Columbia Sportswear | Omni-Freeze™ ZERO Fabric Technology

Columbia Sportswear | Omni-Freeze™ ZERO Fabric Technology

a free zero is the industry’s leading cooling technology and is the latest innovation in Colombia’s commitment to keeping it cool the Omni freeze zero blue rings concentrate a cooling agent close to your skin and capitalize on your sweat to lower the overall temperature of the fabric accelerate the wicking process and provide an instant in prolonged cooling this sweat activated cooling technology is our coolest invention yet it’s how hot people stay cool

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  1. Sounds like Omni-Freeze ZERO's blue rings contain a poly(acrylic acid) compound.  The most likely candidates are sodium polyacrylate and/or polyacrylamide; both of which find use in industrial water treatment.  Is there a MSDS for Omni-Freeze ZERO?

  2. The tech is good. Now we need to see better styling in men's shirts like the Columbia from back in the 90s.

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