Clothing Love Stories πŸ’• | Fashion Revolution #LovedClothesLast

Clothing Love Stories πŸ’• | Fashion Revolution #LovedClothesLast

hi my name is Julia I'm from Poland and I love this shirt I got it roughly four or five years ago and it's only now starting to show signs of wear which is really decent considering I got it off a clearance rack for the equivalent but my fans it's from a company called Mex which I've never heard of before or since purchasing this shirt so can I get on a limb here say Putin wasn't ethically made but five years ago as a broke University student my only concern was really prize business quality because I wasn't really aware of all the ethical concerns surrounding the fashion industry the strip honestly changed the way I look at my wardrobe it's so easy to dress up or down I were two interviews I were to guess hour in the summer in the winter and anywhere in between it's as comfy as pajamas and thanks to strategically placed pockets I can wear just a thin bralette underneath for extra comfort is the most versatile piece I own by far it goes with pretty much anything and I can start in approximately 17 billion ways in short I love this shirt hi I'm Jenny I come from the Republic of San Marino and I live in Berlin I like to live a simple life and usually my clothes are always a reflection of my lifestyle when Erin asked us to share our clothing love story for this year's fashion revolution week I knew immediately which piece of clothing I wanted to talk about it is this kimono cape it's black oversized with big pockets in the front a hood and a small button to close it it is handmade here in Berlin it has an original design and it's comfortable almost just like wearing a blanket ever since I got it last year it quickly has become a staple in my castle wardrobes because it can easily be layered for warmth during cold seasons and works really well as a cover-up during warm seasons as well I love it because it's minimal neutral with simple lines and a clean cut but square key and different just like the city I live in and that I love so much so no matter what I do or where I go I can always have a piece of Berlin with me that will keep being protected hi I'm Rachel from Toronto and my clothing love story is about this lace t-shirt I'm wearing I feel like I've had it forever but really it's around five years old and I've included it in every spring and summer wardrobe I've had since I've owned it I think it's a really versatile piece and I can wear it as it is or dress it up or layer it with sweaters or whatever a few years ago my family and I were traveling for almost six months and I took this t-shirt as one of ten articles of clothing and it came with me to New Zealand Thailand and Malaysia it has a loose and drapey fit so I could even wear it while I was pregnant with my daughter and despite it being a cheap piece I've only had to repair it once so a couple weeks ago and I took it out of storage it had a small hole in the armpit and a few pulls on the lace which I fixed now and it's good to go for this spring/summer season and hopefully it'll last many more years in my closet that's it for my lace t-shirt love story and thanks so much for putting this video together bye hey I'm Aly from Southern California and this is my vintage army jacket I've had other green jackets in the past but this one's special to me because I bought it at my local flea market from a vendor who finds these pieces alters them and then hand embroidered these darling little flowers on them I have a small sort of simple wardrobe and I love being able to throw this jacket on over pretty much anything to add interest and warmth to my look it's become sort of my signature piece this jacket was obviously made from a really nice thick fabric but now it's worn in beautifully and I can see myself wearing it for years to come it's one of my very favorite flea market finds and I've worn it on many an adventure hi Adeline I'm from South Africa and I'm the star revivalist I'm really making an effort to be more intentional about my wardrobe that really means minimizing a lot of what I have selling and donating and then also really creating a wardrobe that is going to be useful and environmentally friendly I think probably one of the most important efforts that I've got is something that my mother made and I think that's so important just to actually give a good nod to her made clothes it Clos that are well made made with love and that don't come from the stores so in South Africa we call this a ROM a jumper but I know in Merck it's a romper here's our first look just with a lovely cardigan and from French Connection actually from our local consignment store then with sneakers and a denim jacket which I've actually donated to my daughter because there is a little bit small for me so I'll have to see if I need a new one or just can do with that I love the fact that