Crochet Confetti Cardigan

Crochet Confetti Cardigan

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  1. I always love your tutorials and I've noticed that you have not posted any more in the last 9 months and was wondering if everything is alright and you are doing okay?

  2. Hope you're back soon, but understand if you need a break. My husband has an online business and at times he gets burned out. Best wishes!

  3. Found you not long ago and I've been enjoying your videos! Hope to see new ones soon – Happy Almost spring! 🙂

  4. I'm having trouble figuring out which size to make… On your site you said you made a M for a 39" bust. So, would you say a S for a 36" bust?

  5. My feed for your channel shows your last video was 4 months ago? Did you start a new channel? I hope you are ok and we get more videos soon. 🙂

  6. Very nice indeed. Lovely yarn too. Through use of various Youtube video tutorials, I've taught myself how to make crochet granny squares. (ending up making cushion covers) However, with use of my granny squares, this video gives me a rough idea how to make a nice cardigan or shawl with them. So I think I'd use this very handy video as a starting guide for that.

    Very nice work there. 🙂

  7. Hello I am looking for bulky cardigan sweater that is your design that I saw on Pinterest could you direct me to the instructions it looks very cozy comfy and warm Thank you for your help and mostly for all that you do for us your fellow crocheters Thank you Linda

  8. Hello. I found some awesome 4 weight yarn. My question is would I be able to still make this cardigan with this type of yarn and if so what hook would I use? Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.

  9. I just love your pattern is beautiful and your yard is just gorgeous I am going to make me a sweater going to make my daughter some too I have three and they are going to love it I make them all kinds of cardigans this one here is awesome simple fast and easy thank you for sharing

  10. I absolutely love your sweater cardigans I love hand dyed yarn also bravo yours are lovely. I just had one question can I make mine a little longer? I like mine longer because I don’t have the cute figure you have 💗so I hide some some areas 😊

  11. That’s a really pretty cardigan pattern 💕 I never usually crochet anything for myself but I think this may be on my winter wish list …. lovely tutorial 🤗

  12. Love this sweater it has a very comfort fit. I will try it and see if mine come out as beautiful as your Lol

  13. Beautiful yarn and cute colorway names! Macaroons and Macarons are two entirely different things and pronounced differently, just so you know, Sewrella. 😉

  14. Beautiful yarn and gorgeous sweater! Colors are amazing. Thank you for sharing and taking the time to make this video for your viewers!

  15. I also try to download pattern that state click here for free pattern when I did it stated that I was 4dollars 67cent Australian. This to me it false advertising. If it’s free it’s free and unfair to come up with a charge for it. If you are going to charge for the pattern please say so from the start.
    Bev Rodsted Mandurah Western Australia

  16. I went to get the pattern on the link you provided and it says the pattern is free but when you click to print it out, it takes you to a shop to purchase it for $2.99. oh well guess I won't be making it after all.

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