Cuban Pick Up Style + Internet I Singles Guide to Cuba 1/2

Cuban Pick Up Style + Internet I Singles Guide to Cuba 1/2

So we’re here in sunny, hot Cuba to check out the dating scene Let’s see what it’s really like here Cuba is more than just a beach The biggest island in the Caribbean and one that has been oppressed over 500 years Cuba in many ways is still stuck in the past you can see it in the beautiful crumbling buildings Old school cars and a serious bit of randomness that seems to accompany you everywhere you go Here’s a version of the local gym This is your coach by the way. This is your fitness coach Look at this crazy amount of phones that we just found Why do you need so many phones in one place is my question Scarcity is the one thing that jumped out at me here in Cuba Lack of certain freedoms, variety in food and necessities… But there was one thing that Cubans seem to have more than enough of The social aspect See we’re really friendly So we are going to try to take a taxi here Do you get scared when you have to cross the street? No How much do you want to pay? Five? To Vedado to the university Five? Four Cuban culture it’s like that If you walk on the street they’re going to be “Lady!” Kisses, I don’t know “You’re so beautiful!” But do they think that actually works? Do they think you’re gonna stop and say “Oh my God..” No “I cannot believe it.. wow!” No, that doesn’t work. Sometimes they just say awful things to you like Like – I want to have sex with you Like on the street? Yeah, so.. that’s not cool! I just feel like the guy being like “Hey, hey” Does it actually work? Not much I mean – but they think it works I wonder if they’re thinking “Ok, she’s definitely gonna stop if I’m like “Hey mami” It’s interesting that they try. They try anyways I mean they don’t have nothing to lose So, what’s like a common pick-up line that guys use here? I don’t know. We should like ask people You wanna ask people here? That would be fun This is the difference between old generation and young generation He says “You’re so beautiful” and he says “Look at that ass” It’s nice. Flirting just to flirt Not flirting for a reason. Just to make someone feel good To make yourself feel good, to have a connection That is the Cuban culture Cubans are seriously loud As one of the last nations to do so Cubans have recently got access to something we’ve taken for granted for ages INTERNET With a lot left to be desired.. This line right here is people actually waiting to get their internet cards So getting internet in Cuba isn’t even the easiest part. You have to go to a park just like this one and get a Wi-Fi card, so that’s what I’m trying to do here I’ve seen a guy for trying to walk around and sell those. They’re kind of undercover So now comes the fun part of trying to scratch this off without completely Scratching off the numbers and therefore just throwing your card out I managed to scratch it off without scratching off a number. This is like a lottery ticket you guys How did you even live without internet? How? I mean there is more to do without internet You can go out to the park, you can go to visit your friends or maybe you can just sleep Have you heard of Netflix? Yeah, it’s like one of the best things ever invented Every week you can buy a hard drive with information For 1CUC and you have like a lot of variety shows movies, music, so it’s like Netflix.. but old-school Four, five years we don’t have these places to come or any other So how did you meet people four, five years ago? Sitting at Malecon, literally Malecon was a great date site to go… We watch a movie, we eat ice-cream and then we go to Malecon to eat popcorn.. That was 20 pesos which is $1 That’s really sweet! No it’s not! Let’s talk about porn It’s more than illegal.. like – porn is illegal and I quote “you cannot have it, you cannot distribute it you cannot watch, you cannot download it, you cannot.. but .. But we have it So one kid gets it, the other kid copies it. Is that how it works? actually we are doing that since the beginning of time yeah When you come into a plane they said “did you bring more than $5K dollars, explosives, guns and pornography..” That’s what I feel odd about this country we are open about our sexuality Apparently we can talk about “Hey, you know what – I did this. I did that.” like nationally We are still possible What is this place?

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  1. Wow beautiful ppl, beautiful architecture, beautiful cars, beautiful island.
    What is there not to like or fall for in Cuba?

  2. Very good video. Which actually matches the ideas that I have about the people from that country: super conservative, with pick-up lines, with music and dance all the time ("the emptier the carriage, the noisier it is", we say). And the fact that they blindly believe that they are the greatest. And then I hear girls comparing me with them. Lol.