the side seams match the stripes match and that's what one can do in when has someone making it for you and then here's just with some wages and an ass rain jacket just an extra layer to the to the jumpsuit if when needs it and Navy's always such a versatile cutter I love it and we're on about two years ago I've decided to stop buying new clothes and as a result I just buy second-hand I also came in touch with minimalism and started to declutter my whole wardrobe a process that's constantly going on this white dress is one of my favorites and I've made so many great experiences while rowing it since buying all of my clothes secondhand I'm happier with my wardrobe and found my own style every new item I find out the flea market gives me a feeling of happiness a feeling I've never had while buying fast fashion hi I'm cassia and I am from Alberta Canada and my little home on YouTube is this is cassia my love story item is this little black dress it's really simple it's very short it just has a little lacy ruffle kind of under the bust so it makes it look kind of like a top and a skirt but it is all one piece I have never heard of this brand before but I have worn it to so many events that make it so special to me but the thing that is most special to me is that I got it from my mom and it used to be hers so my mom got this dress when she was really young so about 25 years old which is before I was born and I know she got it secondhand I just can't remember exactly where she said she got it problem I can't remember if it was a garage sale or one of her friends but I do know it was given to her secondhand and now I have it secondhand because she passed it on to me when I was about 18 I think maybe a little older but I was stealing out of her closet by the time I was 18 for sure cuz I had pictures in it there's a picture of me wearing it to the opening of a play that I was in when I was about 18 and then there's another picture of me at 24 wearing it to a Christmas party at my first real grown-up job it's just a really great piece that I go back to over and over again because it is really flirty and cute and it always makes me feel sexy and body confident I really really love this piece so my big tip in terms of the fashion revolution is to not just reach off your own closet but shop your mom's closet and your sister's closet and your favorite apps closet to see what kind of pieces you might fall in love with there when someone else has finished with a garment it's the perfect time for you to start your own love story with it happy fashion revolution week bye you hi I'm Lisa and I'm a blogger on please calm where I write about fair and ethical fashion so Farina was asking for our fashion doll story and I'm happy to share my with you today it's about this pair of vintage suede leather heels which I bought last year in a secondhand store near Berlin um so I was looking for a pair of youth that I could wear for more cheap occasions and as I usually don't wear a lot of fields I thought why not go for a second-hand option I'm really glad with these because they have this beautiful bow detail and also this little heel so they are super easy to walk enter dancin actually the first time I wore the heel came off and I had to go and find a shoemaker but that's how I met my shoemaker so good for me I already bought into two weddings which is my friend's wedding and my sister's wedding and that's why they're all so special to me because they are connected to two really great weddings that I love going to so that's my fashion love story I hope you liked it and yeah bye everyone I'm Faye from sustainable fashion website fashion hound and I also do lots of Eco styling for the Salvation Army thrift stores here in Australia I wanted to share with you two of my favorite fashion love stories the first one is this necklace that I'm wearing now I love this because I made it I found three different necklaces at the Salvation Army or sell those stores as we call it here in Australia and I put it together into this one statement and every time I wear it people are just so drawn to it so I really love telling the story in fact the second one is this leather jacket this is actually three vintage jackets up cycled into this really cool one and I just love it it's so comfortable I love that it's been reused and yeah I wear it with so many things so there you go you really don't have to bind you there is so much cool vintage secondhand and thrift that you can really get a lot of wear out of finally my love story is about this dress it's four years old I got it for my graduation the top used to be white but I dyed it like gray after some of the black dye blood while washing it it's really comfortable and I love that I can wear it to a wedding meeting or just to the grocery store it not only reminds me of the special occasions I wore it too but I always feel good while wearing it you

