Crochet Sassy Fabric Scarf

Crochet Sassy Fabric Scarf

And welcome back to as well as The Crochet Crowd. I’m your host Mikey and in today’s tutorial it’s all about crocheting with the Red Heart Boutique Sassy Fabric. These are a brand new product line available in 2013. These are fun, fabulous, the colors are sophisticated to really, really funky, really kind of a fun office accessory or if you’re working or just wanna look glamorous as you’re shopping this is the product for you. I’m gonna show you how to be able to do one of these scarves. I did mine in less than an hour. You probably can do it even faster and you know what you may just get really addicted or should I say hooked on this particular product. So let’s begin the tutorial right now. So before we begin I just wanna show you here essentially you’re gonna have a chain that exists within this but when you’re using this product, and you’re wearing it it’ll naturally spin on its own so you will never really see it. It’ll just kind of get lost within it. So that’s a pretty cool idea. So to begin all we have to do is that we have to take the ball band and we just have to slide it closely over just like you see. And we wanna keep it on because we need to keep control. You will find this stuff is really slippery so if you took the ball band off you’ll find that it would just like slide all over the place and slide out of control. So you wanna keep your eyes on the prize I guess. So what we have here is that we have the ball band and this is the center cardboard and we wanna pull that out. It’s easier to work with this yarn on the inside in order to keep control. So we wanna pull that out just like you see and essentially, we’re gonna now pull the yarn just like you see here. So if you see it’s twisting all you have to just do is just twist and turn. So to begin this product it’s so simple it’s not even funny. So let’s begin our hook. This is a size ‘J’ or 6 mm. Your thing is is that your hook just has to fit in the hole. It doesn’t really matter the size because this hole judges the size of the project if that makes any sense. So essentially from back to front we’re gonna come in to the first hole, we’re gonna just, just rowboat around in behind back to front again for 2, rowboat in behind for 3, rowboat in behind for 4, rowboat in behind for, for 5. So now you have five strands on here. They look like curtains just hanging off your hook. So essentially now the six one we wanna come from the front to the back. Okay, so we’ve been coming front to back so here we go and so essentially just grab this one here, pinch all of this which takes no thought power at all and just pull through just like so. So it went through all of those five. So let me show you again. This is how simple this product is. So again from back to front, back to front for 2, I’m just gonna pull more yarn out. Back to front 3, back to front 4, back to front 5 and now this is the 6th one so we go front to back, we pinch everything that exists on the hook and we just pull that loop here through and essentially we just work down the entire ball doing this. So I’m just gonna pull more yarn out. So again just rowboat in, 1. Rowboat in 2, 3, 4, 5. Okay, and now the 6th one here is from front to back. We pinch everything on the hook and we pull through just like you see. So essentially how we’re gonna finish this off if you get to the end. When you get to the end not if. When you get to the end, you just wanna snip it about 3 or 4″ just like you see and you can add on more yarn. So if you wanted to add more you can simply just grab your next yarn from the new ball and just add it in as you’re rowboating around and you basically because it’s all frilly and edgy like so you will not even see it. So essentially now we’re gonna take our tail, and this is the remainder loop on the hook. We’re gonna pull it through just kind of be gentle about it. This is kind of like a, a linen material. I’m just trying to take my time, but also trying to keep the tutorial moving along. [laughs] So I just wanna, I’ve done it before several times. There we go, got it and so now I just wanna, I got it through, I don’t wanna use the hook just in case it catches on anything. I just wanna use my, my hands and pull it through and essentially, I’m just gonna unravel it because it’s been spinning even though I’ve only done a little bit already, and I’m just gonna stick my hook into the chain that is before it and just kind of pull that through. So essentially we’re just weaving in our edges through the chaining that you see so I’m just gonna do it once. Just gonna wrap it around pull it through. There we go and I’m gonna again use my hands just like you see. So I will do that probably three or four times and then at the end all you just have to come back to, if there’s anything left over you just wanna trim it close to it and essentially you would have a scarf that’s dangling just like so. So if you were doing the other product that’s what it would look like at the very end. So until next time I’m Mikey on behalf of as well as The Crochet Crowd join me next time as we share more fun tutorials with you, but until next time we’ll see ya. 👋

23 Replies to “Crochet Sassy Fabric Scarf”

  1. Wow!! That is so cool. Wonder if you could crochet two together to get a more fluffy look? Thanks for the great video. 🙂

  2. I love all the new & different looks for scarfs that have come out… I can't wait to find some in stores & try it! Thanks again for your simplicity in teaching how to do them… keep up the great work!

  3. So I couldnt find it in any stores I ordered off and I just got them in the mail!!! So excited to start (had to review video again)

  4. Because the fabric is slippery and comes "unstitched" so easily when I accidentally drop my stitches, I do an additional single stitch after each cluster to lock the cluster together. Learned this the hard way…

  5. How do you keep the scarf fluffy? Part of mine starts fluffy then the further I go I can see the chain… Help! I'm doing it just as Mikey says/shows.

  6. Mikey wonderful video.   Could make make a video please on how to make the flower with the sassy fabric ?  thank you

  7. I've tried both the crochet version of this and the knitted version.. i am mainly a crocheter at heart 40 years now and I MUCH prefer the knitted version.. comes out fluffier and lays a lot nicer, and no stretching so far. Just my opinion.

  8. I have finished my crochet scarf with sassy fabrics and it is flat and you can see the crochet part. I am sure it was worked properly. Help! I love the material and the idea but am so disappointed in the finished product.

  9. Got some of this in 2015 in color Smoke. Thank you for showing me how to crochet and knit with this. If I twist the work as I crochet with this, will that help hid the chain? Making a scarf with it. Thank you so much.

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