alright guys today we're gonna do something either really tragic or really cool it should probably acknowledge the wrist brace I have carpal tunnel and both wrists because of course I do but this is my great-grandma's and I'm absolutely obsessed with it but it gives me massive camel toe which you can't see intentionally and it goes very far up my butt because my grandma was very petite and my torso is just too long for this so for awhile I've been wanting to split this into two pieces like pants and then tops because then it would release the tension here and then I could wear it as a two-piece set and it would kind of have the vibe of robber and still have this cool fit and it has thus crunchiness in the back so I think it would still cinch at the waist but I wanted to take it to a tailor and I have it because I'm lazy and I'm having the realization that I'm probably never going to take it to a tailor because I'm always going to be lazy so I'm gonna try to split it myself right now I'm not gonna hem anything I'm just going to try to cut along this seam just split it into two things so it's either gonna be awesome and I'm gonna have my new favorite outfit or I'm going to ruin a great piece of vintage clothing wish me luck alright let's do this some girls have emotional breakdowns and cut their bangs I have emotional breakdowns and cut my great-grandma's vintage I guess I could give you more of a view of the actual clothes haha cuz that's what we're all interested in is am I going to ruin this really awesome pink jumper but also if I can't wear it then I don't know it's not like I'm gonna give it to somebody else where the other person I would give it to is my sister one of my sisters but I'm selfish and I won't apologize for that today cuz I feel like I've apologized for enough today okay first cut the good news is I have a seem to follow so that makes it sort of easier and less scary is I just have to follow that seam but this first cuts going to stress me out is it right and no turning back now of course I would do this when I have carpal tunnel and very minimal use of my hands okay that's a really clean cut that's good he's a little bleeding and ruching is gonna stress me out but we can get through it together I have a feeling this is going to work just fine because the elastic the waistbands elastic so it kind of holds itself up anyways and cinches really tight cool could have done a cleaner job but we here now hmm this parts scaring me this is where the elastic band comes in and there's a really hmm I don't know it's Direction is best to cut it front or back cuz I want to cut the elastic but I also don't want to hook up the purpose theme obviously oh that is so scary okay dope okay we in this bitch didn't get crunk hmm guys I miss vine so much just like that energy and vibe and the community what happened to it and why the hell did it in vine to take off like everybody was so excited in nostalgic for vine and then vine to munched and nothing happened nothing came of it did people even know that it came out cuz like I have it on my phone I got a special email from the vine team being like vines back and I don't know if I was expecting it to come back but I guess like thick top is the same as vine but like is it people who use tik-tok let me know is it the same as vine because I feel like the content like the short-form me me jokey content is there but like I don't know is it I feel like a lot of the content on tick-tock is just people making fun of the content on tick-tock is that crazy oh she's getting sloppy calm down calm down you only got one shot do not miss your chance to blow this opportunity comes once in a lifetime that's right okay um oh my god waited so long to do this I could have been wearing this so often I love the sleeves of this workout much space isn't between this this is how much space was pulling on my camel toe let me go try this on with like sneakers some reason I envisioned this with my air forces you need I need I need some of those really chunky trendy shoes that everybody wears I don't even know what brand they are if you are something yet oh no this Wow oh my god thank you for coming along this journey should I take off my carpal tunnel fucking sleeves hold on okay this is what it actually looks like as an outfit this is my favorite outfit that I think I've ever had in my entire life I know that's a little dramatic but how good is this and now my butt looks getting it too because it's not at my ass well it feels a little bit but it's cute oh I gotta get back on my squats come on baby what are you doing are you slacking I'm going to start a brand called Norma and I'm just gonna make modern versions of the stuff that I've stolen from my grandmother's closet because this is so cute I'm gonna show you something else I got from her closet that I'm obsessed with I haven't had an opportunity to worry yeah and I can't think of what the opportunity would be but it's so good okay how cute is this dress but look how annoying this is Oh dust great this belt like okay she was