  3. wow the song at 9:20 is my favourite song- remix by NKM01 that's crazy to hear it because in canada where i am, its not so popular. me gusta mucho el cubatonnnn. tengo que ir a cuba pronto. ¿Pero puedes hacer un episodio sobre Mexico? porque voy a ir alla en el verano. Gracias Marina!

  4. No need for any info about pick ups in Cuba. Anybody who goes there, can get someone no matter what. But I advise reading books from Pedro Juan Gutierrez

  5. Ayyy Que Ricaa""
    I'll just introduce you to my familia they own Beautiful Restaurant's Nice Sexy Blue eyed Cubanos for you lol El Cocinero if u still there!
    Great Video" Gracia Mi Amor!😁

  6. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Part 2 is gonna be a longer one: with more on dating apps, foreigners and Cuban relationships and the finale – my cringe-worthy date. Yes..
    PS Keep sending your dating taboo videos in. Answer – what is one thing you wouldn't do in your country? I will feature it in the 350K video next week! Send to datingbeyondborders (at) gmail (dot) com Hugs from freezing cold Canada. It's been snowing like crazy

  7. Cubans seem to be the happiest people despite their leaders. So much potential that country has if only a different government. This was very interesting. Look forward to your next video.

  8. Love this Marina! I spent a month in Cuba for university and people have a lot of weird preconceptions about what life in Cuba is like/Cuban culture. Glad you're clearing some things up and I'm really excited for part 2!

  9. Well done on the video Marina. I really enjoyed it. I look forward to the next one. You speak good Spanish Marina. I wish I could introduce you to my parents and show them your Spanish skills 😍. Tu eres verdaderamente la bellisima

  10. Half of Cuba fled to U.S and left it drowning, It used to be a great Country great for Vacationing it's really nice but very poor! Enjoy your Trip wish I was there with you' Lol

  11. Omg so much to say. I can't even

    You look sooo beautiful, Marina! And your spanish? Perfect!
    I love Carla! She's such an inteligent, beautiful girl.
    The quality! ¡Que fotografia! Hahaha congratulations, I'm looking forward to part 2 =)

  12. That was… Waooo my dear. We love it. Gracias por la oportunidad. Thanks for all sweetheart, we enjoyed a lot that experience. You really came out with the real Cuba. I will share this every single day 😁😁😁😁😘😘😘😘

  13. Omg Marina, I’d say your Spanish is just about as good as your English (which to me you sound fluent) so that’s awesome that you are trilingual!👏🏽 I mean, I’m sure you probably speak even more languages than that, so you’re probably a polyglot, but anyways, that’s awesome! 🤗

  14. Cuba does not need us to judge her. Cuba was able to stay real despite far from ideal circumstances. She may be poor but she is "socially unchallenged". We can learn a lot from Cuba. From us Cuba can learn to need more and more and MORE STUFF!!!!!

  15. блин говорила мама, изучай испаньёла, а я дурак кЕтайский выучил.
    Куба – это прикольно, алкоголь, тепло и разврат, надо туда уехать.

  16. Love this video! Super happy you've made it, I came back from Cuba about 3 months ago and while many women told me I was I dunno…objectified? When I got constantly catcalled. I actually enjoyed it. First of all, like the guy said in the video, they do it to make them feel good. And I don't see anything wrong with walking down the street and hearing a guy say you're beautiful (Had a Cuban gentleman in his 70's tell me I was gorgeous. Did I think he was flirting and wanted to be with me? No. I appreciated it and thanked him. Because it was a nice gesture). I feel like we are missing this in the west, to be honest. The approach. I feel like western men don't have balls anymore. Even being of above average looks NOBODY approaches me in the west. They're too afraid of rejection. Cuban's aren't. Like the guy said, they've got nothing to lose. I admire that. And unlike many western cat-callers I didn't find Cubans creepy at all. They don't persist if you say no, they don't yell out "Fuck you you B****" if you don't. If you say thank you and give them a smile back, and keep walking they're perfectly fine with it. GO CUBA!!

