Costume of the Thugs | Making of Thugs Of Hindostan | Chapter 5 | Amitabh Bachchan | Aamir Khan

Costume of the Thugs | Making of Thugs Of Hindostan | Chapter 5 | Amitabh Bachchan | Aamir Khan

The look of the character is very
important in this film. The costume plays an integral role. To transport the audience
into the 1800’s. We actually started living
and breathing the 1800’s. The costume of each person
is crucial to their look. Whether it’s Khudabaksh,
Firangi, Suraiyya or Zafira. For Firangi we figured that
other than the dhoti… …everything else he’s robbed
from somewhere. The jacket is somebody’s he’s flicked. He’s got small things hanging around
like small little binoculars. He’s got a pouch with water in it. He’s got a whole lot of things he
carries with him. He’s got a pouch. Our brief for Khudabaksh was
a warrior who’s a farmer at heart. The costume designers
have gone through… …a huge process of labour
and research to design something. This character has very
contrasting personalities. Our layers spoke that through costume. The layers we’ve given under
the kurta and dhoti… …are very farmer like. The kurta has a cotton and linen rib
with a muslin lining… …to give it that softness. On top of that we’ve given
the hard armour… …which gives it the fierceness
of the warrior. A lot of the sequences in the armour
were shot in rain. The leather used to soak
in the water… …and it became as heavy as
wearing a metal outfit. It was cumbersome but
in the interest of the film… …and character one had to wear it. Zafira was one of the most
challenging characters for us. We found fabrics that we thought
described Zafira. We got her in and made her
stand like a mannequin. We draped fabrics on her
for 5 to 6 hours. Even with the armour we had
to keep her frame in mind… …and design the armour
with flattered her… …but yet made her look very strong. One of the interesting things
she has as part of her armour… …is the archery glove. It is designed so that
one can do better archery. I could have never imagined… …playing Zafira would be difficult
because of the hair. Sitting for 3 hours every morning… …before the shoot is quite a pain. Kudos to them that they imagined me
as something… …completely different
and managed to achieve it. Suraiyya is an extremely
layered character. You always see her as a siren
but in the end… …the reveal shows that there
is a revolution inside her too. So it was very interesting
for us to show… …these two layers of her character
in the costume. What we all wanted
for the character… …we wanted it to be little raw,
little rustic… …a slight bohemian feel
to come into it. We used very interesting
transparent muslin fabric… …for the kind of blouses
we gave her. But because of the transparency
and the way it had been cut… …and the way the waistcoat
had been shut… …it creates more drama and mystery
about the character. And the nose ring that we gave her… …she looks stunning in that as that’s
something she’d never worn before. I was very surprised when
I saw the first look they did. I thought it was absolutely fantastic. It was important that Sanichar looked
different from the other characters. This is a character that’s timid. He believes in anything
that promises to keep him safe. The locket around my neck
has coal in it. It was decided that he’ll carry
his horoscope on his back. That’s how I ended up
with all the tattoos. It was actually one of the most
fun characters… …but it really became a challenge. Everybody went beyond their duty… …and pushed their creativity
to deliver on this film. I think this film has challenged us
in every way possible. Emotionally, mentally, physically. But it’s all been worth it hopefully. I’m extremely happy with the way
the looks turned out. I’m very happy with the way
the costumes of this film… …have finally shaped up.

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