Yo what is going on guys it is your boy
Yogge here and today I’m back with another Call of Duty video for you guys
today so guys if you do not know by now the new update for Call of Duty World
War 2 game out it’s called the resistance update I believe anyways what
this update came a lot of new things new weapons new orders a lot of new things
double xp just a bunch of stuff came out but today guys what I wanted to show you
is how to change your division outfits there’s the German division outfits
basically I was getting this question asked a lot back on my other video on
how to change your outfits in the division people were asking why can’t
you change the axis side and honestly at the time I told you guys that we were
gonna get it soon but now right now and we finally have it so you guys that stay
tuned the video but first we gotta roll that intro alright guys so if we actually go to our
soldier right here and we go to the division we press triangle on it now as
you can see on the top top left it says l1 and all when it has allies this is
some of the stuff that we’ve already seen a lot you know you know all these
outfits but now we got the exercise so here it is yeah you got the default
normal German soldier I guess this is how they look like I mean I’m guessing
and yeah you can obviously look at them and restrict it to match players access
so obviously when you’re playing as axes you get to change your clothes and when
you press X on the default so you can actually choose the default or you can
choose this other one Valkyrie infantry and obviously this part of the new
resistance update as it says right there with a little knife thingy so I’m pretty
sure there’s other outfits that you can get but this is just one of them that
you can get out of supply drops I believe or you can buy I’m not sure
which one so you can either buy or get this one but basically this is I guess a
part of the costume you see I know there are other secret heroic ones that you
can also get and those are only through supply drops but these are the epic ones
these are the rarest ones I guess that you can get out of supply drops or
buying them again there are heroic outfits but right now I don’t have any
so there’s that that is pretty infantry obviously you can change them and if you
actually press X on any outfit it says uniform will appear when you are placed
on the axis side I’m multiplayer so that actually tells you right there what it’s
all really about alright guys so for the airborne you have the normal axis
paratroopers the normal looking with the black gloves and then you know the camo
looking outfit and if we go down here we got the Valkyrie paratrooper I mean you
know just different colors really is nothing that big nothing crazy but again
there are heroic ones that might look really really crazy again I don’t have
any but yeah here’s the here’s that what’s it called a paratrooper we’re
looking one alright guys so next up is mountain so obviously you got the little
green ghillie suit for the axis so they actually changed it a little bit they
actually used to look like if we got to allies Canadian sniper it was just green
and black but now they changed it to what you have like a little little mask
on your face and a helmet now instead and again there’s a Valkyrie abrasion
literally there’s only a like really small difference is really nothing to it
and now we got expeditionary again this is the one we have the little mask on
right here access panzer again here’s the default here’s a
Valkyrie version again just different like you know color schemes that they’re
really different alright guys so moving on to armored here is how they look on
the axis obviously you have the you know the normal black clothes on with a
little small helmet they actually changed how they look it’s not black and
white anymore it’s black and red any other Valkyrie version of this and it
last but not least we have resistance now this one is actually pretty
cool-looking obviously if you guys don’t know resistances of French fighters that
help the Allies so it’s kind of weird you know how you’re gonna put allies of
the Allies on the axis it makes your sense right
they actually this are they really record this when you go to look at the
outfits you got to polish underground there’s a lot of these that you can get
right here and if pressed r1 you get a completely different thing so this is
actually the axis officer so yeah I mean on infantry they’re both infantry you
got the German infantry and u.s. infantry but these are two completely
different things this is a German officer and this is a resistance fighter
so I was just cool to me on me obviously on this one you got the eyepatch with
the helmet and you actually go to the Valkyrie one and he looks different so
this one in my opinion looks really really clean so yeah guys that’s really
I just want to show you guys how you can change your division will access German
divisions outfits and called dirty World War two because I was getting that
question asked a lot on my other video so I just wanted to answer for you guys
I still have that question I know it’s kind of a little dumb stupid video but I
don’t I like making these videos and they seem to help you guys out so
hopefully guys you guys admissions if like much data you know yeah I’ll see
you guys on the next one hey it’s the niggas that kept it away
then it’s the niggas that started money like every day one is a lot of my niggas
type of like audience now we got our audience every want some money ain’t
looking for trouble where we gonna finish if you star in it and be niggas
hating so I keep it grew niggas just kissing me shit while you was in school
I was out making a me


  1. I been waiting for this moment for soooo long! For the past 3-4 months, I was equipped the same German outfit and I was so irritated. But thank you for bringing this amazing news !! 👍

  2. these outfits don't change for me. especially with the resistance division, it has me using the paratrooper outfit. and none of them change genders either.