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  1. This is such a lovely idea! All the stories made me smile πŸ™‚ I know this will inspire people to invest more emotionally and personally into their wardrobes.

  2. Mexx sounded familiar to me (the navy button down from the girl from Poland). It appears to be a brand from Amsterdam.

  3. Such a wonderful video for Fashion Revolution week! This came together so well and it was a delight to listen to the love stories from the lovely ladies from around the globe. You have me thinking about my own love story. Very well done….this is one of your best pieces of work….be extremely proud of yourself! Thanks to all of you. Regards, Deb.

  4. OH my Goodness!! I love this video!!! Please make more of these collections!! I'm so inspired by these woman!! πŸ™‚

  5. I love this video. Just a quick​ question. Does Julia (in the first clip) have a YouTube channel or Instagram?

  6. I love this video! It's so good to hear about the stories behind the clothes people love the most and how they're connected to special occasions and experiences.

  7. Now I feel really bad, because my Clothing Love story ended a few weeks ago when my favorite 10 years old cardigan was ripped and worn out so much I had to trash it. Maybe I should have made a small cushion out of it!? Great video Erin!

  8. I love this video! One of my favourite pieces of clothing is a plaid button-up shirt that was handmade by a local seamstress for my mum when she was 16. She had it in her closet for 30 years without wearing it, then I discovered it πŸ™‚

  9. Gorgeous video! Such a beautiful idea to commemorate Fashion Revolution Week and the pieces support us in life. I am rubbish at tech so I probably wouldn't be able to make much of a video submission but my clothing love story is, without question, my grandfather's wool scarf that I inherited when he passed away. Back in 1945, he paid $13.00 for it (with inflation that is about $177 today!) and it was truly an investment piece for his wardrobe. It is 100% wool, made in Canada, and has the most gorgeous black/camel/grey/tan/white tartan pattern. He was so careful with it that it is still in immaculate condition. I bring it out every year when the weather turns cool. He passed away nearly 10 years ago so that is many seasons of enjoyment in (his and) my wardrobe with many, many more seasons to come!

  10. What a great video idea for Fashion revolution week. I loved it. Thanks to all who shared their stories too.

  11. I'm Lyn's daughter and I enjoyed this video. Thank you. I've just turned 13 and am small. I find it very difficult to find sustainably made clothes for young teens. So in my Fashion Revolution Week support video I've shared how conscious minimal choices can help. Hope you can enjoy it too.

  12. This is amazing! I love all their items and seeing people thankful for what they have is so lovely. I have just filmed my fave second hand pieces. If you are interested I would love it if you had a little look! THANKYOU x

  13. What a lovely idea! Erin, I wanted to ask you if it would be possible to make a video about leather.

    I know you are a vegan and don't wear leather, but I think there are a lot of people (myself included) who are trying to make more conscious choices about clothes, but still want to wear leather.

    I would like to know what makes one type of leather more sustainable than other, but I can't find much information beyond the tanning techniques (vegetable vs. chrome).

    Thank you so much. I really love your videos. You are doing an amazing job with this channel!


  14. I hate shopping and fast fashion is so easy, but I've vowed not to buy it any more so this weekend I'm going to a vintage clothing sale where you buy stuff by the kilo. Here's hoping I can find some stuff to replace things that have completely worn out! There's only so many times you can darn or patch something…

  15. I love love love how you made this! The mix of garments and people from all over the world <3

    I was meant to submit but I ran out of time, just added my video to my own channel instead. Had been lovely to take part in this video of course but I need to respect your deadlines.. πŸ˜‰

  16. love this video and idea – maybe a future series? πŸ˜€
    funny that you post that video on the same day my favourite jeans was destroyed πŸ™
    I had it for about 10 years so I can't be too upset (and now I can shop for a eco-friendly new one * jippie * )

  17. This is the most special video I've ever seen from a youtuber! Thank you, Verena! Your kind heart and sweetness shines extra brightly though this video! Sending love from Australia!

  18. What a beautiful piece of creative work of putting these lovely stories together! Thank you so very much for sharing such positive Fashion Revolution Week love stories!

  19. Wow, what a wonderful video! Very cool to see so many peoples pieces and stories and sentiments behind them.

  20. Wonderful video! πŸ™‚ It's so nice to hear all the different stories. Clothes should definitely be treated more like friends.
    When you asked for our love story, I started to think which piece I liked most.
    I found a really old piece in my wardrobe last year when I started my capsule wardrobe. It is a black skirt (sadly from a fast fashion brand) but I bought it in 2009 and it is still great! As it is rather thin, I mostly wear it in spring and summer! I feel so comfortable in it, I will not let it go before it doesn't break apart.

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