Complete the Look: Printing Team Uniform Packages

Complete the Look: Printing Team Uniform Packages

I’m Courtney Kubitza with Stahls’. If
you’re printing team uniforms for your local schools this fall then you’re likely thinking of the
basics or the essentials. So you’re printing your team jerseys and you may be adding pants, socks are even cleats to make it
easy for your teams but if you’re doing that and stopping
there, you’re still leaving money on the table. In this video we’re going to show you how
you can increase the revenue per team that you’re making by printing more items and packaging
them together such as warm-ups, performance wear, bags and more. Printing performance wear with your heat press is easy. We’re going to take these items over to the heat press, show you how to print them and then we’ll talk about how to package
them and sell them together. Let’s head over to the press. So the first item in our package is going
to just be a 100 percent polyester performance dry fit tee. This garment’s been purchased by SanMar and has a nice heathered look which is really popular this fall for sports and athletics. For printing
these items we are going to be using CAD-CUT® Premium Plus™. Premium Plus™ applies at a lower
temperature down to two hundred and eighty degrees that’s going to allow me to eliminate any type of scorch marking or issues I might have
with printing performance wear. Once I have my garment preheated, I can
load my transfer on and then apply for the recommended
application at 280 degrees. Premium Plus™ is a cool peel so we’ll give it a few seconds to cool down and then we can peel the carrier back. For our next item we’re gonna move to warm-ups. We’re gonna be printing a hooded
sweatshirt so I’m going to need to switch out my bottom platen to get an accurate pressure. Since I’m using the Hotronix® Fusion™ I’m just gonna undo the gold knob there. Lift out my platen and I can drop in a new one. This is an 11 by 15 platen which allows me to rotate it either landscape or portrait so the
landscape position makes it perfect for the hooded sweatshirt. Now I can easily load my sweatshirt on and I’ll get a flat print area for my performance wear applications. Preheat to get rid of any moisture or wrinkles and
also adjust my pressure as needed. Then I’m going to line up my Premium Plus™ transfer. Again I’m using CAD-CUT® Premium Plus™ for this. It not only has that low temperature solution for performance wear, it’s going to give me a nice high
stretch version as well Give that a few seconds to cool down and
peel my carrier back once it’s cooled down a little bit. Again if you’re looking to print any kind
of compression fabrics as well for your packages or have a high stretch
performance wear, Premium Plus™ has a nice stretch and
rebound that makes it perfect for these applications. For our final item we’re going to be
printing a cinch bag. This is just a 100 percent polyester bag
has been ordered by SanMar as well. Gonna rotate my 11 by 15 platen to fit the cinch bag perfectly and I can load
this on. Once I have my print area loaded I can preheat to get some of the
moisture and wrinkles out and then apply my Premium Plus™ transfer. Give that a few seconds to cool down peel back the carrier and we have a completed bag as well. Now that we’ve printed these items let’s talk about ways that we can package them and sell them together to make more money per team. The key is packaging. You want to make
sure to create packages that allow you to make more profit off of every player or team that you’re printing for but also provide value to the customer that you’re printing for. So offer three different levels of packages
to your customers. The first one may be your team
uniform along with a pair of pants and maybe a pair of socks; the basic package. The next packet you
may start to add in some of the performance wear items like a warm-up or a performance wear t-shirt. That might
be your premium package. The last package would be an elite
package. Offer a high-end package that offers all these items that we’ve shown you here
today and more to create a package for your
customer that provides them value. Once you package together all of these
items, offer an additional discount to your customers for buying them at a package
price. One example would be to offer all of this
at 15 or 20 percent discount to your customers by buying it all in a package instead of
individual items. Make sure to represent that pricing and
that savings to them in their sales sheets and in their marketing fliers so they can see
the value that you’re providing to them. If you’re looking for more information
on CAD-CUT® Premium Plus™ to begin printing performance wear you can visit us at
Thanks for watching!

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  1. Thanks CADCUTDirect, I have now had to purchase over 300$ worth of uniforms over the last few years thanks to your marketing techniques and I fear the worst is yet to come.

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