  3. There aren't supposed to be two eagles and they aren't the correct kind. The offcer is supposed to be Wehrmacht. Wehrmacht wore their eagles over their heart and the SS wore it on their sleeve and both had different designs and only had one. This just proves laziness. It's not that hard. The infantry doesn't even have any lol

  4. These uniforms are pathetic. Let’s start with the infantry. It’s completely awful. Wehrmacht soldiers did not wear the pants or have paint on their helmets like that. That was exclusively for SS. The “officer” is also a wack show. Why does he have Wehrmacht collar tabs, but both a chest eagle and a sleeve eagle? lol wtf is that bs. You can only have 1. Not both lol. And why is the expeditionary greatcoat camouflage. That was never in production. It is however a camo the Wehrmacht used. Goddddd

  5. I kind of liked how they called the skins the Valkyrie variant, the officer version has an eye patch and it reminds me of the General Claus Stauffenberg, who wore an eyepatch and created the plot to kill Hitler, Operation Valkryie.

  6. do you guys no whos the german officer at the allies side that was a officer who wants to kill hitler in his bunker in white russia

  7. I’m trying to wear it and it doesn’t work. Is it a glitch or something I’m totally lost. I like the uniform for the resistance that eye patch is sick and the beret

  8. As a historian, I don't even know where to began with how inaccurate these uniforms are. Every thing is screwed up even the style of tunics worn. I don't know why they chose a WW1 style camouflage scheme off a M18 Stahlhelm and put it on a m42 stahlhelm. The camos on all the uniforms aren't even for the Wehrmacht, they didn't even use the Splinter pattern which the Wehrmacht actually used. Let alone the ranking and the reichsadler sleeve and breast patches, what a disgrace. This is what happens when you let butt hurt libtards design a ww2 game and let current politics affect it. I never bought this game cause I already knew how it would be. I played it once and just at the beginning of career mode I saw how inaccurate the German uniforms were. I am more than happy with sticking too Arma on the pc with the WW2 modifications at least the people who make those are accurate.

  9. The axis uniform only appears when you're playing multiplayer? Really???

    If you need someone to explain to you why this shows how cucked and trigered the developers are by history, then I don't know what to say. Good day lad.

  10. wow the closest thing to a Waffen-SS oak pattern uniform is locked behind a supply drop? I’d probably save more money and time buying a real one. But even then I cringe at how historically inaccurate these are, they literally used the Oak pattern on everything and even on jackets and tunics that you wouldn’t see them.

  11. Is this game still active? I'm about to get it on pc and I know I'm kinda late lol but idk I'm bored af an I need new shit to play.

  12. I have a problem where it’s shown I changed it in the hub but when I play during multiplayer it shows a default skin any solutions?

  13. It is a ww2 game so why hate on the germans? If you gonna make a ww2 game there should be swatsikas and other ww2 stuff. Like wtf

  14. Wait what how do u change it he didn’t really respond the question he just changed uniforms not division🤦🏽‍♂️smh

  15. They neglected German side a lot… at infantry the Dot44 Pants was only for Waffen-SS not Wehrmacht (wich ofcorse did not included to don't offend jews)….is disgusting this shit censorship…. I did reenactment for years for Waffen-SS and the "axis" uniforms from the game is not even 2% historical accurate, is disgusting and is a shame to all german heroes who fought in WW2. My grandpa was in Waffen-SS and he was a hero not a criminal…

  16. I think the resistance German Officer is based on Claus Von Stauffenberg who was a German Officer that joined the German resistance and a couple other German Officers to team up, kill Hitler, and arrest other Nazi Officials. The attempt failed which resulted in the Claus, Erwin Rommel, and the others' deaths… I recognized the eye-patch that Stauffenberg also had. Same eye too. Anyways the operation was called "Operation Walküre" or "Operation Valkyrie". (If you haven't seen the movie you should) Just an interesting thing I noticed.

  17. The Axis Resistance officer uniform is actually an homage to Clause Stauffenberg, the German officer behind the "Valkyrie" bomb plot to assassinate Hitler. Notice the eye patch.

  18. It pisses me off that they're so fucking inacurrate and you cant wear them in HQ. Besides that there arent even much compared to allies uniforms.

    And the Expidrionary shouldn't be called Axis Panzer. Panzer just means Tank

  19. Identification WW2:

    1934.Military, police and political:

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