Crossfit Attire Shopping with Mohammed Ali Rajpar | Sindhi Vlog

Crossfit Attire Shopping with Mohammed Ali Rajpar | Sindhi Vlog

Assalamalaykum (Peace and Blessings) Good Morning Guys. How are you guys doing ? Mohammed Ali Rajpar, Your Host with another Vlog and a Blessed Morning. At Office Time in morning, hopefully everyone is doing good. Those friends, who still haven’t Subcribed to my channel, consider it. Came to Sports Shop Welcome Back Friends. Office time ended, now i came to Academy Sports Want to buy some shirts and shorts regarding gym. As you know, Crossfit season is about to start 🙂 For that we need a new attire…. Now we are in the sports Academy for shopping So Friends, i have shortlisted the shirts and shorts. Now going into the fitting room Lets see if it fits. as i wear medium size though. 🙂 Welcome to the fitting room. First i will try this one. This will be Second. These are shorts and i Cant change in front of you haha 🙂 After that i have this silver nike one. Then we have in bluish color Finally we have in black color. kind a grey So Let me try and i will see you guys till than look at yourself 🙂 So, when i came out of the fitting room, employee took my Shopping cart away Though may be unattended one. However Selection is completed. And I changed that black into a red one. Before i leave, just looking around to see if i missed anything. Last minute, than we will leave. Alright Friends, Cloth shopping is done, now i came to the section of atheletics Look at the Hand Gloves And Different Atheletics stuff is kept here. Come this way Weights are here as you can see. Allot of bicycles, For Kids and Adults Allot of Variety they have here in this store. Queit a big shop though Alright friends, i am done shopping. Heading to grocerry shopping However Battery is low and i forgot to charge Couldnt get a chance since yesterday, after the moving and office work etc So Hopefully i will see you guys in the next vlog and i will end this one here.. And I am trying to find my car, which i am unable to find at the moment. 🙂 I thank all of you Who likes my vlogs Those who like them, subscribe it, comment about what you like or dislike to change in my next vlogs. Till than i will take your leave, Stay Safe, keep in prayers. Your Host Mohammed Ali Rajpar Signing off.

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  1. Zaburdast bahi thaan tamam suthaa vlogs thayo tha mehnat kayo tha… Allah thaan khe khush ayein abaad rake.☺☺☺

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