Collective Haul Zaful, Wish, AliExpress | Clothes + Tech

Collective Haul Zaful, Wish, AliExpress | Clothes + Tech

hi guys this time I have another haul but this is a very random collective haul from wish Aliexpress saw fool and some random website and there's a lot here I also have some thanks from eBay and I think we're just gonna jump right in because I do have white a lot I think we're going to start out with the most exciting items and then we can do all the other stuff that's end so for those of you who are just here for the clothes in the shoes you can stick around for this this is a workout types and this was one of those like you know how you get sometimes on Instagram stuff you get like oh get this for free pay shipping and kind of thing so I bought one just to see what it's like and first impression it's tiny but I just thought it was so cool it has all of this like cartoony print on it and then it has one colorful like a one gray leg and I just thought it was really cool so it has a wide waistband but the actual it's just here the actual like band inside so it looks wide but it's not it is very thin but it feels very comfy and this like stitching is so raggedy like I don't know how well you can actually see that but these stitching is like it's it's not stitched flat so it does not look good I think the shipping was like fourteen dollars the other one is better and it's at the bottom so I don't know if you can actually like if you would notice I do think this would definitely go see through very quickly though if you stretch this out it goes white and I will definitely stretch this out which for workout pants it's not a good plan I'm gonna try it on see what it's like because yeah this is not worth $14 so I wanted to try it and see what it was like so you don't have to all right the tights I mean when I'm just standing like this they look fine but the problem is that they are even reach up to my belly button who wears tights this low to work out like there is just no room for anything like this is this is my actual like pennies this top black part right here this is where the tights end like they barely cover my butt crack and I don't remember if I got a size 1x or 2x but like it's not necessarily the tights either it just it doesn't fit right so this is a no-go for me obviously I probably can't complain to the company where I bought it from but I can definitely just not wear it so yes no thanks this one it's from South Pole and this is just a bikini that I really wanted to try and the shipping was pretty inexpensive so I decided to just go for it and it's a rainbow bikini it is so cute so let's do the top first so this is the top it kind of looks just like a t-shirt and then there is padding in here and there is a hole to take it out if you don't want it in there which I very rarely do it does look like it will be a little bit loose down there and that's not as you can take this out it seems like if you want to but I just thought this was really cute and it does seem like it will fit me I'm more curious about the bottoms but I was fine with this the top fitting when I got it because it sold us a set I won't be able to make both the bottoms and the tops fit me so this is the bottom in the image this was the other way around so the was at the bottom like right down here and then it went back up so that it was like an alternating but I guess they didn't want to do that anyway or they just use the piece of fabric that's next I don't know it does look you're really high-waisted which is nice and it feels really nice and tight I'm excited to see how it fits this is it 2x this is how it looks on the website when it was like this way around so I don't know if maybe they just sew the tag on wrong or whatever but I honestly don't mind that because I think the red down there is kind of not the greatest placement so I don't mind and there's also some ruching here so you can Roush this up over your belly so I'm gonna try this on to see how it fits this bottom might be a little bit tight but I will at least try on the top and see what it is like and it does feel a good quality and it is double lined which is nice alright here is the swimsuit it actually does hit me on the bottom too which is cool maybe a little bit tight but nothing at all too bad I haven't taken the pads out yet with this one I actually don't mind them because you can't see where they are although it's pretty there like right here where the yellow is like right here but I think this one is cute it feels really nice and comfy and yeah it feels like a bikini it's a little bit big like right here which for some reason they always are I just I guess I just have a a smaller waist than I should have according to my size I think this one little thing should be a little bit big bigger because it doesn't really add anything it just hangs there and this is also long enough that you can't I can it goes to my waist so I can wear this with a high-waisted pant or a high-waisted skirt or something excuse this black part is my panties because I always keep ah when I'm trying on things but I do like the bikini it looks really cute and I will definitely be wearing it this is a dress this is from Aliexpress this was supposed to be a part of my I wanted to do a video with trying $5 dresses from Aliexpress so I ordered 7 dresses and this one is the only one that showed up all the other ones got lost somehow they were from three different sellers so there was this one from one seller one for another and five from a different seller and none of them ever showed up so this is in a size 2 extra 2x I can tell you right away that this