Creating a Couch Slipcover : Cutting the Couch Slipcover Armrest Fabric

Creating a Couch Slipcover : Cutting the Couch Slipcover Armrest Fabric

O.k., now we’re going to fit it on in here
on the inside corner of the arm and you want to pull the fabric nice and snug down; and
you might want to secure the fabric on the arm with a pin up on top so it doesn’t shift
around while your cutting. And just tuck it, tuck it down and get it nice and flat here.
And then giving yourself about an inch or 5/8 to an inch; you want to draw a chalk line
or mark with pins how you’re going to cut around and just start on the bottom end here,
and come up around and go as far as you can. When it starts to get wrinkled like in this
section and you don’t really know what’s going on, then stop; we’ll cut this and then we’ll
be able to cut the rest.
Just cut right along your chalk line,
o.k. tuck it back down and
you can continue around. You come around the side here, again just take your chalk and
mark it, and then cut it. And then I’m going to come from the bottom and leave this section
that’s a little bit more difficult. We’re going to have to do some pleating there. So
I’m going to start at the bottom and work my way up to meet that. So here we’ll also
want to, you can bend it around the corner and again give yourself 5/8 to an inch; pulling up to there. And we’ll cut that. O.k.,
so the remainder of this is going to be pleated and just cut yourself a good amount to work
with; but get rid of the excess fabric so it’s a little easier to work with. So I cut
a big piece and I’ll probably end up trimming some of that off in the end. And you can just
pin this part on to secure it. Pull the fabric on the side taunt and then, then just pin
it to secure it there. And then with this fabric we’re going to make some pleats. And
just fold it, make little folds and pin them in place until you’re happy with the way it
shapes the couch. O.k., we’re pinning these pleats; not to the couch but to itself; like
that. So you’re just pinning making some folds and then pinning them so they hold there shape.
And continue to make pleats to fit the, the any curves or get rid of the bulk around here;
o.k. And next we’ll fit this section of the couch.

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  1. Couldn't resist reiterating what the others said, it is difficult to know in which order to watch the videos. It would be great if they were marked '…. slipcover part 1', '…part 2' etc.!

    Thanks for great videos, I can't wait to give my great couches a slipcover, they're great, but the fabric is just not practical, a dark taupe slipcover would make them as new!

  2. Exactly. They should have numbered them. I just ordered a patten on ebay for less than $5.00. This was too frustrating and unorganized to watch.

  3. Great videos, but where is the numbering?! ;/

    I count myself lucky as i have done this before for my single armchair, and i will be doing it again for my three seater Sofa.

    It must be frustrating for beginners trying to do this.

    "Expertvillage" ; my ARSE! ;p

  4. it would be better if you do videos in order because it was very difficult to find from beginning to end it was useful but difficult to find.

  5. Buenos días
    Por favor no entiendo el ingles
    Deseo confeccionar forros para mis muebles
    Por favor en español
    Soy de Ecuador

  6. Wow, just what I was looking for. My son's children tore the arms of mine. Easy to do as the sun make them fragile hahaha!

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