22 Replies to “Communication-The Cardigans.wmv”

  1. Despite the passing years, I'm still in love with this song… Love & light from chilly Florianópolis, Brazil.

  2. why the fuck this song is so sad;( im here from a movie and guess what, it was a movie bout football and a death of certain footballer…

  3. A guitar becomes a vintage, which must be cherish and well-picked. I do really want to visit the small and sustainable guitar company, and choose a personal distinctive guitar.
    The Vow is much a good movie that I start to think about how to cherish the special and uncertain relationship with you. If all the memory was gone, but I am still alive, what would you do to tell me the unspeakable language?
    So I disconnect tonight.

  4. And I saw you
    But that's not an invitation
    That's all I get
    If this is communication
    I disconnect
    I've seen you, I know you
    But I don't know
    How to connect, so I disconnect

    You always seem to know where to find me and I'm still here behind you
    In the corner of your eye.
    I'll never really learn how the love you
    But I know that I love you through the hole in the sky.

  5. beautiful
    go nina…………
    you are heaven on earth, nina.
    i would love to see the cardigans live.

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