is not worth 5 dollars because this is terrible it feels like I'm holding up a tablecloth actually it looks like it too like this is ya know so this is a joke so it has a zip in what world is the set of good quality when the dress is not this is a good set which I did not expect and you can't open this like all the way down if you wanted to it feels like a tablecloth or tent or something don't buy five-dollar dresses from Aliexpress I think is what we learned these are from Aliexpress this is what it looks like I don't know how well you can see that but it has a pentagram on the on the foot and then these two bands that you put into these little what are they called buckles there's also this little sip at the back so that you can easily put your foot in there and they are pretty tall but they do have a really large platform I haven't worn these out yet but I am very excited to do so they just look so cute and here they are side by side Marius I think thought they were a little bit too chunky to pierce these are from a company and I will be reviewing these or using them in a video these just say wake up and makeup and these are magnetic lashes so I'm hoping to maybe have this video out sometime next week but I kind of feel like I do need to make some proper makeup if I'm going to be wearing falsies so and like maybe do something other than just go to work so it comes in the box with some black tissue paper and then in a box and then the actual box and then it comes with some instructions to put on the eyelashes with so this is the dramatic lash I actually asked for the waist piece but I don't know and then they come in this little box with this little plastic cover and then they just look like this so you have the actual lashes and the under lash that you used to like click them in place and they had a lot of reviews on there too which was cool and I really hope these work because how crazy would that be I also really want to try the you know the ones on Instagram with the eyeliner so you put on the eyeliner which is magnetic and then you put the I like the eyelash will like stick to the to the eyeliner I really want to try that to you but it's like 70 bucks which I just I'm not paying that I have several like sticky brows because I want to make a video help to see how they work with a bigger chest and I by no means have like a huge chest but I just I just want to try them out so I have several different ones I have these ones and they have this some strips that you placed like on the side where your bra strap would go this is in a size BD and this is another one this box came completely moist but the broad just looks like this and this is AC / D bra size and this one does not have any holes for your nipples or anything like that and it's been bent so it's a little bit like so I just I honestly just can't imagine this really working with my chest but I don't know I guess we'll find out at some point and then I have these little silicone patches that you like dried up like this and then you attach them to your like your chest up here so yeah please don't say a size on them so I think these were available in two dimensions and not in sizes I think there were eight centimeters and 10 senators and I do believe I got 10 this is what it looks like so this an AC which I'm sure that's the biggest color or not the biggest color right yeah so it just looks like this and it has room for your nipples all the way up here so I'm assuming you're supposed to put this like this really can't see that and then on the other side and then clamp it together so that it's like stuff like this and then this looks like one of those little like a mini version of the back of your bikini so we have this and I think there's supposed to be another but I don't know where it is I have this little luggage tag with stitch on it and it's just so cute and also from how they express I got this light so this is a ring light and I do need power to turn it on has a little USB cord that you plug into whatever you can plug it into a computer or a wall outlet you can plug it into a power bank which I tried so I'm gonna get that so that we can I can show you how bright it is all right so this power outlet has two different strengths and the ports so I tried it with the Ute 1 a 1 amp and it didn't work so you're gonna have to use the 2.4 if you have that and this is 5 volts so we have this and you have this little remote I guess so it has a on button you can switch the light setting like how warm it is and then you can tune it up up and down so and I want to find some way to place it like around my camera like this so I think that will look good so that is that which I am very happy with so far I haven't actually filmed with it yet but it seems really nice and I think it was like 20 maybe 25 dollars which is absolutely worth and it came packaged really well in like a plastic bag with a paper box inside and some like foam around it and it seemed really well packaged how another little random thing I think this is just some nail decorations because I haven't done my nails and so on and they're all breaking apart this is just what this is if you can even see that it's just these little rose gold little decorations that you can put on your nails they're like little balls and lips and shells and moons and flowers and Spears and feathers so just before I want to do something a little bit extra I can use that oh I got these this is like a 10 pack of little paper masks so their little face masks that you have to get wet until you can use them and I thought these would be cool if I like want to use my toner as a mask because I have