Concealed Carry Draw: Clearing Your Garment | Geauga Firearms Academy

Concealed Carry Draw: Clearing Your Garment | Geauga Firearms Academy

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  1. You gun should never be depressed while you scan. The barrel should be like your third always pointing where your looking

  2. hey neil I know you run a springfield xdm. what holster is that? I'm running a springfield xds with a streamlight tlr3 and I can't get anybody to build me a holster that accommodates my tac light…..

  3. One thing I've noticed is how easily your slide racks, is that familiarity? Practice? Hand strength ? Or slide lubrication?

  4. I use both methods so just in case if I can't use one I can always use the other I think it's great that scene the method you teach and how it makes sense good stuff brother I think you should do both just in so you can grab your firearm one hand but great video man

  5. I was glad to get a clear look at how you raised your shirt hem with your right hand and immediately pinned it up high on your body to allow an unobstructed and proper grip on your pistol. I was using a technique someone else demonstrated using the thumb under the garment to slide it up out of the way and then quickly reach for the pistol with the firing hand without using the off hand to pin the shirt in place. The technique you demonstrated is most useful and efficient.

    Thank you for giving such a good camera angle that it is possible to see exactly what you are doing so we can imitate it.

  6. Neil, now its getting cooler gonna try this technique at the RANGE. took your advice on stippling, seen a couple of vids, got a one of a kind XDM and the grip feels great! Thanks for what you do…

  7. As always, great instruction. Can you give some insight on what you're doing with your left hand and the thumbs touching maneuver while you're scanning and assessing? Always wanted to know. Thanks again!

  8. I think it was a very good demonstration of what to do. I would have liked to see that last draw and fire in one take, though, vice pieced together. It is not a failing on your part. It is not that easy to do. People should know it takes practice, practice, practice to pull it off smoothly. Thank you for the video, sir.

  9. Thanks for these videos. They are very helpful, and I am able to pass them on to the new people I know getting into shooting.

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