#CSBIC2019 Finalists – Recycled Textile Waste

#CSBIC2019 Finalists – Recycled Textile Waste

no time to waste is time to start
recycling waste. A slogan that will teach you about texting waste recycling.
I know it’s perfectly organized in Great Britain. In Ukraine, textile waste is 7% of all waste. Local companies recycle only 3 percent the rest 97 percent
remains a source of pollution. I have a project to create a company with full cyber
technology [as part of the] process. This starts with recycling of textile waste and finishes
in the creation of eco products. As such a project is too expensive to implement, I started in stages which to not require large investment. Firstly, I organized an approach to textile waste collecting and the movement of waste to recycling plants. Secondly, we can sell different kinds of robes, bags and accessories made from recycled textiles. Such products are not only effective because of their low cost, but also because of their quality. I’m sure recycled products are products of the future.

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  1. Wow this girl is very charismatic. And what is more important has her vision on what is important for Ukraine and the whole world also.

  2. Great idea! Actually, I was thinking of someone who could provide such bags for weight loss diet kit in my club. I’ll send design requirements in messenger.

  3. Потрібно обов'язково позбавлятися від пластикових пакетів в магазинах, ринках, в побуті. А можна замовити "pure waste" пакети для нашого волонтерського штабу?

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