Craigslist cloth diaper robbery!!

Craigslist cloth diaper robbery!!

hey YouTube the light is off because baby is sleeping but I was so excited about this that I had to show you guys while I had it all out because I thought to put it away so all of this stuff and I'm about to show you I got off of Craigslist and also including a diaper pail that's out bikes that needs to be washed at the pretty dirty it was house in the garage in a garage and for $50 let us begin I have two extra-large dummies tote bags or wetbacks diaper pail liners I think is what they say yet diaper pail enters and I have two happy – she's what next okay I have six baby kicks hemp doublers and let me tell you these are heavy just dry they're heavy fabric and so I know why they absorb a lot or that's what I've heard so I'm super excited to try these and we'll get to the diapers in a second boy watch okay four and a half of the large bum ease flushable liners 20 of these white and I don't know they match the colors match the diaper colors so I'm wondering because they don't have any tags if they were like part of a promotion or something if anybody knows let me know for the bum genius diapers so there's 20 of those in the blue green and yellow and then nine baby kicks white it's the hemp and organic cotton and then it gave me some of this it's just what they made their white solution with it's baby bits handmade glycerin soap with some essential oils and now let us get to the diapers okay there were supposed to be 18 and I swore last night when I put them in the wash that I had six of each color fits in the washer eight a yellow one or in the two inches between the washer and the dryer when I was transferring them to well I've transferred the liner so I was taking these out and putting the liner's in the dryer one got lost or I just miscounted it because I was so excited and didn't really pay enough attention and just automatically assumed that there were six of each so there were supposed to be 18 but there's 17 some genius 4.0 skyfirst and I don't know if this is going to zoom nice but the velcro is still I can't do this one-handed sorry guy lets the velcro on all of them still really good the inside there's like no standing on any of them and the pul I haven't put these on baby X like I said I just washed and dried them is I mean it feels nice like some of my other my other diapers yeah so I have six green hopefully one day I will find number six of the yellow and if it's lost in my garage somewhere but five yellow and then six blue and then there are 20 of the smaller liners inserts excuse me and then 25 of the larger inserts that had the snap I'm sorry this is going to be a really dark video but I was so excited I just had to show you guys and I also wanted to get it but away but yeah fifty dollars and the husband told me that I asked him why they were getting rid of them he said they're in good conditions they should last a few more years they only use them for a year on their son and the reason they stopped is because they had issues with him getting rashes and let me tell you I think I know why when I washed these diapers last night which is why it's 10 o'clock at night now and I'm just getting to you know didn't dry them so I had to wash them through a pre wash regular wash and to rinse cycles that's the load I had my washer on I had to do it I don't mind the nail polish on the floor I had to do that four times to these so essentially 16 rinses they were so full of soap oh my gosh it like said step so bad so I'm pretty sure that their poor little baby boy was getting rashes because they just had so much buildup on the diapers and which is a bummer for them but you know someone's loss is another one's gain and I am super super excited especially because these 4.0 seem fairly decent good quality compared to I actually bought and returned five of them gosh probably about a month ago because I was so disappointed with the quality the ones that I got had like stitching problems and ooh that was the matrix right there anyway so I'm the bumpiness is that I got had stitching problems and all sorts of things so anyways guys this video but definitely check Craigslist because you never know what you're going to get you might luck out and I am so excited to try these diapers I really hope they work for $50 this all this including a diaper pail you just can't go wrong anyways thanks guys

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  1. Oh wow how can I get a deal like that. I have been searching for months now. Im cloth diapering for the first time and im due in July but a deal is hard to find. Oh well probably not on the westside of Chicago. Enjoy, they look great πŸ˜‰

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