Costumes by Caleb – Marching Band Uniform, Ways to Wear It, Instruments, and Marching Song || Caleb

Costumes by Caleb – Marching Band Uniform, Ways to Wear It, Instruments, and Marching Song || Caleb

Hello, friends. Today, I’m going to show you my first costume. So, this is my first custom costume. It’s a marching band uniform. Check out the hat. I made it out of a boat captain’s hat and I made it extra-lookalike by adding a head strap to the bottom. Made from elastics, that is. And a button to the top. Also, to make it a lot fancier, I made a very large feather out of construction paper. Because many marching band hats have HUGE feathers! I love marching band hats with really big feathers because the feathers are much softer. Feel the frills. It is very soft. It looks exactly like the real thing. I’m gonna put it on. Now moving on to the jacket. It’s an old dress shirt that I modified to make it look like the real thing. I made the collar stand up straight… …and added some cardboard circles to make them look like real epaulets. And I added some buttons, which are apparently the ones that you use for sewing. The “FMS” right here, that’s for “Francisco Middle School” because I’m going to be using this in some projects that set in San Francisco. I’ll put it on too. It comes with gloves… I’ll put those on. And marching pants… …but I have to use the jeans as marching pants because they’re in the laundry, back there. …and black marching boots. So now the whole world will know I am “Major Tambour”. And if you want to lead the marching band, I use this cane as a baton to twirl… …and a whistle, although it has Santa Claus on it. And you can choose any instrument you want, such as… A drum, made out of an upside-down trash can… And a flute. And here’s another idea. If you have a band leader… A drummer… And a flutist… …you could create your own fife and drum marching band. Now if you’re ready to see me march in my brand new uniform, here goes. (NUTCRACKER) (whistle blows) (cheers and applauds) And if you wear this costume, you could also be the royal guard, welcoming guests. Or even watching people. Or a member of the Napoleonic malitia, fighting for victory against the enemy. COLONEL: Fire! (BOOM) Thanks for tuning in, everyone. I invite you to be with me next time as I review MECH-X4. And don’t forget to subscribe. If you do… …I don’t mean “if you forget”… …I’ll let you join my band. Now I gotta march. See you later. Ten-hut. Will advance, about turn. Forward march. Hup, 2, hup, 2, hup, 2, hup, 2… Bye.

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  1. One reason why the note says "This is fake. Please do not try this at home!" is because the explosion effect is fake, and the musket I imagine is just a cane without its bottom.

  2. Great job Caleb. I can see you put a lot of work into making your fabulous costume, as well as this wonderful video. Very entertaining and informative. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Disney Junior Canada is actually broadcasting Chuggington: Little Trainies instead of Chuggington. .-.

    (You reverted my edit on the Chuggington: Little Trainies thing, by the way)

    (Also, I think Disney Junior Canada should bring back some shows such as: Bear in the Big Blue House, Higglytown Heroes, Stanley, JoJo's Circus, etc., but still keep Rolie Polie Olie in the schedule)

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