22 Replies to “COSTUME CHALLENGE 2015 w/ HANNAH HART & MAMRIE HART // Grace Helbig”

  1. If I’m judging, I will allocate 3 points to the best, 2 points to 2nd, and then 1 point to 3rd

    In Round 1, I award Hannah the 3 points. Grace gets the 2 points as I believe Mamrie was disqualified as the straw in the box was not an item.
    In Round 2, Mamrie absolutely gets the 3 points without doubt, Hannah gets the 2 points, And Grace gets the 1 point.
    In Round 3, Grace receives the 3 points, Mamrie gets the 2 parts, and Hannah gets the one point.

    All three got 6 points in total and therefore they all won

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