Creating Clothing Morphs With Blender and Daz Studio

Creating Clothing Morphs With Blender and Daz Studio

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  1. I'm new at making DAZ Stuff in Blender and i have a problem i hope you can help me with. Is nothing major (so far) but is really annoying and makes things very difficult to work. Due to the size of the Genesis models, i'm having problems with the model always clipping with Blenders Viewport like if it was a tomography. I used your grid settings but the problem persist.

    Edit: Right after i wrote you it got worsrt. Now i can't even see the character.

  2. This is one of the best tutorials ever. Thank you. (Commenting now, 'cause I'm linking to it. Again. ๐Ÿ™‚ )


  4. Wow, this was an amazing tutorial and will help me so much with fitting outfits/items. I can't thank you enough!

  5. Hey SickleYield! I ran into one problem that I was able to resolve but I was hoping you could explain what was going on.

    I followed the instructions for the Holster but I found that whenever I would try to Unconform the piece of Clothing, the item would jump away from the Character. The character was positioned away from the center point in the scene with moves to her Group, a Null, The V8 Char and her Hip. She was also in a specific Pose which was why I needed to adjust the Clothing.

    Once I followed the entire Workflow and tried to apply the Morph, the clothing item morphed away from the Character instead of just Changing shape. The same happened when I originally tried simply sending to Hexagon and then sending back to Daz, which is why I tried your Blender example.

    When I watched the Shirt example I noticed that you didn't do the Un-conform step so I tried that and it works fine now. I'm not certain if that was the only difference between my attempts but thought maybe you would understand why the Clothing would move through space as it Morphed.

    Definitely used Daz 1 to 1 on both export and import and had Deformations on.

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  7. Hello. Would it be possible to do a video on how you create facial expressions for a character I modeled in Blender? So if I modeled a cartoon a simple cartoon character in blender. How do I create facial expressions that could be used in Daz Studio. Thanks!

  8. I've come back to this video again to see how to export to Daz. I'm having problems with Blender exporting objects that are not selected. Any advice?

  9. A tip for Blender, to avoid the clipping due to not seeing gray on gray issue: In the menu to the right of the view window (press N if you can't see it) you'll see a tick box labelled Matcap. If you check that, the selected object will get a special material that is designed to make it very easy to see.
    This saves you from having to make new materials (and remembering to remove them, and knowing exactly how to revert everything to the textures and materials it came with), while giving you the visibility that process would've given you.

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