Crochet lace jacket cardigan

Crochet lace jacket cardigan

Hello everyone. This is the second part of
the video tutorial how to crochet a cardigan. In this video I’ll show you how to work the
back part, sleeves and finish up the top. Complete details about the project are available
at: On this webpage you may share pictures
of your work and ask questions if any. To work the second front part attach the yarn three repeats before the end of the row thirty, and then work the pattern regular way decreasing chains from this side only. Chain two to pick up the height.
Then work single crochet one. Chain five and so on. Again, after the decrease work rows like
your second row without decreasing chains until you crochet forty eight rows. Then work your second front part as
a mirror reflection to the first one. For the back part, attach
the yarn, single crochet two, chain five and continue
the pattern regular way. At the end of the row work two single
crochets and one returning chain. Then work all other rows
like your second row. After you crochet forty eight rows work back shoulder piece. For that, begin the forty ninth row as usual and after the two repeats finish the row with chain
five and single crochet two. After the single crochet two work one returning chain and turn. After the forty ninth row work two
more rows for the back shoulder piece. And then join the back and front
shoulder pieces together. Work the pattern joining two
shoulder pieces together. Single crochet two, chain five, single crochet one under arches of four chains. Now skip two double crochets on this side and work two double crochets into one chain. And then work one unfinished double crochet. And now join. Skip two double crochets on this side and finish the double crochet. Work one double crochet
into the following chain. And now repeat the pattern
starting from the chain five. At the end of the row
work two single crochets. After you join shoulder pieces together,
slip stitch to your forty eighth row. And then work the pattern
a little bit differently to your last two repeats. Chain one, skip one double crochet, work half double crochet. And then one double crochet. Chain five. And then single crochet one under chains. Chain two. And then repeat the pattern starting
from the half double crochet one. After you crochet to your last two repeats work three rows for the
second back shoulder piece. After you crochet the second back shoulder
piece, join it with a front shoulder piece just like you did here. For each sleeve work five repeats. Begin crocheting each sleeve totally the same as you started the body using a smaller size crochet hook. After the first ten rows continue working the second row
using a larger size crochet hook. Join each sleeve to the body
similar to what you did here. Work first slip stitch. And then single crochet
above second double crochet. And then continue like here – chain five. Single crochet under the arch of
four chains joining it to the body. Chain two, skip two double crochets,
work half double crochet. And then double crochet into the following chain. And then repeat the pattern
starting from the chain five. At the end of the row
work two single crochets. Then join sides of each sleeve. Lastly, single crochet your borders
increasing chains in each corner. After that, the cardigan is ready
and thank you for watching.

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  1. Me encantaría hacerlo, es muy lindo, pero solo hablo español, seria genial q ud nos regalara subtitulos en español para q se nos haga más fácil gracias espero su respuesta gracias

  2. En lo personal, no hablo al 100% el inglés pero le he entendido y ya realizado prendas de este canal. Thanks a lot!!! God bless your work…

  3. Me encanta este canal,aunque no hablo inglés igual lo he entendido y he hecho algunas prendas.Di pudieran poner subtitulos en Español sería genial.Hermosos los trabajos.

  4. I've missed your tutorials! I hippie you come back soon, would love to see new creations! I am making this now!

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