Creating a Brushable Isolation Coat

Creating a Brushable Isolation Coat

This Video will cover the creation of a basic brush applied Isolation Coat. An Isolation Coat Is a permanent non-removable Coating that serves to physically separate the paint surface from the removable varnish. It will also seal absorbent areas which will result in a more even application of the varnish. To mix the Standard Isolation Coat We will need Distilled Water, Soft Gel Gloss, Pallet Knife, Clean Empty Containers, and A Permanent Marker. Scoop or drip some of the Soft Gel Gloss into your container fill in the jar about a third of the way up. Next, tap the container firmly on the countertop to remove any air voids and level the product in the jar. Make a mark at the product level using a permanent marker. Visually divide that amount in half using another mark, then create another mark above the product resulting in three even parts. Since Soft Gel is much thicker than water it makes it easier to mix by adding the water slowly. First add a little water and mix it in until the mixture is even you will see that the viscosity begins to drop rather quickly. After the mixture is well blended add some more water and mix that in. Finally add the remaining amount of water up to the line and then mix this in this is a basic two-one ratio, however it’s a starting point and you can add more water as needed. Increased levels of water can aid in foam release as well as improve Flow and Leveling. So feel free to find the correct ratio for your application. Allow the product to rest 24 hours so that any foam can escape and as always make sure all containers are properly labeled.

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  1. Hello. Do not use an acrylic isolation coat directly over actual watercolors, as it will most likely smear the image until it dries. Our best suggestion is to use the MSA Varnish Gloss first, and then apply the varnsih sheen of choice over the gloss as needed. – We have an info sheet about varnishing watercolors at our website. Please visit the golden paints (dot) com website

  2. @senorjorgegonzales – An isolation coat is a permanent part of the painting. It cannot be removed without ultimately doing harm to the rest of the acrylic painting underneath. If you need some assistance, please contact us here in Technical Support at 1(800) 959-6543 or [email protected](.)com and we would be happy to help out!

  3. Is it safe to use other brands of varnish over the isolation coat of Golden Soft Gel Gloss once it's all dried and ready? For example a Liquitex Gloss Varnish?

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