a very small woman and this is very tight here but the belt the biggest loop is right here for what so I have to poke a new hole in it maybe I'll do right now since I'm destroying all of my grandmother's clothes did I already do it no I'm surprised but once it has a little hole right there and the belt actually fits how friggin adorable is this dress so what cute like I don't know what for that's the thing like where would I wear this because I feel like I can't just wear it to a regular ass meeting or something it makes me look so wide and bulky music video you're such a fucking ho I love it yeah those are aggressive maybe I'll take them out but maybe not because I kind of suck with it but yeah leave in the comments below where the hell would I wear this um I'm gonna poke a hole in the boat real quick and I did not need to stab a hole in it because I pushed it real hard to mark it and then it just went through I probably accidentally put it in the wash at one point or something but yeah here's this absolutely love it it looks so cute with I don't know I was gonna try to pretend like I was gonna style it in my brain but I I'm not a stylist except at Coachella apparently I'm at Coachella stylist guys I had so many plans for today and I found myself doing nothing all day and I was like why did I feel like I was so busy cuz i remembered telling people oh I can't Sunday I'm busy or we have to do it on Friday because Saturday inside am busy and then I did nothing all day and I just realized I was supposed to go see houses and there were open houses I was to go three different houses I was to see you today and I completely forgot about all of it so I don't know I don't get that wasn't meant to be that guess but oh my god I can't stand being in this house anymore and in that entire video I'm so sorry this rug was so crooked and I apologize it's still crooked but it's just like that since a week after I got this rug it has just been like that ouch that hurts probably from laying around doing nothing all day I'm going stir-crazy have you ever had so much stuff to do that you feel so busy and overwhelmed but don't actually do any of it because it's all stuff you can't like really do or starting it feels too daunting or you feel super busy but like aren't actually does any of that make sense because that's how I feel right now is I feel like there's so much I some I'm supposed to be doing but so much of it is out of my control like I have to wait on other people or like studio time or like mixing and mastering or like video production stuff or other people's schedules so it's like okay yeah I have a ton to do I just like can't do it right now and I'm getting stir-crazy like even cleaning right now I want to be doing my bathroom like I want to clean my bathrooms so badly but because I made it a series on my channel I'm waiting for Irene or someone to be able to do it with me because it's so much more entertaining and also I just can't do YouTube on my own anymore I don't enjoy doing it on my own anymore it's something about just sitting in front of the camera and trying to be entertaining on my own doesn't work for me anymore I just it and somebody else commented it and it made me feel happy too they said that you can tell that I'm just so much more myself in my videos lately and it's like refreshing and I agree and it's because I'm not just sitting alone in front of a camera talking to nobody being like okay be entertaining I can just kind of be myself with my friends and then you're getting to see who I actually am in real life with my friends and I like it more you guys seemed like it more so trying to do more of that um yeah okay so happy I did this random vlog because why the fuck not I'm gonna do that sometimes now but until the next time I do that I said I was I


  1. My only concern with the cutting the jumpsuit into two pieces is won’t the jacket unravel or fray? Fabric does that naturally after you wash it. Or the cut edge will roll up. Idk a good 3 or 4 things could happen after it is washed.

  2. A bit of advice, don’t take the shoulder pads out of the purple dress because it will cause the top to look slouchy and weird. If you really don’t want the pads, after removing them also take in the shoulder seams to fix the slouchyness

  3. cuts jumper in half “THIS MY FAVORITE OUTFIT IVE EVER OWNED!!!” hahaha no hate but thought that was so funny 😆

  4. It was all fine and dandy until you said you weren't going to hem it. Do you want fraying? 'Cause that's how you get fraying. Hem your edges, people.

  5. This feels like a clean, uncut, full genuine video even though it’s not. Props to you like no one Ik can do that

  6. OKAY FOR SURE I WANT IT BEFORE AND AFTER YOU CUT IT WTF PLS ACTUALLY MAKE NORMA THE CLOTHING BRAND I WILL BUY YOU OUT I’m in love with all her clothes like why was she SO trendy my grandma was not

  7. Wait… there was a Vine 2!? I miss Vine also and would have used Vine 2! I have never used Tik Toc… not even sure how to spell

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