Clothing Of The Future – Clothing in The Year 2000

Clothing Of The Future – Clothing in The Year 2000

some of the most famous fashion designers in the u.s. today have been asked to forecast what Eve will look like in AD 2000 one idea is a dress that can be adapted for morning afternoon or evening it's the sleeves what does it according to another artist one dress of the future will consist of transparent net the net probably to catch the male's apparently in 80 mm we shall be having a hair-raising time yet another designer goes so far as to believe that skirts will disappear entirely shoes will have cantilever heels and an electric belt will adapt the body to climatic changes the lightly clad woman of tomorrow ooh switch will move in an atmosphere that scientifically kept at the right temperature the future bride in a wedding dress of glass what the groom will wear apart from a worried look is mentioned a dress of aluminium with a sash to change it for afternoon or evening an electric headlight to help her to find an honest man as for him if he matters at all there won't be any shaving collars ties or pockets he'll be fitted with a telephone a radio and containers for coins keys and candy for cuties

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  1. I no longer feel like our technology is so cool compared to what cod have been 🤣. Honestly, made my day. Thanks for sharing

  2. Funny they kinda got the telephone bit right. Just, not so stupid looking and actually much more useful. Also the women have them too.
    We have containers too. But they're still pockets.

  3. Cantilever heals. And and them curly top hair hahaha lmao these piece of shit eating old cocksuckers ain’t got no nothing right. Them fuckers 😂😂😂😂

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