Coat Pant Dry Clean | How To Dry Clean Coat and Pant At Home In Hindi | Radhe Radhe Drycleaners

Coat Pant Dry Clean | How To Dry Clean Coat and Pant At Home In Hindi | Radhe Radhe Drycleaners

Greetings!! Today we will tell you that how at home you can dry clean coat and pant First of all check if the cloth is washable or should be drycleaned This pant has gentle hand wash written on it and dry clean written on this one Immerse the pant in the petrol and soak it completely Pant’s pockets are most dirty hence brush them gently You dont need to brush everywhere because any other slight dust here and there will be removed by the petrol Now hold it from the bottom edges and brush again Now reverse the pant inside out and after folding it, squeeze it properly and put it in the washing machine Now immerse the coat also just like before in the petrol first of all, hold it from the collar and start brushing and make sure all coat and pants are not dry cleaned First you have to check what is written on the tag Now apply brush on all the coat pockets then brush on the bottom end and then just like this, hold its arms from the front and brush them If the coat is very dirty, brush everywhere else brush wherever you see lot of dirt Now, hold it up just like this and fold it in a way that the button remain inside this will ensure the buttons dont get damaged in the washing machine Squeeze the coat properly and put it in the washing machine And run the machine at very slow speed at first and keep increasing the speed at small intervals we do this because if we run the machine at high speed initially, the cloth lining can tear off and buttons can break off You can see how the dirt is coming out of the pipe along with the petrol increase the speed again and turn off the machine after a small interval We hope you liked the video We will keep bringing useful videos like this for you After dryclean, you need to steam press them at home If you dont have a steam press, get it done from outside Thank You.

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  1. Yadi is prakar hame stone work sadi DC karni he to kese kare ?
    Kya is petrol se koi irritation ho sakta he?

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  3. सर कलर फ़िक्सर सब कपड़ो में दाल सकते है और कितना डाले

  4. सर जी कोर्ट ओर पेंट या फिर कोई भी सारी पेट्रोल wash के बाद फिर दुबारा सर्फ से wash करने की जरूरत नहीं है ना please replay

  5. Sir meri Dry Clean wali blazzer hai.. wo Clean ho jayegi na petrol se… But washing machine ni hai mere pas

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