  17. "Why do you need so many phones in one place?' What a ditz. It's because when there is someone on the phone already, there is another phone available. What a moron. Although, it's not her fault she's stupid, she's probably never seen a payphone bank before.

  18. It is actually really interesting because they boost people's confidence by doing that, and they dont feel invisible – – I guess it can be annoying to some though, but I think it is really light if they do not insist

  19. this is beautiful cinematography marina! well done and keep going on. love from Indonesia.
    ps. i hope there is eng sub in ur travel video 😂

  20. Old-school pick up lines are way better and more respectful. Flirting is a past time in some places. Beware of gold diggers, both amateurs (permanent visa seekers) and professionals (wallet hunters). That advice is valid for any place in the 3rd world.

  21. This is so wrong, Cuba is so poor, most of the people down there are hooking up in a desperate hope to get out of their current situation. It's really sad that people are making videos about hooking up with people in Cuba.

  22. Who is that beautiful companion of yours? Is she from Canada too? Is she Russian like you? Your Spanish is quite good!

  23. Stay true to your Culture and your
    Ways of life!.
    Some Mexicans
    Come to the United
    States and become
    Americanized! They
    Were humble and
    Kind before!. But they
    Come here and find work
    And change!. Buy a Truck, cellphone, Clothes and jewelry!.
    They forget about
    The donkey that brought them so
    Much joy and happiness a child!.
    Grandiose attitude
    Toward other people!.

  24. I could not tell you the last time I saw a Mexican woman
    Wear the pretty white
    Dress with the flowers and the
    Colors of the flag!.
    Oh yeah! San antonio

  25. You are fucking stupid. I HATE people like you. You have driven the cost up in cuba 10 fold with your stupidity. STAY HOME .Its a dollar a fucking person in those cabs you asshole, not 4 dollars (and she thought she was getting a bargain and driving the price down from 5 to 4. OMFG). And they drive you as far as their route goes, and then you get out and pay another dollar if you need to go futher. I hope you never travel again, because you spoil nice countries like cuba for everyone else. Had not been back in cuba since the cruise ships arrived. I was paying before that, a 1.50 for 3 eggs some hashbrowns and two toast. NOW that same damn restaurant same damn breakfast is 7 dollars, 3 years later. Because of assholes like you. You are like stupidity locusts. And ruin everywhere you step foot. Stay home you millennial douche canoe, with your uneducated travel experience.

  26. The video is very good, but fell into the same error of using the image of the woman as attractive to promote the video. Passing a similar image to what foreigners have of Brazil, a black woman offering herself to the tourist, sad.

  27. 3:37 they don't do it because they expect is going to work, they actually do it because they expect is not going to work, is just like a joke among men, and to express they like her but no one expects is going to work, many men do it just to find out what is the negative reaction, is like teasing. Just to be assholes.

  28. Excellent video! Specifically, I found it to be the most original by far, why? Because nearly 100% of the focus was the perspective of the Cuban people by Cuban people, what they think, THEIR description of their own ways. At last, a video that gives the Cubans a real voice with an open mind and no condescending attitude. For a few minutes, I forgot I was in Canada and found myself right there in Havana! REFRESHING!!! Thank you so very much. I had little time when I bumped onto this video (it is 00:40 am), so in the morning I will view Part 2, then check out LatinAmericanCupid.

  29. Why can't you( whites/buckra), leave Africans(brown people) alone? Whites people are so demonic and will always want to disturb the Africans. People should think about this,why always selling the people of cube through dating. Shit

  30. Maaaaan i went to this one gym in old Havana in the back neighborhoods behind the breweries…the shit look like the old gym on Venice Beach in LA. That shit was the bomb. And it was less than $5 a day…AND THAT WAS EXPENSIVE!!! The chicks were smoking hot in there everybody was cool and social. I didn't get a chance to hang out with anybody because I had to go to a different place that evening but I highly recommend it. Look for it and you'll find it. Trust me you won't regret it.

  31. What a stupid documentary. The Lady is traped in her capitalist view on situations and will never understand Cuba, if she is not coming out of her limited thinking.

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