Cute Back to School Outfit Ideas | Alexa Losey

Cute Back to School Outfit Ideas | Alexa Losey

is a little excited I have negative Angeles with me here today and we are going to show you some outfits for back-to-school so we put together six outfits in total so we'll make her video but um yeah let's get into it things really don't let's start with the first look so my backpack is from her shell and it's from karma lucam my sweater is from brandy melville and it's super cute and warm and crocheted and it covers up your shoulders so you can wear tank top dresses like this one from Reverse that I got from friend since calm and my shoes are Doc Martens because they're flat and they're comfy and they're cute and they kind of edge up an outfit but they're school appropriate because they're flat and they're really easy to wear so I really like this look No that's it so this outfit super casual but it's really cute the converse are from Karmaloop and they're bright neon green the jeans are from Hudson and I've rolled them up so you can see the converse and the shirt is from brandy melville I have to wear a tank top owner to this one because it's kind of a little bit see-through but it's super cute and it does cover up your shoulders if you choose to it just was caught of falling off my shoulders and yeah this is Megan and I dying because we were watching really funny buds Megan's look is really simple too but it's super cute her backpack is from forever 21 her tank top is from H&M and her jeans are from American Eagle and her sandals are from Target so so this look is perfect if you want to look more put together like you have a presentation or something Megan is wearing a necklace from Topshop and a dress from Topshop and these same target sandals so it's super cute it's not too overdone but it's super adorable and I think it's perfect for a nicer day in school so this look is super casual and really super comfy I am using Megan's forever 21 backpack I'm wearing converse with studs on the side of them and I'm wearing a vintage army shirt it's from vintage retail my shorts are just leave– eyes and I'm wearing a plain a great top so this looks really really cute but it's super casual and laid-back it's perfect for a kicking back day of school oh yeah that was really rad thank you guys so much for watching I hope you guys liked it if you did like this video don't forget to give it a thumbs up and don't forget to check out my dance channel I'm also going to link her video that we made together on her face and the next time bye bye

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  1. Today I was eating a Carmel apple lily pop and it reminded me of you I love you Meg I'm your biggest fan I have did all of your DIY's please make more videos for school

  2. i love your voice! i love listening to your videos that sounds creepy but im not gonna try to make it sound normal

  3. alexa, i adore your style! what would you call it? also, your make up, would you consider that pin up girl make up? xx

  4. I like this because its one of the very few school outfit videos I can actually wear with the dress code

  5. I don't like ur videos because you don't even show the whole outfit, like I want to see the grey tank top and Levi's

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