just a nice light denim I really like [Applause] okay so from primark I got these jeans I do not like jeans at all so it was very hard to buy sure maybe like your Dean no he's smelling my arm oh she smells like dullness despite all of our we don't me I bet evaluate these are the jeans they're like fool and they're quite straight they like coming in the waist they're called paper bag trousers Yankees paperback maybe I made that paper bog yes paper something paper nothing paper boy nobody wiper boy did he stop surrounding me oh my god he's shaking I think max hey do I smell or walk I was clapping the dog Antonio Mike I was and then I brought my stuff just he's plain like Ronnie bras just for Tom because basically I was I was a B and then I was a see you know why my son just tried these on they fit and I got these pants from MATLAB yeah there are 3.50 in the sale I mean they're not very pre it's just because I don't have any pants I was like I'm sure do you were come and no no I and then these pajamas which I don't know why I bought them I mean they're nice but I didn't know you then gosh told me they're really ugly but I like them I think Nick oh so this is a talk on they're a bit lighter and they also tie up the front well that's fancy for buddy I told it looks like that blue mine they're like peace would you say that's so silky but it's quite light really soft yeah and it buttons up front and then they came with a pair of shorts except I'm gonna have to cut these off they're so long what's the point in those because they hung on to the hunger oh yeah I know you had all that from working in the show yeah so that was that I'm gonna have to fold them though because show me can you that yeah sure and then I just bought these I go through so many pairs of these jeans from MATLAB that your actual really rubbish they fade all the time but they're the only ones I find comfy for work so I just buy loads of them you literally buy a pair yeah everybody Kojak black guys and then the ones I wear to work or literally like the gray almost white yeah but after one wash legal yet so don't mind them they're rubbish they're really comfy and then the last three girls are it's not very like me it's soap whoa it's so cool the lye actual woman it's so bright is a hoody I don't normally wear hoodies but I thought for the rules like casual days we need some casual clothing and it's a nice color though yeah so there we are mat one as well I didn't tell you the prices oh oh well oh you're going to find out for you bought yeah there we go does it finished okay boy no this is not for you so I'm just editing this vlog and I realized that I forgot to end it and it's because we ended up watching a film altogether like all my family I we watched I think it was called legend it's like the Cree Brothers film I know there's quite a lot of Korean Brothers films but this one we hadn't seen and we really enjoy watching them together so yeah we watched the first half in this vlog that you guys are watching but it was really really good and we really enjoyed it but then we went to bed late so I forgot the vlog so if you did enjoy it please don't forget to give up make thumbs up and don't forget to hit the subscribe button and also click the bow button so you're notified it went out Lord thank you so so much as always for watching these vlogs honestly it means the world to me I know I don't say it often enough but honestly I appreciate you guys so so much and yeah I'll see you guys very very soon bye

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  1. It’s crazy how much you are comfortable around Noah now, I remember when I watched your vlog of your family getting him and you were scared of cats lol. ☺️

  2. I struggle to sleep too but sanctuary spa sleep bubble bath and pillow spray before bed has helped, its expensive but worth it. I get it from superdrug x

  3. Loved this as always 💕 you and you’re sister make my laugh so much! 😂 love how down to earth your vlogs are ❤️

  4. Hey Lucille,
    It’s such a shame to have to explain that when you have a bad day/days. You are human like the rest of us and obviously I wish you didn’t but you are bound to have bad days 😥
    I just love how family oriented you are 💕💕

  5. Honestly love the fact that Lucille takes the time to reply to comments just shows she cares deeply for her viewers! This is why I love Lucille and her Channel so much! 💛

  6. the way I make myself fall sleep easier is I like to start a new tv show and then I just think about the plot and characters before bed (like a daydream fanfiction kinda thing), it's easier to drift off lol there's nothing worse than overthinking at night

  7. I love girls day out 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ I’m glad to see Laura is appearing more and more in your videos 😊 She’s such a cool personality. I missed her. I’m so out of the fashion loop. I didn’t know those jeans were called paperbag jeans 😂

  8. Love the vlog. Love when you guys have these family dates. Laura looked really nice in her yellow top. Good you treated yourself. ♡

  9. If your lovely mum keeps forgetting where she parked her car, tell her to take a picture of the floor details and the area, on her phone. 😊

  10. Awe another lovely video hun ur family r so funny i lovr how close u all are such a beautiful bunch love ya x x

  11. I love when Natasha is in the vlogs I wish she had a YouTube channel I’d love to watch her videos! 💕hope your feeling better Lucille and sleeping better at night! 💗

  12. Love watching your vlogs so much, love seeing what your and your sister got and just you being with your family xxx

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