37 Replies to “CRAZY Keyboard You WEAR!”

  1. Ima be honest, from just watching a few of these videos it’s not hard to notice that there almost equally as bad as the products they review😂😂😂

  2. Alright so how can we destroy noobmaster69 with it tho, how can we even play fortnite with it tho, wait no how can we even play games with it tho?

  3. Have a function that allows people to still use the same key board key positioning, so say game designers don't have to start over again with key commands they don't know, plz and thank you, gg.

  4. Wow this is rediclious. If it was $50 then I would buy one but for $200 no way in hell I would buy one. To much for some rubber.

  5. I can actually see this as a practical use for blind people, provided someone can teach them or they update the companion app to give audio instruction on which way they have to move their fingers

  6. Can I customize the inputs for keystrokes? It doesn’t makes sense to me that they would use repetitions of the same finger. That seriously slows down the speed at which you can type. I play guitar and drums, so using fingers independently (whether on a fretboard or tapping out a beat) is very natural. I think many musicians (like pianists) would also find this not to be an issue—let alone the fact that this is the way a standard keyboard is designed.

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