Coffee Break: New SAF Uniform, KFC Plastic-Free, GrabShare

Coffee Break: New SAF Uniform, KFC Plastic-Free, GrabShare

Hi welcome to coffee break it is a new segment where we talk about news and other current topics in Singapore and around the world I am not a chicken! It’s an SAF admin tee I am guessing that the topic is about the new SAF uniform Good guess Is it your topic? Indeed it is The Singapore Armed Forces has a new hybrid uniform It is engineered to help troopers combat the heat The middle part is like a tshirt then the sleeves look like normal Anybody here haven’t seen it before? When you say middle part polo tee, my brain is just like what? Cause I’m imagining polo tee and… Yes it is exactly like that
– Your imagination is on point It looks like a hipster shirt It’s like ASOS that kind where nobody would buy You would find this on Paris Fashion Week The reason behind this uniform is because that there has been a lot of cases with heat injuries in the past couple of years This hybrid uniform is used for outfield exercises so that you’re not so hot There has been a lot of criticism, one because of the way it looks and two people are comparing between now and then I got a question, the pixelated uniform is designed by Singaporeans right? Yes by SAT It’s the same group that made this? They say they researched this since 2011 No wonder so outdated lah Apparently a lot of militaries around the world use this, US they also have one Can we see it? The sleeves and the inside part are different materials I guess it keeps the vital parts breathable It looks the same eh actually The reason why the torso is the tshirt is because you wear your LBV over it What’s LBV? Load Bearing Vest where you put your magazine, your night snack.. Handphone… Feeling a bit bored There’s an online argument saying that people pass away because of training accidents and stuff like that But when SAF take active steps to do something about it you all make noise as if they’re stupid I think in general it’s just that we’re not very good with change Our first reaction is to always be a little bit negative but after awhile we just get used to it And it’s better for them anyway The last time something like this happened was when there was a photo during BMT training and they were on the parade square lying on yoga mats doing situps people were like “Last time my time don’t have yoga mats” I think their argument is the most outdated argument of all If you want to compare last time and now then we also a bit weak what we getting more and more frail
-It’s adaptation I’ve seen the evolution of the uniform since the start When I entered the army we were already getting the pixelated uniform which is a lot more cooling, a lot lighter and a lot easier to maintain than the previous one I understand this design because the previous LBV was a singlet there were no heat issues but when they changed to the new one, I understand why would they choose to do this la I feel like aesthetic is the least of their problems when it comes to something like this It’s to help them what The enemy look at you then they laugh
– That’s not what I meant but sure I feel like when you’re on the field right, fashion is the least of your worries You wouldn’t even care how this looks like OMG I don’t wanna fight anymore! The real problem with this uniform is can see nipple That’s like a first world problem Might be a hazardous thing because they might aim the nipple But you’re wearing the LBV Those who have a case about fashion right No I will not
– Then the next uniform will have two holes Oh it’s a duck Omg it’s so cute Are we talking about pot?
– What kind of pot are you talking about? Turns out we’re talking about …. Chickens as in KFC? as in Recycling? Go Green Chicken! All KFC Outlets in singapore has phased out plastic straws and plastic covers Is it already implemented?
– Ya it is do any of you own metal straws I think it’s damn dirty how do you wash the inside?
– Inside confirm dirty one Now it’s like a trend thing My friends bring bubbletea straws. So one for bubbletea and one for normal drinks Theres a social enterprise, it’s called Seastainable they sustaining … to take care of the marine life i thought it’s S-I-S They manufacture metal straws right and it’s actually pretty cheap one set is $7.50 If you want the nicer looking one it’s $10 but think about it you can use it for a certain period of time and it comes with 2 straws and a pipe cleaner Isn’t it dangerous? I can use a metal straw to stab somebody in the neck It’s a weapon eh Have you ever tried stabbing a metal straw into a plastic cup? Can I see what a metal straw looks like It doesn’t have the point I’m shooked by the pipe cleaner cause I’ve never thought of using that I had a metal straw and I didn’t know how to clean I put hot water in a cup and I sucked until the tip, not letting it touch my mouth to sterilize the insides But do you guys actually recycle? unfortunately I don’t and I’m glad that the metal straw is becoming a trend because it’s trendy and people will follow then subconsciously it will produce this positive effect Do you remember the point in your primary school life where everybody graduated from using the ice mountain bottles? to like the tupperware kind? or like the nalgene last time we all buy Ice Mountain from the provision shop then you have the “giap giap” where you can sling Some more the strap always damn smelly one Even these days people buy those kid cups to get their coffee and places like Starbucks have their own tumblers you kind of get into the recycling mindset without thinking Joyce has been using this same bag and straw Plastic, plastic all! She always bring the same plastic bag to the uncle recently in london right, I realise in McDonalds, they use paper straws Paper straw lousy sia when you drink then the straw bends I’ve never seen a paper straw before It’s like cardboard like that Apparently alot of places use it I understand the rationale behind it – paper straws can biodegrade lah It’s the same like how the boxes now they change disposable cups made of corn Have you seen edible cutlery? some guy made out of like biscuits or something in India, right? you drink the soup finish then you eat the spoon I don’t think it’s a big deal I mean of course you have little considerations the strawmakers – then they no more job If i was KOI i would sell those in rose gold or whatever shade right then all the basic bitches will be like “AAH its so cool” Next thing you see Joyce “Can I have one” I think people just use it because it’s convenient we can live without it right but we just use cause convenient to like – drink don’t want to spill … Then i go buy fruit juice for the parents then they scolded me sia because I gave her the straw then she say “No! I haven’t used a straw for the past 30 years or something like that then i said “If you want, I can go back and return the straw ..” that’s very surprising eh Our generation is generally more conscious The other day I went to eat Zi Char with my mom right, then the straw She got one straw she took then there’s another straw on the table, actually she don’t need one but she took it also So her cup got two straws.
