Yo what is going on guys it is your
boy Yogge here and welcome to my first I guess really multiplayer video of the
full game of Call of Duty World War 2 so as you see we’re just chilling in the
headquarters and today you can probably tell by the title of the video this is
kind of like a how to I guess I mean I don’t really know but basically what’s
been going on is I’ve been getting a lot of questions from you guys how do you
put on the clothes that you guys you see I got you know this clothes on this
outfit or whatever you want to call it now basically this is so weird I’ve been
getting so many questions on hey how do you change your outfit do this do that
especially on my division pack video which is blown up by the way I love
every single one of the guys that have supported that video anyway like you’re
like you know what how do you even put this on cuz a lot of people don’t know
how to and so yeah a lot of people have messaging me on PSN on Twitter and on
YouTube comments oh you know what I’m just gonna make a video on it so I don’t
really have to explain it to every single person if you guys aren’t just at
it stay tuned but you already know first you gotta roll that intro alright guys
now I just want to say I’m gonna be making a lot of one or two videos I know
it’s been up for three days and I’ve only uploaded like yesterday I think it
was like a campaign video so I know I know I’m slacking but the thing is I’m
leveling up for you guys I can give you guys all the you know all the really
good tips and stuff that I know cuz you know I’m just started to use to the game
but anyways so this is super super simple this video is probably gonna be
really sure about how you change your outfit is you press options or whatever
it is on Xbox you go to your soldier and then you click on your divisions and
then you go to whatever you unlock your your your outfit for so for example you
go to your infantry right and obviously my printer guy this is him right here
so you click triangle on this and then you click the u.s. infantry for me
there’s gonna be there should be always two depending on what you get so this is
the original thing that you get the infantry and you click X and then you
can either use you know which one the other had four so I know this is kind of
really confusing but basically this is for like a US team you know so if it
says you this for the allies basically or for
example if it says French or you know anything that’s in the allies during
World War two you’re gonna be on the Allied side at anything that’s not the
Allies you’re gonna be on the German side so basically right now if I hop
into a game and I’m on the Germans team I will not be able to use the divisions
pack I’ll be using the Germans clothes which is you know the normal basic gray
one so for example if I go to my expeditionary one if I press triangle
and as you can see you have a soviet naval infantry or you have the french
medic so as you can see for the french medic i have two things for this out the
division pack expeditionary and just a normal French medic but if I go down to
the Soviet naval infantry I have the normal infantry one and I have the Tuck
– Kent I don’t know – Kent version of it so guys I think how it works is you get
a certain type of different type of colors for each of the type of clothes
that was a really bad way to explain it but basically what I unlocked was this
this a white and blue one but then I also unlock this normal one so basically
if you unlock a different version of the normal legendary version see I got an
epic and this is legendary if you unlock an epic version you automatically get
the legendary version – I’m pretty sure because i know i did not unlock this
don’t think I’ve logged is the tashkent version and I automatically got this one
as well maybe I’m trippin maybe I’m high right I don’t know but that I don’t
remember getting this one so basically that’s how you switches so for example
if we go to my so here we are on my armor if I press triangle we got the us
talker I’ve never had this one and then I got the hero of abrasion which is the
best gay talker – I have the us rivets here which I don’t remember unlocking
that but I do remember unlocking this one the US River River tier – and
obviously there’s desert rat and the divisions pack version of it so and as
you can see it says us talker so I can only use this one when I’m playing on
the Allied side so yeah basically if I was on the German side I would be using
the normal version where you know he has like that
little hat on top of his head so hey guys that’s basically how it works
here’s my depletions this is what I got from my divisions this is the normal
pair of true and it feels low real quick and then I got the divisions pack for it
it’s alright and then I got the US pilot which looks clean so see I only got the
normal version of the US plan I don’t got anything different so if I
click US pilot it just stays you guys pilot which is a legendary so yeah same
thing when my Mountain classic sports triangle on the division and then I got
the normal Canadian snipers division or I got the divisions pack 1 or I got this
u.s. 1 2 1 I don’t remember I’m locking this one but I do remember unlocking the
Indian head so I got this Indian head and then I got the normal US winter so
hey guys basically that’s it I mean that’s all you have to do this with your
costume or whatever and basically if you want to set the certain costume as
headquarters you go on your class the ones that you like the costume up for
example if I wanted this when I was just like triangle on the class and instead I
said quarter soldiers right there so guys that is it it’s that simple it’s
really not that hard you just click triangle on the division you you go into
the closet you click triangle on the little square and then you just choose
which costume you want so remember if you do get a heroic version of a certain
type of clothes you will automatically unlock the normal version of it for exam
I’m gonna I’m gonna try to explain this one more time because I feel like I
didn’t explain it better last time I basically look for example the armor
when I got the this is what I did get the best day talker but I automatically
unlocked this one so yeah I’m really bad I make you guys understand stuff but if
you guys thought of courses just drop them in the comments down below and I’ll
try my best to help you guys out but yeah guys that’s basically it it’s
really not that hard so yeah hopefully this helped you guys happy to make sure
eyes leave a like on the video subscribe and yes stay tuned a lot of videos
coming soon guys I’ll see you guys on the next one


  1. Yo how do u change division like for example if you are airbon and u want to go into Infirmary in the headquarters how do u change

  2. Are there any options for the Axis side at all?! If true this is disappointing as IMO the Germans had by far the coolest looking uniforms and kit. Are Sledgehammer being PC or some such and afraid to glorify Nazism or something?

  3. So luckyyyy all I got was the 5 supply drops on Xbox and still missing my division pack 🙁 about to check zombies if the skin is there too

  4. Anyone know why my uniform isn't appearing in the game. I got the Spader Epic uniform in a supply drop and it doesn't appear anywere!

  5. Hey bro, how do I change my gear for the Axis faction. No matter what division I pick, my outfit for the Axis power remains the same since I got the game. If you can respond to me, that would be amazing bro.

  6. How do you change your uniform to allow it to match the Axis team? Every time I play I get the default character. Please help!

  7. Kind of sucks you cant customize your Axis soldier. Would love to equip SS camos and Fallschirmjäger uniforms

  8. Kept waiting for you to tell me but you had to tell me about all the people who were asking you… so I just went to a different video.

  9. I haven’t gotten the game yet but are there German uniforms and helmets at all in multiplayer? Will I be able to wear a German uniform and helmet while playing on the axis team?

  10. I've got the pack but it won't work.
    Also, is it possible to use a different division's default outfit for your division of choice? Say….Expeditionary outfit for Infantry?

  11. So, for some reason, you've got Soviet outfits/uniforms to choose from, but not German ones…? The Soviets didn't even fight on the western front…

  12. I need help. I accidentally wore a uniform when I was looking through them and I want to take that uniform off so I can wear the default uniform but i don't know how to take the uniform off

  13. Whenever I enter a game, I cannot use my custom classes. Like I cant scroll from Standard to custom. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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