Cocktail Attire for Men – Wedding, Party & Event Dress Code Guide

Cocktail Attire for Men – Wedding, Party & Event Dress Code Guide

Welcome to the Gentleman’s Gazette! In today’s
video, we’re going to talk about Cocktail attire for men. If you receive an invitation that asks for
Cocktail attire, the proper thing to do is simply to adhere to it. But what does it really
mean? Most of the time, this dress code is used for wedding invitations so let me go
over what you should wear if the dress code is cocktail attire for a wedding. First is you want a dark gey to mid-grey suit.
Preferably solid, you can also have a light pattern, a glen check or a shark skin but
with solids, you’re always right. If you must, Navy works as well. Two, you should have a
white dress shirt, maybe off-white, you can also have maybe a white collar shirt with
a striped body but it should be somewhat formal. Do not wear brown shirts or purple shirts
or turquoise shirts, that just looks awful. Next up comes the neckwear, you should definitely
wear a tie. Maybe a bowtie can get away with it but usually for the wedding, stick with
the tie because you don’t want to take attention away from the bride and groom. Ideally, what
you can wear is a colored tie with a small pattern like the one I’m wearing right now
in purple with some paisley or you can wear a solid necktie like the one here, you want
some texture like a knit tie like this one is good or maybe you can also wear satin if
it’s an evening event but I would usually stay away from that and go with something
a little more textured. If you don’t know how to tie a tie, please check out our series
on how to tie a tie. Since this is a more festive event, you want
to go with a pocket square. If you have a white shirt, a white pocket square works.
If you have a different colored shirt, use a different kind of pocket square. If you
don’t know how to fold a pocket square, check out our video where we show exactly how to
do that. For shoes, you should preferably go with black
dress shoes, that means leather sole and neatly polished black cap toe Oxford is ideal. If
you must, you can also get away with burgundy, try not to go with tan shoes or anything like
that. No sneakers, no trainers, black men’s dress shoes please. What’s really important
is that you wear over the calf socks because you never want to expose your hairy calves
to the public so make sure you get over the calf socks that ideally match your trousers
and then you’ll be just fine. If you want to add a dash of color, you could also use
socks that are slightly contrasting, maybe taking up the color of your tie but that’s
a little more advanced so it’s up to you. Make sure you have a good clean hair cut , trimmed
at the back. If you have a beard, of course you want to be well groomed and it’s all suppose
to look neat. Never wear a tuxedo when the invitation states cocktail attire because
that’s simply overdressed, it’s wrong and it’s not an option so if it says “black tie
optional”, you can wear a tuxedo but when it says “cocktail attire”, stick with a suit. Weddings are a personal thing so if you go
to an artist wedding, and he’s very colorful, of course you can add more color as well.
Just remember, this is their day. Leave the pinstripe suits at home, don’t use flashy
ties or accessories. Just keep it simple, wear your suit, be respectful, and let them
shine. If you go to a wedding that is extremely casual, don’t get all super dressed up, maybe
in that case, a blazer without neckwear and a pair of khakis is a better way to go because
again, you do not want to outshine the bride and groom. Now what you wear when it says “cocktail party”
for a “garden party” or for an actual cocktail party, if it’s in the afternoon, maybe after
work, you can certainly add more colors. If you come straight from work, maybe just bring
another tie that you can exchange that’s a little more lively and maybe a pocket square
or a boutonniere flower. Simply add that special character, you should never just show up in
your regular business suit. Always try to create a little something extra. If it’s a
cocktail party in the evening, you can wear darker suits, maybe try to go with darker
ties and have white pocket squares in darker shades. Again, no tuxedos but maybe a boutonniere
to make the whole thing pop. If it’s an event during the day like a garden party, I think
a stroller suit will be extremely nice. If you want to learn more about this garment,
check out this article. As a general rule, you should always keep
in mind that more patterns, more colors make things stand out more so ideally, if you’re
not quite comfortable yet, just start with one accent piece, either you have a bolder
color jacket or you have a strong red or yellow tie. Don’t try to mix it all together, try
to go one accent piece at a time and if you feel more comfortable, maybe you can add two
but never overdo it. Chances are, you already have the core pieces like the jacket, suit
and the shirts in your wardrobe but if you want to create a unique look with that boutonniere,
pocket square and tie, check out our selection of Fort Belvedere things, everything you see
here, is available in our shop and much more. Take a look and if you enjoyed this video
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24 Replies to “Cocktail Attire for Men – Wedding, Party & Event Dress Code Guide”

  1. In my opinion, stroller suits are seriously outdated. Go all the way and wear a morning coat or stick to lounge suits. Good video nonetheless.

  2. I feel like these dresscodes are lost by now. Like actually dressing up when going out or even when being invited to a party at a friends house. When wearing an untucked casual shirt and a pair of chinos with chukka boots makes me the "best" dressed guy in the room, something is wrong.
    Granted, I'm in my early 20s so maybe this will change over the years but I don't think I know anybody my age who knows what cocktail attire means, let alone request it on a wedding invitation.
    Especially here in Germany I feel like very little thought is put into formal attire. A cheap black suit will do, no matter the occasion.

  3. I would say a black or navy velvet sport coat and light grey tousers with black shoes looks great in cocktail party…..once it happened to me and me and my dad wore suits (i wore light grey & dad wore black) and the groom and his father was dressed up casually with blazers……many guests were also in suits……that's the cause of not writing a dress code of invitation card!! 🙂

  4. Another great video, thank you! 🙂 Have you thought about making a video about winter coats, scarves and stuff like that? It would be great to see and learn something about it, since the winter is coming..

  5. Thank you for the informative video! You were my go-to reference for a recent cocktail dinner I attended. Your videos and articles are always well researched, thorough, and crystal clear. Keep up the excellent work sir!

  6. I really appreciated the way you kept underlining the importance of not outshining the bride and the groom, and dress casually if required.
    At times, even many reasonable individuals often overlook this simple-important fact.

  7. It's quite funny that tuxedos are not recommended for cocktail attire, yet the stroller is perfectly fine for garden parties 🙂

  8. I have a invite to a wedding reception that falls on Halloween..the couple says you can wear a costume "Optional" I don't want to wear a costume but a suit..though I do have a Venetian mens Hawk mask I bought for a party in Vienna a few years ago…would this be a good option to bridge the gap between suit and costume?

  9. I am going to a wedding. I have a light grey suit with a white shirt. I would like to wear either a yellow green or purple tie . Your thoughts please as i prefer color. Thank you

  10. I like how he highlights to not outshine the bride and groom, very polite, considerate and most important gentlemanly.

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