a tea – tea tree face toner which is great for imperfections and all that so when I'm breaking out I can put some of that on one of these and then use that as a face mask like a sheet mask this was very inexpensive and I just thought it would be nice to have if I wanted to make some sheet masks myself and then I do think the rest of the things are like more tech things so for a little while wish did free gifts if you bought things for over 200 Norwegian filament and this is one of the gifts that I got so it's basically a little stand that you can click onto your phone I put some batteries in it so it has number like three settings so this is number one number two and number three and it is actually quite bright which is nice and this was like I'm a gift from wish when I bought over a certain amount I also got some little wireless earphones so they come in this little case and they just look like this and these are true Wireless and they do connect to bluetooth I have tried them with my phone and the case is a charger case and it comes with a little charging cord and some English manual and it came in this little box and this box says topology topology net help X apology net apology service at Facebook Ads apology please contact us if you have any needs or problems the first time I had to like re I had to pair these two together what she was supposed to have been done already but I guess mine didn't work properly and it came with three different little tabs or silicone things that you can put off the bottom here I changed mine out from the middle the ones that were on there to the big ones and this was like two hundred Norwegian krone that I think maybe plus a little bit shipping and this works fine I just didn't want to buy the Galaxy buds or whatever fancy things are out there that cost a fortune and then we have some tripod things I got this little monopod and tripod thing from I think it was from Aliexpress and you basically just flip the legs out like this and then it can sit on your desk or whatever and then you use the little button on the side to flick this up and down and then it also came with this little phone stand that you can screw on at the top right here if you want to use it for a phone and not from it for a actual camera so you can just place your phone in between here and this worked fine I used this when I was filming the workout session from my workout or what I eat in a day video and then I have another thing in here this is also some tripod accessory I guess and this is also for a phone so this is just a little stand that like this and it has the screw on whatever measurement this little thing is that you can use for a regular tripod and then you can just flip this around which way you want to have your phone and I just thought it was nice to have sometimes I like to film with my phone instead of a proper camera and having the right equipment is definitely making that a lot easier and then I got this little three pack which has a tripod another one of these like phone thingies and it has a little remote I had a tripod like this and I kind of a little bit broke on me so I just got a new one and it's just a really plain it's one of those like trying to be a gorilla pod it kind of things that you can bend around and if you're just using your phone I'm sure this would be strong enough to hold you up if you're using a proper camera it probably wouldn't be but yeah this is again just a convenience and these were so inexpensive I think all the tripods were like between a dollar maybe five I think this was the most expensive thing because it also came with the remote the remote you could also buy purchased separately something's definitely lives in here it seems it's the button and this has two buttons so it has the top one is for iOS devices and the bottom one is for Android devices I don't know how they wouldn't able to make one dot fit both so I ordered another one of these ones which is this exact same thing I guess that was the video for this time around I do hope you enjoyed it please give me a big like down below subscribe if you haven't done so already remember to enter my giveaway I am keeping it open until Sunday this week if you're seeing this video on the day that it comes out and you haven't entered my giveaway for a purple jacket in my Rose gal Hall definitely go in there and do so it will be closed by Sunday night so check it out I will also yeah I'll see you guys in my next video have a good one that was so awkward bye

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  1. The stick on bras are a good idea, but you get no support. There good if you have a small chest, but not if you have bigger then a b/c cup. I'm a D and my girls need some support πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

  2. Can't wait for the video on the stick bras! Also, are you able to send a link for the ring light? Or is there anything special to search other than ring light?

  3. Them leggings are sooo cool. I want a pair like that now and that bikini. Ugh. Yaaassss. Id wear the top for a top lol super cute. That dress you could just use as a cardigan kinda thing annnd i hope them bras work. Pretty hit haul i think. I love that you added random things to it too like the light and ear buds.

  4. I was actually curious about that bikini when I saw it on Zaful πŸ˜„ I like that tank top style.
    And the ring light looks intetesting, I'm looking for one which isn't too expensive, I had one from wish but it broke pretty quickly.
    I didn't really get how you attach it to the camera/tripod, though.

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