comment durer plus longtemps sur votre compagne

comment durer plus longtemps sur votre compagne

we change the rifle, as you could see it in the title on
is going to talk about something that concerns so much men than women, the out of my
interviews with many women they have always been full of the fact that
even before the match starts the center forward was already kO,
and even men who want to satisfy their wives as long as the latter
want it but can not do it. you know my loves, as far as
the intimate relationships, from what I have could see during my personal experience,
or on the forums And even conversations around me, the
Men have two main concerns to the woman.
PREMIERE is obviously the size of their Papitou, this question turlipine a lot
men, before he goes with a girl , they often ask themselves
What she will think, if her stick of command is big enough for her usw
AND SECOND IS the question of not enough last a long time in bed.Although you know that
I wish a lot to you all who encourage me , so I did some research for
you, let’s examine together some techniques and tips for making love a long time
, to be able to last longer at bed and delay ejaculation. But before if you want to know
the best home remedies, to always receive
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me know in the comments for that I put you a heart. Roof first my loves you must you
ask the question of who this is that you say you will not last long, because
every woman has her timing and that’s according to your partner
that you feel pretty early or not in your reports, because I can assure you
with accuracy that even the Terminator man who want long enough on the woman without
to enjoy is not really the fantasy of women I know something my loves
if your partner has already done a notice about it so tell me in comment. I draw your attention
on a fact, a woman will always prefer a man who comes in a normal way
that a man who fights for hours without coming, it’s very vexing and
very annoying.Simply make love to me depends a lot on the partner you
have in front from you.
what often counts for a woman is intimacy, connection; the sensuality
and the feeling of affection that you give him testify in a report, but not necessarily
the duration of the action.So if want to hold for a long time at lt it does not depend only on
you but your partner has a say because by dint of wanting to keep you
forget to concentrate to do well work;
Now my loves are giving way to some advice;
You must always kiss your partner to exite more, believe it or not
, women will start to evaluate your sexual accounting from the first kiss
, I explain my loves, there is nothing like a kiss so sensual to excite
your companion and reassure her that you are going to be a good lover, stop doing sex
and make love ,, it’s normal that if you get up you run you jump you leave only
go in there in it’s normal that the while your partner is wondering what
pass that you’re already going to to dress, my loves, the kiss is an act
Seduction, the more you seduce her more give him pleasure. I will tell you today why you
Feel like being fast in bed because you do not have your
Wife enough, and that’s how it is that she has the impression that you have been
early and this even if you last on it, everything is a questionne perception, you will see
only when you have sufficiently demanded it you will have settled a good part of your
problems of precocity, simply because she herself will want you and that’s
like that if you come then nobody from you two will not drool that one was fast
or slow. Another thing do not be selfish with vote
wife, play on speed, act and the depth, so you will observe that you
even your mind will not only be frozen on the climax. Another thing, if you want to last longer
so avoid early the positions the most stimulating ones that excite you
too much, at least at the beginning of the act, it’s quite logical, instead of focusing
on the too fast rise of your excitement, focus you rather on his pleasure to
she, take care of her, do not think at the end of the tunnel, think of her because the
women generally like to feel dominated in bed, the more you focus on it
, the longer you lengthen your performance watching her dive into happiness; Last thing, if you feel that the situation escapes you too quickly, so
stop the report and make him a

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  1. Bonjour coach. Excusez ma question qui est hors du contexte mais je me sens vraiment gênée. Comment faire lorsqu'on a l'impression de ne plus avoir de sentiments qu'il soit fraternel,maternel,amical, me sens indifférent face à tout.j'ai comme l'impression que mon cœur ne fait aucune sensation face à beaucoup de situation .merci pour vos conseils.

  2. mama,les hommes là croient souvent que nous sommes des objets.l'autre là m'a déjà dépassé. j'ai jamais compris cette façon de faire des hommes. merci coatch

  3. C est ça qui es la vérité ML coach . Mais stp donne nous aussi les femme qu on doit essayé après les conseils

  4. Merci coach tu es très formidable.tu as de très bon.conseils que le Seigneur te protège toi et ta famille

  5. Mercier marie leonie coach,c'est vraiment vrai ce que tu dis,les homme là nous prennent pour des quoi mêmes?

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