Coat Hanger Bait rig – Best Cut/Whole Bait Rig For freshwater or saltwater or squid trolled baits.

Coat Hanger Bait rig – Best Cut/Whole Bait Rig For freshwater or saltwater or squid trolled baits.

Hello! Today I am going to show you how to
make a Catfish rig
tool from a coat hanger. We’re going to cut the coat hanger up and cut a reverse notch
in it. We’ll form a blade first and cut the notch. I’ll show you how we use the leader
material with it. Have these rigs prepared ahead of time. We have the shrink wrap here
for the handle of our tool. We are using a shad body instead of real bait today. Here
are some other hooks you can use depending on the size of the fish you are going after.
Here is a real popular circle hook a lot of people are using. To start with I have one
hook applied and on the other end we are going to put a loop using a surgeon’s knot. It’s
become my favorite knot. It is real quick, all it is, is a loop, two wraps, wet it and
draw it down. That makes just a excellent knot. The harder you draw, the tighter it
gets. So we will trim that off. And I will show you how to make the tool. First thing we are going to do is
cut the coat hanger about 5 inches up from the end. On this end we will make the whole
thing about a foot long. We are going to bend this up, so we can bring it down and make
it parralell so we make a handle. Slide our shrink wrap up over that so we have a nice
handle. We will heat the shrink wrap. I will hammer the end down and make it into kind
of a spear point. Then we’ll continue from there. Now here you can see I have flattened
this out. We will work that down. Doesn’t have to be real sharp. :But that’s sharp enough.
Just enough notch to hook your line. Here’s what the tip of your tool looks like. The
notch is in there so you can grab onto your line and pull that back through the fish and
out the side of the tail and embed your hook at the back. Instead of cross body hooking.
You will catch a lot more fish and save a lot of bait by using this method. It feeds
through a real fish a lot easier than this. What we’re going to do is come out the side
of the tail. About like so. We hook our
leader onto that. We just draw that right back through the fish. Until we get our hook
in the fish. You can rig this however you want. You can leave the hook out the side.
You can rotate it and bring it through the side of the tail. This is my favorite so that
it lays like that. This part being narrower, the fish comes in and takes hold of it, you
still have plenty of hook exposed to catch the fish. So there is the finished tool. There’s
the bait rig and you are ready to go Catfishing. “Good Luck!”

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  1. Dude, your cat fish video was found on a crochet page. You Tube won't let me post the url. I'll send it to you in a private message. Best get in touch with YouTube and tell them that is not where your video is expected to be. It took me a minute to figure out it is there in error. Not on your part but on YouTube's part. Happy fishing.

  2. I can see how this video would be appropriate for a crochet page lol
    It looks like if you're hand ever slips thats going to be a nasty hook in a hand but I cant wait to make a bunch of these and try it out. Great Vid 5/5

  3. Thanks for posting…I'll give this a try. You might poke a hole in the swim baits vent area and insert a soft gel omega-3 fish oil pill and pierce it with a needle just before sending it down to see Davie Jones. The sent trail should help the cats track the bait – and hold it longer when they strike.

  4. Thank you so much for this excellent video, i have looking for a better way to rig live bait and now i know how

  5. Well, except for the fact that a big catfish (just like every other fish) will take it's prey head first. This method leaves the hook facing the wrong way.

  6. Thank You texasredneck6673.
    It helps give me a little more cofidence my bait is still out there working for me.

  7. I love true videos with helpful tips such as this one. Please post more and I will try this next fishing season. I will subscribe to your page.

  8. I prefer putting the hook at the tail because there is less material to keep from getting a good hook set.

  9. By putting the hook that far in te tail of the lure you,ll lose most of the action of the lure.

  10. Thanks i came across your vid yesterday i always had trouble keeping the hotdog on the hook while casting. Made this yesterday then went fishing hotdog stayed on the hook reeled in 4 channel cat yesterday.

  11. Great to hear that luckie!!! A 4 fish day is a good day anytime. Thanks for letting me know. Clayton

  12. what tool did you use to make the notch to put the line in i tried a file that just didnt work would really apreciate if you may respond thanks

  13. HAHAHAHAHAHA My wife is going to be missing a lot of her dry cleaning hangers now.
    Thanks man for Hooking it up !

  14. Let me know how you do. I have had two 27 and a 21 pound plus lots of smaller fish reported on the rig since I posted this.

  15. Thank You mrbluenun. It turned out rather quickly but I have made some others and that always helps. The first one is always the hardest to make.
    Thanks again from #WillCFish #Fishing tips and tricks

  16. Threading it on keeps the bait on the hook better is the idea behind this. Thank You for the information though, I have done that many times. #WillCFish #Fishingtips and tricks

  17. Use a slip sinker as shown in my Catfish Hot Dog Rig video.
    The link to show this is in this videos description.

  18. In the comments for this video you will find a video link of how to use the coat hanger bait rig.

  19. Poor fish! If you'd left that handle off you could go thru it once; tail-to-head. My similar approach for small to medium cut bait or minnows is to use assorted large sewing/craft needles from Walmart (2 1/2" to 3 1/4"). I cut a thin slice into one side of the eye of each needle…

  20. How do you make your surgent knot so thick where it can hold up your sinker? does it varies on the number of pounds your line is?

  21. I ran mine through a wine cork, then put the heat shrink tubing on last. I fish from a kayak so if I drop it overboard, it will float.

  22. A nice, simple diy vid on a useful tool that doesn't require anything hard to find or cost much. Good job, glad to see old tricks still handed down.

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