Coat hooks and shelf

Coat hooks and shelf

I made these hooks up here a long long time ago but then Rachel moved end and needed more room so I made these coat hooks here and then this boot nook and then Rachel made these mitt hooks and now that we have a baby we need more places to hang things so I made these coat hooks here that’s what this video is about. the hooks are just going to be piece of dowel and angle and then top of this is going to be this board to make a shelf for baby shoes. I think I’ll put the dowels in at about this angle here Now if Iwant to try to drill straight in at an angle like this it would probably make a mess where the drill enters the wood So Imade a jig. This hole is the size of the drill and now i just need to shape it to fit on here at an angle so i’ll take my angle guide here the bevel gauge and I’m gonna have to cut this block of wood off at an angle like this and that needs to fit on here like so so i’ll put a hook on it right about here Ash is a very hard wood very clean hole I’ve got a problem that neither of these pieces is terribly straight i’m going to use some dowels to force that joint into alignment and tapering the end of the dowel to help me line them up late and now comes the tricky part of getting it to actually go together it also has a slight twist to it so I twisted it in the opposite direction back here by raising it out here hopefully counteract some of that as the glue dries and the usual three coats of water-based varnish to protect it and give it a nice shine

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  1. no dowelmax jig! took me a quick Google to work out what the Unnamed jig was as you'd included there forum quote from them. Well done for your honesty and integrity.

  2. Love watching you video's. More so after you young girl came along. My twin boys were born a couple months before her and I like the projects related to the kids more. A lot of satisfaction comes with your kids playing on or with something you have made. Keep up the great work!

  3. I've noticed your camera zooming in clips occasionally recently.. Do you have someone doing your camera work, or is that done in editing?

  4. Any reason why you didn't use wood bits ? It looks like you used a HSS bit with no guide at the tip which pulls it through the wood.

  5. Are you raising her bilingual? Oder eher nich so? Ich find das vorteilhaft beides zu können, auch wenn ich mir englisch nur durch YouTube beigebracht habe…

  6. From your videos, I'm guessing that you have your drill press table adjusted to be level, while remaining free to swivel side-to-side.

  7. The coolest part of this is that in 40 years she'll be able to do a video tour of this old house and point out all the things her dad built for it, just like you were able to do with those cabins!

  8. you better cherrish that ash wood. because it wont be around long. i know of 3 states where the ash trees are being killed by a worm or bug. my uncle is still trying to harvest what he can salvage. its a shame too.

  9. I love the attention to detail. Jointing the piece at the end was probably an overkill but it's what makes your work so unique.

  10. using the push stick as a hammer to tap the awl for the pegs when right in front of him is a nice mallet….he is a common man!

  11. Your little lady is growing so fast, you are not doubt going through the child proofing stage.
    G'day from Down Under

  12. Great job and super cute baby Matthias. 🙂
    I like the angled dowel pegs a lot. I think I'll steal that technique for a hat rack. 🙂

  13. I've a long time subscriber and am finally able to get into woodworking and otherwise, but i have to ask, what exactly are good tools i should start with? I have a chisel set and carving knifes, but not any table saw or other big-ticket item.

  14. Glad that Harriet is agile. I hope you taught her to roll when falling down a flight of steps dad. As smart as my kids are I dont think I would make them reach and practice not falling. nice work tho dont mind me Im the safety police

  15. PAPA BEAR: You might want to put it on the wall over the shoe niche. Looks like baby is gonna have a hard time reaching the rack

  16. Nice idea, and nice video Matthias! thanks for all your videos and all your effort you put in them! i really appreciate your job and you inspire me to make things by myself!

  17. Hey Matthias, I know your parents came from Germany, so do you speak any german?
    Sprechen sie Deutsch? 🙂
    Ps. Your videos are always super entertaining!

  18. КАк всегда: все гениальное -просто. Или как говаривал один из наших гениальных оружейников Шипунов: " Сделать сложно -просто, а вот сделать просто -сложно."

  19. Nice job, i finally visited your web page. There is so much you have to do! Is this your full time job? I don't see how you will have the time for anything else. Thank you

  20. I'm struggling with getting the jig exactly right. I have a lot of these dowels to put in place. What is the reason for the second band saw cut? It created a parallel flat surface, but I can't see that you used it for anything. This is way after you posted – any chance someone might answer? Gail

  21. Those coat hooks/pegs looked to be about "eye" level. Might want to raise them up some till she gets better coordination. Love your videos and the way you ignore the "no-it-all" critics.

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