Crystalac Brite Tone Waterbased Clear Coat Review

Crystalac Brite Tone Waterbased Clear Coat Review

some guys chase some testers workshop in
this video we’ll be doing a review of crystal like bright tone topcoats and I
want to say this in the beginning up not being paid by Crystal Light Company to
say anything good about any of their products so if I didn’t like the stuff
you won’t be seeing this video right now I’ve always used to Kay clears lacquers
and stuff like that finishing my guitars and my head stocks and stuff and I’ve
always wanted to get into a water-based finish and Galland amateur guitar
luthiers Facebook Page said they were talking about top coats and stuff when
the guys said hey try Krystal like brights on it was a game changer for him
so I was like well let me try it out so I called the company talked to guy named
David I think his name was super nice guy told me everything I needed to know
about it gave me his number to call him if whenever I needed to whatever and he
said order this stuff so ordered this it came in I basically took this opened it
this morning poured it in my HVLP gun and you’ll see
in just a minute poured it in there sprayed it on I used it about 20 psi
sprayed it on and let it dry on it it turned out flawless so far so highly
recommend this if you’re looking into it it says use dry times usually one to two
hours allowed 2 to 4 hours between coats before recoding do not use ready to sand
paper attack cloths do not freeze do not apply below 60 degrees do not thin or
clean with lacquer solvents or mineral spirits use soap and water for cleanup
so it’s pretty straightforward and it is also brushable if you want to brush it I
might do a video where I brush it on something and see how it turns out so so
far like I said I like it if you have any questions or comments about it leave
them below like the video give me a like and if you liked it please subscribe
thanks for watching guys so here we are I’ve got this totally VLP gun here I’m
not gonna put much in here so I’m gonna do the test right quick and just kind of
see about where I’m at I’m just try to get a little bit of this in there
but like so running about 40 psi on this little bit less than 40 close to it I
guess I’m just gonna do a little test on this guy here and see see about no she
ain’t it here we go I would say so anyone so we’re going
with this we’re gonna at this try for two to four hours and won’t come back
and he did it again a lot of guys I just want to start by saying I’m just gonna
do like a quick first impression of this product I’ve not been paid by Crystal
Lake to say anything good about their company but this product is I’m kind of
blown away by what it’s doing here basically I open that can port it and
HVLP gun and sprayed it on here first time I’ve ever done it sprayed it on if
you go back about a minute ago and see look at what I’m doing this a while ago
you can see how the inconsistencies on the clear right after I sprayed it what
this stuff done is it has as its drying has leveled out and turned into this
beautiful sheen on top of her on top of this headstock I mean look at that I am
totally impressed by this product I don’t know if I ever use a 2k clear ever
again but that’s pretty amazing to me so stand by and we’ll get some more coats
on this thing alright guys so who’s gonna be cup number two I want to go
over my settings on this gun – I got it right at 20 pulling about 20 – that’s
far lower sorry I’ve got a mask on this let’s keep it around 20 and I’ve got
about a I guess a midwife fan on it or they know how to tell me what I got just
as long as it’s kind of out here a little bit but anyways so there’s gonna
be a coat number two you alright there’s code number two like I
said I’ve got a mask on but it I mean I take my mask off to talk to you guys and
I can hardly smell anything which doesn’t mean it’s good but I’m just
saying that the stuff isn’t isn’t like a 2k at all
there’s the second coat so we’re gonna let that jaw about two to four hours the
last coat dried about two hours something running there so we’re just
like I said I’m playing around with this and it was pretty much trial when I it
was dry like to the touch and everything went up at the second coat on him so
here we are no cetra coat number two bricks dude code number three here you there’s code number three alright guys I
here’s code number four you alright guys so here’s code number five
and I still haven’t added any more to the gun here so you hi guys here’s coat number six this part
can be the final one or not so it’s it’s a five after nine right now not so it’s
hard this morning Here I am I’ll just put it in one more coat over
here one collar done so here we go you and there’s code number six get really
nice looking so I’m with his try all night and then we’ll look at in the
morning lark guys it’s eight o’clock the next morning and this is our final six
code set up it on there it’s just a four hundred red label you by the way four hundred eight hundred
and now we’re going to 1200 mm I mentioned that I love these pads didn’t
I do as you can see now yeah very sanded the cameras getting that good have a
sanded topcoat now we’ll take it outside to the buffing wheel you well our guys here’s the final product
and know what you’re thinking you think what about this look guy right here
don’t worry about this little guy that’s my fault right there I got a little
aggressive with the buffing wheel outside but we’re going to use it to our
advantage because I’m going to use the brush on both side of this and see if I
can’t repair that see how repairable this stuff is you know for scratches and
stuff like that so it worked out good I am I am through the death of how how
pretty this turned out nice it looks if you’re interested in getting into the
water base world of clear coats I would definitely highly recommend trying this
stuff out you can get on Facebook – they’ve got a Facebook page and that’s
how I contacted I’m I just sent him a message and said hey I’d like to try out
your product never used a water base before he said immediately messaged me
back said call me I saw I called him and like I said super nice guy and was very
helpful and I’m tickled to death with the results of this guy’s if you have
any questions comments leave them below if you liked the video give me a like if
you liked it please subscribe thanks for watching guys

10 Replies to “Crystalac Brite Tone Waterbased Clear Coat Review”

  1. Next time you use it,start with a extremely light coat,like to where you can barely see it,come back in 30 mins and do another light coat,I've found that building up your coats very light will end with a finish that almost looks like Epoxy!!I love Crystalac products,try there sanding sealer,I don't ever see me using anything else!!

  2. Awesome video Chase. Im getting ready to refinish one of my basses and I'm planning on using Crystalac. I don't have a spray gun and I was wondering what kind of spray gun you use? Thank you, Jack.

  3. Wow looks like you're able to lay down a pretty wet coat with this stuff. Did you ever have any issues with runs spraying that wet? I'm thinking especially on a guitar body that might not be laying flat. thanks great vid!

  4. I tried this for the first time using a
    Preval. It didn’t work out too well and I thought I’d have to sand back everything. Well within 45 minutes this product self leveled all my mistakes out. Most forgiving product I’ve used. Amazing finish.

  5. I just made my first purchase from them. The only issue I had was most of the items leaked during shipping. Thank goodness it's water-based! Other than 45 minutes cleaning up, it's great stuff.

  6. Have you tried spraying the full neck with the clear yet? With the lacquer, I can just peel it off of the frets. I'm wondering if I can do the same with the Crystalac.

  7. Thanks Chase… I'm about to do my first build and the Crystalac line seems to be the pro's choice. Thanks for this great vid!

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