– So she drink faster lah? because she don’t want to waste the straw then my sister asked “Why must you use two straws ” then she say “Huh, just poke lor” Actually it’s not just the straws, KFC has been phasing out alot of these In Philippines Jollibee, if a lot of people eat in right, they will give metal fork and spoon and the plates are all reusable You know sometimes they give you the basket it’s the reusable kind like MOS Burgers and KFC is doing it also I think these kind of green efforts has been a long time coming people have been neglecting the world enough that everyday feels like a fever and then there’s the London marathon 21 degrees celcius HEATWAVE 1 thousand tonnes right is maybe equivalent to 2 and a half T-Rexes they say 2 T-rexes worth of plastic Imagine a dinosaur, imagine 2! That’s how much plastic you are using But I think you know when we all dabao food like the plastic bag and styrofoam box. Actually if all of us combined
– It’s quite insane I remember the office tried to do like a reduce plastic so we brought our own containers Apparently it was super effective Like we really never use plastics then they give you the paper bag then they put it in a plastic bag actually you can just carry it The styrofoam box put inside plastic bag
– Then the chilli got plastic Then plastic spoon! In McDonalds they give you the paper bag then some people will ask for a plastic bag to carry the paper bag Cause the paper bag no handle
– No, they got handle paper bag If you upsize then you can get
– You must buy 2 meals Anyway, I think this is a good move I think its just about us adapting to change, for example you talk about putting the chilli in the plastic bag to me is that we’re just used to that and nobody bothers to change it people are trying to change it is a very good thing la it will truly change if it starts to spread to the hawker centres stop using disposable stuff
– That would be dope, man. I think it’s even better that it’s KFC because normally it’s those Indie businesses its very rare to see a large player pledge to something Says Joyce as she drinks from a plastic straw in a plastic bag KFC don’t sponsor her – sponsor us! It’s a car! It’s a volkswagen okay shut up you wanna guess what’s the topic Eh I heard GrabCar … The headline is GrabShare service removed during wee hours because of unruly passengers Are you guys aware of this? Now between 1-5AM right, GrabShare is not available But until i met a drunk passenger at night right, then I never use already I never use grabshare because I never want to be with strangers Sometimes its really significantly cheaper The whole idea is that these drunk passengers npot only cause disruption to other passengers It’s also quite distracting for the driver to have to make sure that everybody is comfortable when their first priority should be driving So my first question is – have you ever encountered any nasty passengers using GrabShare? I was at the back, he entered at the front and he was damn drunk and noisy then I was like, he was distracting to the driver lah cause like i also scared ma so i had to put on my seatbelt that’s terrible He was damn noisy then he was shouting in the car that kind like omg so irritating I just wanna go home and rest then got this guy, then my trip longer somemore He still drop first? I think better to drop first Like if can drop on highway just drop him There are also a lot of videos where the Grab/Uber drivers arrive then there are people jumping on to the car No la that was just the 3 guys I mean i totally see where the “unruly” during this time comes from lah It’s not just for the safety of the other passengers but we often forget how it is unsafe for the drivers themselves Because they are the main person to deal with the fault Ya it’s kind of like their business Some more if the person vomit then like damn gross sia If that one what’s the difference between that and a normal grab to me is like even if its a normal cab and not a share it’s still screwed up for the driver Imagine another person vomit you’ll be damn irritated like omg now I have to wait for them to help clean up this guy i think there’s no way to prevent one unruly passenger in one private hire car be it a taxi or whatever but being a shared situation right, this risky or annoying situation will affect another passenger got another question, the fact that they have to disable this thing, do you think that the app’s review system is ineffective? Because i find that the review culture is just non-existent You mean like the ratings Like nobody ever uses that to whether they should pick up a passenger When passengers want to complain, then they will review They want to condemn this drunkard like one week drunk 3 times Cannot take grab for one week The complain is that its unfair for the people who are well behaved But too bad la if you all want a few people who dont behave properly then dont take it lah But I feel like if there’s a better reviews system, maybe there isn’t a need for a complete removal of the service Like if you drop below 3 star out of 5 then you cannot book grab for a week I think that makes sense, that’s fair so it’s more of an individual punishment la not a blanket Like we see 1-5AM we think its after we drink and party but actually there are people who really need it like maybe they have shiftwork or something Like these are the people who have to bear the full cost of the drunkards And some passengers are just unruly regardless whether or not they’re drunk So instead of a ban it can be like a blacklisting system We’re basically a consultancy firm now ~ GRAB COFFEE BREAK SOLUTIONS ~ Okay thanks guys for watching the first episode of Coffee Break Do let us know in the comments below if there are other topics you want us to talk about and if you enjoy this segment! if not don’t forget to like, share and subscribe and watch our other videos over there and we will see you in the next episode!

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  1. Hi guys! This is our new segment where we talk about trending news and topics!
    Here are today's topics:
    The New SAF uniform (0:30), KFC plastic free initiative (5:57), ceasing of GrabShare operation from 1am-5am (14:40).

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    In order to recycle it, there is additional steps to make to separate the plastic and the paper, it costs a lot higher so it's not usually done. So they go to the sea just like plastic.

    In fact, to produce paper cups/plates, it requires 5 more times of water in the process. So it's still wasting water.

    Just bring your own container, bottle and utensils ๐Ÿ™‚ that's the best way

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